Monday, 31 July 2017


I have been a teacher of Personal Development studies in PNG schools for several years for grades 8-10. As well, I ran a program of family living on Radio Morobe in early 2017.

The focus in these grades has been on family with emphasis on RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES. For every right there is a responsibility.

The Personal Development curriculum provided the basis of the Positive Living message on this blog. 

So when the UN and AusAID advisors were saying the Positive Living message was fake, they were also criticizing the curriculum of the Department of Education.

The Positive Living and Personal Development messages were mutually reinforcing. Both gave students advice on practical living that they may well experience as they grow to adulthood.

Both curricula focused on marriage, fidelity, gender equality, family violence, choosing a wife/husband, family planning, rights and responsibilities of family members together with HIV/AIDS, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle diseases, smoking, alcohol and home brew abuse.

It may well be that this generation of PNG school children is receiving advice they never hear from their parents. Many will recognize the violence and abuse in their own homes. 

The violence of the future may come from young people who dropped out of school. Of course, there will still be school leavers who abuse their families in the future but the numbers may be significantly less. Gender Equality is the keynote message.

The Personal Development course does not include gay and lesbian sex with same sex marriage which has undoubtedly been noted by the United Nations. 

The fact of life is that PNG is not ready for such developments in society. There are other nations in the world with such views on gay and lesbian rights particularly in Africa. 

In this country, the danger comes from foreign paedophiles disguised as gays and lesbians. The world is being divided into two camps on gay and lesbian rights.

There would be a massive crisis in PNG education if these topics were pushed into the curriculum with no consultation. 

Let us hope that the recent elections have given the nation a wide range of Seventh Day Adventist and Lutheran politicians as in the past.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Personal Development, Positive Living and AIDS Awareness
Papua New Guinea

Sunday, 30 July 2017


The world is suffering from climate change. Every day we can watch the world weather report on BBC News to see rain bearing winds streaming across India, Bangladesh and Japan.

But not a drop is falling on Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen and Southern Europe. There are forest fires in Portugal and France while the Vatican has turned off the water in the fountains. Nations in North Africa are on the leeward side of the Sahara Desert.

Papua New Guinea is experiencing flooding rains daily with paths and roads flowing as rivers. The Bumbu River floods about twice a week fed by the thousands of small tributaries in the mountains behind Lae.

The country has an abundance of fruit and vegetables sold in town and roadside markets at cheap prices. No -one should go hungry. A family can be fed on a plastic bag full of vegetables every night.

Yet we read reports of children suffering from malnutrition that may result from lazy mothers giving the child money to go to the trade store for an evening meal of Coca Cola and Twisties.

Others give their families a daily meal of tinned fish and white rice. Parents in Yemen and Venezuela could not afford even this expense.

Papua New Guinea benefits from extensive rural areas and villages with hill sides of gardens. There is often enough produce for the family, village and town markets.

Now we read of deep problems in Venezuela faced with empty supermarket shelves and no flour for bread with a 600% inflation rate that brings slow economic strangulation. The President plans to solve the problem by suppressing the people not feeding them.

The question does arise as to the extent of the rural areas in Venezuela. Supermarkets may be empty but what of the village markets? 

Venezuela has depended on the sale of oil in a world faced with global warming from burning fossil fuels and now turning to solar and wind power. The problem will get worse until nations come to substitute their oil sales with other exports.

The world grieves for the small boy dying of incurable disease in England. There is no grief expressed for the thousands of men, women and children dying of cholera in war devastated Yemen.

Why can the world not gather funds to help the people of Yemen? There is an ongoing war in Yemen but the cholera is surely killing all sides to the conflict.

There should be a cease-fire until the pandemic is stopped. The outbreak will cause general genocide across Yemen.

The civilized world is selective in its grief. It was once said that a million people dying overseas is equivalent in grief to a thousand people dying in our country and two people dying in our street.

Friday, 28 July 2017


I am writing as an old family friend of the Niblett family to express dismay at the lack of professionalism in the senior ranks of the Department of Health in support of the personal dignity of the late Dr Niblett and his wife.

Dr John Niblett was 78 years old and his wife was 73 years old. He worked in Papua New Guinea as an oncologist the only one in the Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. He was a compassionate man who saw that PNG citizens  were dying needlessly from cancer.

He was offered a salary package that was not his idea but put together by the Department of Health. He tried to involve another overseas doctor to take his place as he wanted the cancer work to be in order before he left. 

The new doctor left after 12 months due to dissatisfaction with the salary package, leave entitlements and the general disregard for cancer treatment in the Department of Health. The cancer machine kept breaking down which condemned dozens of cancer patients to death.

I knew of the compassion of Dr Niblett who was often in despair at breakdown of the cancer machine and the inability to help citizens dying of cancer.

Dr Niblett tried to have national doctors trained overseas but faced a brick wall from the senior levels of the Department. The Secretary of Health and Minister did not help to solve the issue. 

There seemed to be racism and stigma against Dr Niblett who was an old man crippled with polio and needed his own treatment. 

After his appointment was terminated, his rental accommodation was stopped at the Lae International and his personal effects locked away until rent was paid. He has been supported by the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and Governor General Sir Bob Dadae.

His exercise machine was behind closed doors at the Lae International Hotel and he could not exercise his legs and chest muscles. He could not breathe without his daily exercise on his machine. The machine would be released with other personal effects when the rental was paid.

His health dropped and he died in distress and despair. He deserved more than that. John Niblett died just over a month ago leaving his wife to find accommodation and without an income contrary to the Court order. He probably died considering himself to be a failure.

His wife Andrea was alone with a grown up family overseas. She has had her tires slashed on her car and received abusive calls on her phone.

She has to take Court action for the final entitlements that should not have been necessary. The final payment should have been immediately and professionally forthcoming.

The Department of Health is showing that overseas doctors have to be wary of working in Papua New Guinea. There is a banana republic attitude in the Department of Health.

Andrea is afraid of being treated with contempt as a widow. In this country widows regularly find that their husband's entitlements never come. 

She is afraid to leave the country as she may not be allowed to return. She has to spend money to live and may have to stay for several months before the case comes to Court.

As an Australian citizen Andrea Niblett has not been given any support by the Australian High Commission.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Every box of gay rights has poisonous snakes called paedophiles.

World leaders rush in print to say they are proud to support gay and lesbian rights . They are ashamed that they opposed these rights in the past. There is both naivety and dishonesty in their support.

They believe the propaganda that men have the right to love men. Women have the right to love women. What about the children?

There is an evil side of the coin with paedophiles using gay and lesbian rights to sexually harm children. Kids are not safe anymore either on the streets or on internet.

A massive army of paedophiles in the world expects that the rights to sex with children will come with gay and lesbian rights. They just have to pretend to be gay.

Gay rights are based on the paedophile agenda. They want (1) the age of consent to be lowered for children to have sex with adults and (2) children to be adopted by same sex couples. Children will often be handed over for abuse by paedophiles pretending to be gay and lesbian step-parents.

Gays and lesbians never distance themselves from paedophiles whom they regard as their brothers in sex.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I am concerned to read reports that foreign organizations Child Fund and Save the Children are planning to be involved in literacy in PNG schools. Has there been authorization from the Department of Education?

My concern is that these organizations once employed mainly lesbian women who may now focus on school curriculum.

Does this mean that the Personal Development curriculum is the main target? If so, they plan to add a focus on gay and lesbian sex with same sex marriage.

The Green gay and lesbian party did not win a single seat in the recent election as they had nothing to offer except a secret agenda on gay and lesbian sex.

Most teachers in PNG are middle aged men and women with children and grand-children who would refuse to teach students about same sex relations.

There would be uproar in most PNG schools if the Personal Development teachers started telling boys they could marry men and girls that they could marry women. 

Teachers would go on strike. Parents would come shouting at the Headmaster and demanding that the Personal Development teacher be removed from the school. There would be chaos.

Friday, 21 July 2017


I have lived in this country for 22 years having left Australia after retirement from the Australian Army. I left my children in Australia with every intention of returning to my children. 

I have 4 children all adult at the time of departure, the eldest now being 48 years old and my youngest now 39 years old. All are well educated professional people having graduated from universities. 

There were 9 university degrees in my Australian family. I was pleased to have brought my children to the point of being able to look after themselves. My eldest is a dentist and graduate of the University of Melbourne. My sons are lawyers. Second daughter is a teacher.

I have lived in this country and have 2 wonderful daughters. The eldest Rachael is 20 years old and a widow with two children who now live with me. My younger daughter Lisa has been studying at grade 11 standard. I have been a single father for most of their lives.

I am now 71 years old and at the point of my life that I fear that I will die before my Papua New Guinea children become educated and independent. My children in Australia will not even notice my death.

My elder daughter Rachael is the best friend I have ever had in my life. She now looks after me and makes sure that all my basic needs are met. She cooks and washes my clothes. I give her all my money to look after each week. I trust her completely. 

I care for her children. She was taken from me by a paedophile man when she was 15 years old who gave her two children. I was sick at the time and could not get her back.

He wanted to take my second daughter too but I took her away to get her out of his clutches. He died a year ago. His eldest son calls his grandfather daddy. That will do until he is old enough to be aware that I am his grand daddy.

I had suffered badly over the years that my daughter was living with ex-speaker Nape. He did his best to isolate her from her father by banning him from his house and instructing the security guards not to allow him in the gate.

He claimed that he wanted to protect my daughters from their father as he knows they were being molested. He wanted my 15 year old daughter too. He was the paedophile who echoed the attacks made on me by foreign advisors as the founder of AIDS Holistics.

I would never accept bride price for my stolen daughter. She would first have to tell me she was happy and wanted to stay but that did not happen.

After Nape's death, the eldest son demanded that we return the two children as they belonged to their family. It gave me pleasure to advise him that since no bride price had been paid, my daughter and sons belong to her father. 

But my daughter is aware that there is total gender equality in her father's house. He only thinks like a blackfella on the matter of bride price.

I can never return to Australia to live. My children in Australia have no need for me and would probably put me in a nursing home as soon as they could. 

I have been afraid to leave my PNG daughters in this country while I go overseas even for a short visit. Their mother would never sign their applications for passport and visa. Now they are over 18 years. I have not been back to Australia in 20 years.

My daughters in PNG are totally dependent on me. They live in the house I rent and eat the food I buy. My elder daughter cares for me. She will look after me until I die. I need to send my first daughter back to study and seek work. She says she wants to be a lawyer.

I can not leave this country. There are so many people here and overseas who rely on this blog for advice on family, Positive Living and AIDS awareness. I need access to daily newspapers which would not be possible in Australia. I hope that Google is proud of this blog.

I am not anti-gay and lesbian. I write in support of loving families. I write against those who oppose family and promote fake news about violence of men and abuse of women and girls. Of course these things happen. 

But from a marketing point of view, the focus should be on loving fathers, mothers and children in loving families. 

Perhaps the day is coming when I support loving same sex families. But the gays and lesbians are not helping themselves by a paedophile anti-family message.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017


I was sad to find that of the 187 women who stood for election this year, all new candidates did not succeed.

I would not have supported the 22 reserved seats planned for women in the previous election. 

But it would have been good for the nation if a dozen or more good women were elected in their own right.


The world is suffering from a pandemic of HIV/AIDS and a plague of paedophiles. The refugees from Syria have undoubtedly lost thousands of children on the refugee trail at the hands of child trafficking paedophiles.

They are in all sectors of society as a secret clandestine group that includes doctors, teachers, lawyers, priests, pastors, scout and girl guide leaders, welfare officers and consultants working in the AIDS response.

They want sex with our girls and boys. It is their plan to lure children into sex. They meet them on internet, in the street and in nightclubs that encourage underage children to come for the benefit of the paedophile clientele.

They target children from broken homes and promise to give them love, caring, shelter and a bed. That is why activists work to destroy family solidarity by removing the rights of parents.

They will groom the child first by kindness, hugs and gifts. They will show them pornographic films of children engaged in sex. They will buy them clothes and help them undress and dress.

Then the paedophile man will put his penis into the anus of a young boy amid the screams of pain as his anal sphincter is torn open.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


In the Papua New Guinea media over recent years, there has been a totally negative focus on family at the hands of foreign lesbians. All women are abused. All men are violent and children are sexually molested.

From a marketing point of view, this is quite counter-productive as there is no focus on a positive loving family.

It would be so easy for the media to focus on loving families. There could be focus on married couples and their children. 

But that would make the foreign lesbians very unhappy as they want only negative messages on family.

But there is so much being done in the PNG schools with children completing 4 years of Personal Development studies from Grade 8 to Grade 12. This must have an impact on young people.

It may be that the violent men and women in families have never been to school and learned to regard each other as equal. 

There may be a generation of young people on their way to marriage and children who have an educated and caring approach.

Churches can play a part with counselling of young people before marriage. There is no value in the community reading all about violence and nothing about kindness and equality.

Monday, 17 July 2017


There is an ongoing propaganda campaign for gays and lesbians to distance themselves from paedophiles. There are those who say that they hate paedophiles. Please click:

Gays are pedophiles? No. Here's the proof. - Daily Kos
Sep 18, 2010 - Try as they might, gays and lesbians can't shrug off the link. This is a
 First, many of the pedophile priests report that they are not homosexual

But this is a trick. Gays and lesbians are often paedophile in seeking sex above and below the age of consent.

If a gay man has sex with a boy, he is gay paedophile. A lesbian having sex with a girl is a lesbian paedophile. But then there are men who have sex with little girls. They are heterosexual paedophile. 

In the media there is an advertisement placed by Save the Children calling applicants to go into schools to teach literacy and promote remedial learning. 

Let us hope this is not a ploy to get into schools to promote gay and lesbian sex among children and distribute condoms.

Perhaps Save the Children has undergone a massive restrategizing away from child sex. Who says no one reads our website?

Our recent reports have produced a considerable restrategizing among the anti-family gays, lesbians and paedophiles infesting this country. That is the role of AIDS Holistics.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Child sex has existed from the beginning of time. In the modern western world the age of consent has been raised to give girls the chance to get and education, work in employment and have a life before being pushed into child birth and marriage.

Child sex is the norm in many Moslem countries. Mohammed is reported to have married a nine year old girl. Many small Moslem girls die from loss of blood on their wedding night.

The Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah has male followers who marry and make pregnant every female cousin and niece from the age of 12.

Now paedophiles are reaching out to take our children and being given the green light by gay and lesbian rights.

Nations that give gay and lesbian rights are also giving support to the hidden millions of paedophiles across the world who buy child pornography and seek sex in internet chat rooms.

Police forces are cracking down on paedophiles with long prison terms but it is too little too late.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


There was an interview on BBC Hardtalk with a young gay man who explained that he had always sought positive responses from community groups.

He did not present himself as an enemy of family but as a conservative gay who saw family as the foundation of society. 

In Papua New Guinea, we have suffered from anti-family gay, lesbian and paedophile activists who sought rights on the wreckage of family. They wanted to destroy the rights of parents but gave all rights to children.

Gay and lesbian rights have to be rejected as these people have never distanced themselves from the crimes of the paedophiles. To date there is only silence on paedophiles abusing children.

Many gays and lesbians are also paedophile and take sex where they can above or below the age of consent.

There are severe penalties against paedophiles and those convicted end up in prison. For that reason, many child victims are killed across the world to ensure their silence.

Monday, 10 July 2017


The Catholic church in Top Town Lae was crowded with well-wishers come to bid farewell to late Dr John Niblett. They were friends who were family, doctors, patients of the cancer ward and admirers who followed his career through the media. 

All spoke of the greatness and humility of the man. There were words of love, loyalty, friendship, courage, passion, compassion, honesty, humour, professionalism and commitment to cancer treatment to the very end.

Is he the man who died in distress, evicted from his hotel room, deported and with blockage of entitlements and a wife who may sink into poverty?

This country has a shameful professional outlook at the levels of bureacracy. Let the cancer ward be named the John Niblett Cancer Eradication Centre. That might become reality one day. He has laid the foundations.

His name will live longer than those bureaucrats in the Department of Health and Angau Hospital who sought to push him down. Cancer patients will honour him.

Friday, 7 July 2017


Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

A great man has been killed by the Department of Health and the Lae International Hotel. He had faithfully served the nation for over 3 decades and was betrayed in the end, contrary to the wishes of the Prime Minister.

Time will show that Dr John Niblett had the spiritual stature and commitment of an Australian Mother Theresa. 

But now he lies in a funeral home in Lae waiting for the Government to bid farewell to a great friend of the nation and to ensure that his widow finds her way back to Australia.

Dr Niblett was an old man of 78 years with half a century of experience as a doctor. He was far past the retirement age of other government workers, a fact conveniently overlooked in the growing crisis of cancer in the nation. He was the leading oncologist then and now.

He needed special help from his PNG employers as he was a cripple struck down with polio as child.

But he was a committed people person regardless of his handicap, helping cancer patients  and families. He sought to make PNG on a par with other medically advanced nations.

Dr Niblett went on with life by Positive Living and sought to help others to do the same. Putting his handicap behind him, he ran the cancer ward at ANGAU memorial hospital spending his days in a wheel chair.

He was handicapped in two ways. He could not walk and needed daily exercise on a special machine to exercise his muscles.

As the solitary oncologist, Dr Niblett stayed on despite primitive treatment facilities and lack of funding. But cancer sufferers were still dying and more needed treatment that could not be given. 

Dr Niblett urged the Government to provide funds for repair of the cancer machine to treat the patients called the linear simulator. It has still not yet been repaired. 

Papua New Guinea public servants often have a contempt for citizens. Dr Niblett was an expatriate that would have only provoked extra contempt. How dare he put pressure on the Department of Health. This is our country.

He was then to suffer the fate of all Government workers. So many politicians, soldiers, police and prison officers sink into poverty waiting for a pension that never comes. 

They no longer exist and their families become irrelevant to the Government officers in power. Their pensions go to corrupt officers.

Many are unable to support their families with aging wives who sell betel nut in a roadside stall to keep the family alive. Papua New Guina is a quite immoral country at the level of the bureaucracy.

Many retirees die with pensions and entitlements unpaid. Dr Niblett had signed a contract in 2009 appropriate to a crippled contract worker. He needed special modifications to a car and rental accommodation to enable access of a wheel chair.

These were ignored. A car was arranged but corruptly diverted by a senior oficer of the Department of Health. Dr Niblett was given a driver for a car that he had enormous difficulty each time he tried to enter and leave from his wheel chair.

He advised about two years ago his need to retire as he approached 80 years. He sought to recruit a replacement but the new doctor worked only for 12 months before leaving with dissatisfaction on salary and entitlements. 

Dr Niblett had selected other doctors and trained them within the limits of a broken-down cancer machine. But the faceless corrupt officers in the Department of Health rejected the selection but did not send any other doctor overseas for training. 

They made false reports to the media that Dr Niblett had trained no one. Liars. He would have known best in his selection.

The National Court declared that Dr Niblett had to be paid full entitlements while the problem remained. But there was only contempt of court despite support from the Prime Minister. All entitlements stopped.

Dr Niblett and wife were evicted from their accommodation in the Lae International Hotel with huge arrears. His personal effects were locked away including his polio breathing exercise machine. 

This was done by the manager supported by the owner Sir Bob Sinclair who refused to see the widow. His election poster claimed he was Papa bilong Lae. They wanted their money and the crippled doctor had to pay. He did pay ....... with his life.

Dr Niblett suffered deep stress and drop in health as an old polio stricken man of 78 years. He could not exercise daily as his machine was locked away at the Lae International Hotel.

He died in deep distress and suffering. He had the right to rest at the age of 78 years, far beyond the normal retirement age. But experienced oncologists are quite rare and the normal age of retirement was not considered.

He had the right to go back to Australia to spend remaining years with his loving wife, children and grand-chlldren. Instead stupid and selfish people put him in his grave and pointed their fingers to hide their own corruption, incompetence and lack of humanity.

Dr John Niblett stands far above the people who treated him with such contempt. They could not care less about the cancer victims in the nation and a man who could help them to live.

Professionalism and love for humanity came at a great cost to Dr Niblett. No one will ever be able to replace him. 

Mrs Niblett is alone in country now except for her many friends. She can not afford to leave and can not afford to stay. If she leaves, the corrupt officers in the Department of Health will steal all entitlements. 

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Rights at the expense of other people are not rights at all.

The world is rushing to give full rights to gays and lesbians in sex and marriage. Anyone who disagrees is homophobic according to the activists.

The view has been expressed by the ex-president Obama and the past Governor General of Australia that it is lovely that everyone has the right to marry whomever they want to marry. This is a naive view.

The marketing department of the gay and lesbian lobby has been as corrupt as the Nazi Gestapo propagandists blaming the Jews for every wrong. 

Men are getting the blame in the gay, and lesbian world, all except for paedophiles of course. Many gays and lesbians are paedophile too.

The gay and lesbian rights campaign has run parallel to the HIV/AIDS campaign and at most points, the two campaigns have merged.

The HIV/AIDS campaign has been hijacked by the gay and lesbian lobby. It is being used to market the gay and lesbian lifestyle with unsavoury aspects strictly censored.

The act of gay and lesbian love centres around anal sex. The anus is often torn by a hand thrust into the rectum tearing the gut lining and allowing the entry of infection. CENSORED.

The gay man licks the anus of a partner and often swallows faeces which can be laden with hideous eggs that take over the gut and destroy the epithelial lining. CENSORED.

The gay men can suffer from HIV and parasites in the gut that can cause early death. But do not tell the boys about this we do not want to frighten them away. CENSORED. We have the right to gay sex with underage boys. This makes the gays paedophile.

So the paedophile marketing department makes sure that gut parasites and anal damage from gay fisting are never mentioned in the PNG national AIDS response. CENSORED.

The head of the PNG gay marketing department appears to be Valentine Tangoh. He is passing out misinformation through the PNG media. 

He is blaming care groups and families for the problems of LGBT men, women, boys and girls. Gay men who have unprotected sex with boys are never mentioned by Tangoh. They are infecting the boys they have seduced into sex.

The gay Gestapo propaganda campaign has not stopped there. They do not want to frighten the boys and girls away so they are trying to spread the false report that HIV can be suppressed by ARV. 

Then the person can go back to normal. The virus remains in the hiding places for the life of the sufferer. Do not tell the boys and girls that. CENSORED.

This is criminally false. Those gays, lesbians and paedophiles who spread these false reports should spend time in prison. There will be men and women who believe they can have safe sex without a condom who will infect and be infected by others.

We read that Save the Children has been conducting workshops with nightclub owners to tell them about HIV and AIDS. 

Do they talk about underaged boys and girls going to nightclubs? Do they talk about paedophile men who come to take boys and girls home to bed? Do they give condoms to under aged boys and girls to take with them to the nightclubs?

The Russian Duma has legislated to block homosexual propaganda to minors. Mr Putin, please allow gays, lesbians and paedophiles to tell young boys and girls of the dangers of gay anal sex.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


The gay and lesbian lobby wants to underplay the danger of HIV to boost gay and lesbian rights.

A Kokoda walk was sponsored by the Papua New Guinea National AIDS Council with the slogan "Stronger than you think".

This can give a very false impression of the danger of the HIV virus in the absence of a comprehensive and accurate picture of HIV and AIDS. 

Some people will think that antiretroviral medication enables them to have safe sex with HIV negative partners.

We read in the media of "viral suppression" which does not mean that the health of the HIV sufferer has gone back to normal with HIV removed from the hiding places in the body.

Antiretroviral medication removes the virus from the blood but not from the hiding places. The virus in the blood attacks the CD4 cells in the gut lining and slowly blocks the capacity of the body to absorb nutrients, salts and water. 

Hence the sufferer loses weight and looks like a skeleton with broken finger and toe nails and hair falling out.

When the person defaults on ARV, the virus rebounds out of the hiding places and goes back in greater numbers in the blood.

The sufferer returns to a progression to full blown AIDS with loss of nutrients, salts and water, slow dementia with hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, weight loss, memory loss and ultimate death.

PLWHA can live long with antiretroviral medication taken daily and Positive Living. When the virus is destroyed by drugs in the hiding places, the world will know it as headlines in the media and will call the drug a cure.

But not yet. We are stronger than we think only with a regime of antiretroviral drugs and Positive Living.

The new generation of AIDS advisors has only known of free ARV drugs. Most will have never seen a walking skeleton with full blown AIDS. They may only see some fat PLWHA who suffer from lipodystrophy.

Monday, 3 July 2017


The world of soft target Christian countries is giving full rights to gays and lesbians but ignoring the danger to children of paedophiles. They are allowed to adopt children who might otherwise be heterosexual.

There is a problem in the world in that HIV/AIDS is decimating the gay community that does not use condoms together with infections from gut parasites and anal infections.

Something has to be done to trick the boys and girls into believing that a gay and lesbian lifestyle has true love and safe from early death.

Yet HIV/AIDS infects gays more than any other group in the world. The mind set on AIDS has to be changed.

So gay activists are telling the world that the HIV virus is not harmful with antiretroviral drugs. Sufferers can have safe sex without a condom. HIV has been dissected away from AIDS.

They ignore the fact that across the world millions of HIV sufferers have no access to ARV drugs and die of full blown AIDS, dementia, delusions, hallucinations, weight loss, paranoia and death.

Valentine Tangoh is the  misinformation gay spokesman for the PNG National AIDS Council.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


My family looked after Linda for three years with my small son. Both died in 2002 and 2003 in the era before free antiretroviral drugs. 

Linda became deeply demented in final AIDS believing that she was being hunted by evil spirits. My daughters were terrified to be told that evil spirits waited at night in a tree outside the house.

Wecare is an organization set up by Father John Glynn to support men women and children who need support. Programme manager says that many such people have no one to turn to. 

There are people who are unattended because of what they have done to make people dislike them. Women with HIV are abandoned or thrown out of the house to live somewhere else.

Comment: HIV/AIDS is a pandemic that can not be solved. There is no point in blaming families or care groups as the problem is far more complex than that. 

Media reports are that 48% of PLWHA in this country are not on antiretroviral drugs and are slowly dying with body wasting and dementia. They may live the maximum of 9-12 years.

PNG has an extensive rural population that can not obtain ARV medication because of distance from care centres

Some may have taken ARV once but can not get back for a resupply. They are locked into immunity, viral rebound and death.

Many do not have the money for transport to and from the village. They are afraid to reveal their status within the village so they default on the drug and slowly sink to death with dementia and weight loss.

Villagers may see their drop in health and assume that this is the result of sorcery. Some innocent people have to be blamed and killed for an infection that started in the victim many years before.

In later stages of HIV/AIDS, the sufferers will be demented. with many losing their memories and wandering off to town. 

They can not remember how to get back home. Young women may be stranded in town and wander like lost sheep. They may be raped by men.

Others may have become violent with dementia. They will terrorize family members and scream at night in fear of being attacked by evil spirits. This is a feature of increasing dementia.

Some may go and come to the house having smoked marijuana and drunk beer or home brew. They destroy the family with their violence and mental instability. 

Some PLWHA were violent and criminal before infection and they stay that way. They do their best to take whatever they can from care groups. Many smoke and booze and ignore Positive Living.

What can be done? The sad fact is that there have to be casualties. The blame lies with the virus not the families. 

But so many HIV sufferers are cared for by loving families. They may go on for decades with ARV medication. 

They go on with their marriage, studies, work and bring home pay to the family. They look after their spouse and always use a condom with the ARV.

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Papua New Guinea
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand