Saturday, 31 October 2015


This name comes from the groups of gays and paedophiles who come to gay pride parades in Australia dressed in nuns' habits and calling themselves Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. That means perpetual gay sex. 

There is a real organization in New York with a track record of mocking the Catholic Church. They focus on the gay community.

Add to that the recent resignation letter of Monsignor Charamsa  who declared to the media that he was gay with a partner on the week before the family synod began in Rome. He was in charge of doctrine at the Vatican. What a joke.

He condemned the homophobia of the church against millions of gays and families and declared it was time for a new church. 

That is a change for PNG people who have suffered the statements of the gay paedophile Head of UNAIDS in PNG that we do not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. The UN message in PNG has been anti-family and anti-faith.

Charamsa is talking about the gay, lesbian and paedophile Catholics setting up a new church. He is attacking all faith across the world, particularly Christian and Moslem. This is an attack like never before.

Charamsa has gilded over the depravity of Catholic clergy sexually abusing children. If we are disgusted and angry, he is saying we are homophobic. The community is just disgusted and angry.

As a priest, he is not fit to hear confession or turn the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Charamsa is Satan. He says there are thousands of gay priests in the Catholic church. We thank him for the confession. 

There will be thousands of child molesters among the clergy. Parents will have to escort their children to be choir boys and altar boys. Children will need parental supervision on church camps. Please click:

betrayal of a catholic family - family positive living - aids ...

Sep 18, 2015 - BETRAYAL OF A CATHOLIC FAMILY. This is a report on a devout family in Massachusetts at the hands of the paedophile priest sexually ...

A church breaking away is called a schism. The word comes from the Latin and is related to the word scissors. Will Charamsa be the first pope? Will all defrocked child-molesting priests be encouraged to join the new church? 

It is time for all churches in the world to rally to the support of the Catholic Church. It is time for the Catholic Church to put away any exclusive claims to being the one true church. 

If a new Church of Perpetual Indulgence sinks the Catholics, all churches will be in trouble. Pressure will be put on all churches to support same sex marriage, adoption of children by gays and lesbians with paedophile clergy. All churches face the same paedophile enemy.

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Thursday, 29 October 2015


I have been a Catholic for over 40 years having converted after my marriage. During that time, I was involved deeply in church affairs. I was President of St Anthony's Parish Council near Geelong in Australia for 7 years. 

In that time, I worked closely with the priest who used to call me his right hand man. But I knew he was totally in charge. We were lucky that he was an old man and devoted to the work of God.

But we have all come to know that across the world there has been sexual depravity among priests and brothers of the church. The problem was that no one in the parish had the right to question decisions of the priest.

This goes right to the top. We see with the present family synod in Rome with only recommendations that can be made to the Pope. This is both a strength and weakness. It goes all the way down the line to the parish priest. 

Priests in charge of church institutions were a law unto themselves. Power corrupts to the extent that institutionalized children were brutalized and raped by depraved priests. They were terrorized by psychopathic nuns. No one spoke up.

That time has to pass. There has been no suggestion that the church should be in the hands of the laity. The Pope will not allow it. Who told him so? It is all about centralizing power and authority in the priests. The Catholic church is its own worst enemy.

We read of paedophile priests being moved on by the bishop to abuse children in other parishes. The filth and depravity was just moved on to other victims.

It is time for the laity to have power. Priests have to be accepted by the Parish Council after nomination by the Bishop. They have to have a resume of jobs and recommendations. No more paedophiles move to prey on new victims in a succession of new parishes.

Monsignor Charamsa has suggested that gay bishops and gay priests form another church. So a schism may be on the way. The only answer for many faithful may be to leave the church.

From the time of the dark ages, the Catholic faithful were uneducated peasants who believed that to criticize a priest was the sure ticket to hell. The educated middle classes of Europe became protestant and read their own Bibles.

That has not significantly changed. The Catholic hierarchy has written their own faith. Mary had bodily ascended to heaven. What rubbish. So now her statue is venerated across the world. We go to purgatory where we wait. Tell the peasants.

If I found a priest had been sexually molesting my son, I would confront him in the middle of mass.

Priest: This is the body of Christ ....

Me (standing) Father why have you been fucking my son?

Priest: that was given up for you.....

Me: Don't ignore me priest. Why have you fucked my son?

The congregation would be horrified. God would be pleased. I am not on my way to hell. We have to start thinking of what is right rather than worry about our reward in the afterlife. God looks after that regardless.


BBC reports on a letter by Monsignor Charamsa to Pope Francis. If he were on a ship, he would be charged with mutiny. Please click

Vatican criticised in resignation letter from gay priest - BBC ...
1 day ago - ... month has shown the BBC the resignation letter he wrote to Pope Francis. ... Poland-born Krzysztof Charamsa has criticised what he calls the

He accuses the Catholic Church of homophobia against Lesbian Gay Transsexual and Bisexual (LGBT) people. He refers to violence associated with the church.

Not once does he hit the real issue with gay and paedophile Catholic priests. Across the world there have been scandals of priests sexually molesting children.

They were supposed to bring children to God not destroy their capacity to trust forever. Pope Francis has made the same point to the world.

Charamsa is trying to pressure the church including all churches to accept gay and lesbian relationships.

He is not interested in the paedophile scandals of the church. These kids are casualties of sexual warfare. Pope Francis has apologised to victims of child molesting by priests and defrocked 600 with the previous Pope. 

He has expressed deep pain. Does the gay Charamsa have deep pain over abuse of children by clergy? Probably not.

Charamsa wants to turn churches into religious knock shops. He ignores the crimes of paedophile priests and may well seek their reinstatement. He says the Catholic church is full of homosexual priests. Many would be child molesters.

Our disgust and horror at paedophile priests is not homophobia, as Monsignor Charamsa tries to show. He is a liar by omission. Community has disgust and horror. 

Will Charamsa call upon the Indonesian and other Governments to exempt paedophile priests from chemical castration. Is this part of the violence that Charamsa refers to? Then there is the killing of transvestite men by unknown murderers in South America.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


After the 1967 War against Jordan, Syria and the Palestinians, the Israelis defeated their enemies and took land on the West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza Strip. Large areas of land have never been given back and became part of the spoils of war.

The world feels sadness for the Palestinians though at the same time feeling sympathy for the Israelis. The Golan Heights was strategic ground from which the Syrians bombarded the Israeli kibbutzes.

We remember that during World War 2, the Jews were taken by the Nazis from their homes in German towns and villages. Those who came back after the war, found their homes occupied by others who refused to move out. These houses were permanently spoils of war. 

The Jews had just to walk away. That is what they are doing to their neighbours particularly on the West Bank. Land is being taken up for housing settlements. They are getting revenge on the Palestinians for what the Germans did to the Jews.

The Jews in World War 2 were victims of Nazi propaganda that promoted that the Jews were the aggressors seeking to destroy German society and economy. They were the losers which made their property the spoils of war even though the Germans lost the war. Please click:

horror of the nazi holocaust - family positive living - aids ...
Apr 26, 2012 - Having just bought a DVD on the BBC history of World War 2, I have sat and watched about 6 hours of the nazi holocaust against the Jews.

Now the Israelis are keeping the spoils of war on the basis that the Palestinians were the aggressors.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Recent media reports advise of President Widodo seeking legislation to castrate paedophiles convicted of sexually molesting children.

It is not the castration we know with animals having their testicles removed by a knife. The offenders are to be injected with a female hormone to weaken their sexual urges permanently.

This need not be termed as punishment for sexual crimes. It is more that sexually impaired men are being given treatment to protect children from unwanted abuse by adults.

Other countries have brought in this form of treatment. If paedophiles are convicted in Indonesia, it will mean that foreign paedophiles are subject to such treatment, just like the drug traffickers recently executed.

These will include teachers at International schools, priests in the local diocese and tourists on  sex holidays.

Suddenly the bomb drops on the gay and lesbian issue. Paedophiles may be castrated rather than given rights to abuse children. They will include those hiding behind the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

It may be that chemical castration becomes the standard treatment for the paedophiles of the world. It may become an alternative to prison if the person is cured permanently.

After all, prison is the present solution to putting paedophiles away from children. Castration may turn paedophile predators into pussy cats. 

The law needs to be careful with such punishment. The procedure must include the right of appeal. Underage boys can not be charged with paedophile sex. 

Other countries have the Romeo and Juliet laws. Men should be punished only for serial paedophile sex, not a father in a moment of weakness. He has done wrong but should be left sexually intact.


The National 27 October 2015 Page 7.

Tuberculosis patients who could not afford a trip to town for follow-up treatment have developed a condition of constant diarrhoea.

Comment: The El Nino drought will have a devastating effect on both HIV and TB sufferers in the rural areas.

These people will be caught up in the loss of food from drought and frost and will suffer from starvation and dehydration. Wage earners will not be working. Incomes will be disrupted,

Both HIV and TB sufferers need to take their medication without a break. Any break will promote immunity of the virus with subsequent death of the sufferer.

If the El Nino drought continues for 6 months, there will be large numbers of HIV and TB sufferers who die.

Any such person able to come to town for medication should be given enough supplies to last throughout the drought.

Extra supplies should be sent out into the rural areas. But it seems to be a hopeless situation as sufferers will drop rapidly in health in only a few weeks.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Yesterday I was at JMart at Erima a suburb of Port Moresby having something to eat in their food shop when I noticed a loud noise at the door of the store.

I walked over to see a young man on the floor being punched and kicked by thug security guards. The boy was bleeding around the head from punches and kicks.

I stepped forward and stood over him. I faced the first security guard and told him to back off. He tried to ignore me and go back to punching the boy.

He was accused by the thug securities of stealing. His plastic bag was on the floor with a bottle smashed and two bars of soap. Grand theft.

I found a receipt in the bag but the security guards were too busy trying to beat the boy. I stood him up and he swore at the security guards and they wanted to bash him again for swearing.

I told them that if they laid a hand on him, I would break their faces. They did not touch him with violence but pushed him to the back of the store. Being a white man has its advantages.

They wanted to take him through to the warehouse area to shut the door and bash him again. The receipt made him a customer. I followed and pushed through the back door.

I told them not to touch him. By then the management arrived. One was a little fat Chinese man with a face of a pig.

He screamed at me to mind my business. He wanted the boy to be bashed by his thug employees.

He said I was a racist and he would have me put in prison. He claimed to be a PNG citizen. Perhaps a check of passport and visa might be in order.

I took the boy to the back gate and told them to open. We stepped out to the footpath and walked around to the front area. The man with the pig face screamed to bring him back inside.

The boy said he was Chimbu-Heganofi mix and lived up the top of Kanage Street.

The trouble with the security guards at JMart is that they are criminals who think their job is to take people out the back, shut the big door and bash them. They worked for the store and were guards from The Corps.

This is the second time I have stopped a bashing at JMart. It is all the same. Take the boy out the back, lock the door and bash him. The customers will never hear the screams. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015


There has been a family synod in Rome called by Pope Francis  against a background of pressure from the homosexual and paedophile lobby for the church to accept same sex marriage.

But last week, the Pope did something amazing. He canonized a married couple affirming the place of family love in the will of God. Please click:

Pope canonises French couple Louis and Zelie Martin ...
2 days ago - Pope Francis conducts the first canonisation of a married 
couple, in a ceremony in St Peter's Square at the Vatican.

They were Louis and Marie Zelle Guerin Martin who lived in France in 19th century and had 9 children, four of whom died. The remaining five were all girls who became nuns.

The youngest Therese died of tuberculosis aged 24 years in 1897 and was canonized in 1925. She wrote a book Story of a Soul that inspired generations of Catholics.

The canonization of the holy spouses focuses on the importance of day to day faith and love for a family. It has taken the pressure off the Pope and placed it in the context of Christian faith.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Catholic family synod be warned.

There is a confrontation looming in Rome with the secret gay lobby of priests.

Led by Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, the lobby claims the church a backward attitude to homosexuality.

He was dismissed for grave and irresponsible conduct in making the issue public on the eve of the Synod.

The community has always been aware of talk of a secret gay lobby of priests in the Vatican. The lobby is now out in the open.

The cardinals in the Synod need to see the issue in a world context spanning eternity.

There has been an increasing demand for gay and lesbian rights to the point that this has been legalized in UK and USA.

But another lobby group is becoming obviously part of the picture. These are the world child molesters or paedophiles.

Their view is that all children have the right to sex but are being blocked by parents.

The paedophiles see themselves as part of the gay and lesbian rights. They have appointed themselves as protectors of child rights.

They demand that the age of consent be removed for child sex. Parents are to allow children to have sex with ........ paedophiles.

But into the picture come the paedophile priests. Any gay priest who has sex with children is paedophile.

There is a demand in the Synod in Rome for gay and lesbian sex to be allowed by the church.

But the church has its own problems with child molesting priests. If gay sex is deemed to be scriptural, then the paedophile priests will declare that this applies to them too.

Does this mean that defrocked priests will have to be reinstated? Will paedophilia be synonymous with Christianity and Catholicism from this time on?

The world is dealing with activists. Any concession will be the stepping stone to the next push.

There will be legal action for gay and lesbian teachers and curriculum in state and church schools.

Priests will be banned from comment on homosexuality at the pulpit. So much for the separation of church and state.

Pope Francis needs to make sure that he does not sign the death warrant of the Catholic Church and other churches. Decisions on homosexuality will be permanent.

Popes are supposed to make decisions that span eternity. These are decisions that apply long after his death and the death of gay priest Monsignor Charamsa.

There have been issues in centuries past that led to schism in the Church. That is a separation into separate churches with separate doctrine and hierarchy.

Gay and lesbian activists are playing tricks when they talk of the massive public support across the world.

If the Pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth, he knows what he has to do. The synod is not a parliament but an advisory body to the Papacy.

There are those of us in broken marriages. We have to accept that divorce is not the will of God. We must not try to fit our beliefs around our lifestyle.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


It all started with the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the setting up of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

This was to be the Government of the workers which never happened in the USSR at the hands of Lenin and Stalin. They took control with violence like the leaders of North Korea.

During the 1930s, there were small groups of Australian communists quietly setting up in support of the USSR and Marxism-Leninism. 

They had no political profile whatever and no media presence. They were political lepers.

The Communist movement in Australia suffered during the brutal takeover of Hungary in 1956 and the invasion of Czechoslavakia in the late 1970s.

Thousands of Hungarian refugees flocked to Australia with the news of Soviet brutality. The Australian communists decided to shut up shop and join the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

But the predominant racial group in Australia were the Irish Catholics who were the key members of the ALP.

They were horrified that their beloved party would be taken over by Moscow supporting Communists.

The Democratic Labor Party was formed with the support of Arthur Caldwell and B.A. Santamaria.

This was a minority party with the balance of power that controlled the ALP for 20 years. But they kept the ALP communists in check.

B.A. Santamaria had a weekly TV programme in which he explained the Communists in sheep’s clothing.

The centre of the ALP communists was in Victoria and known as the Socialist Left. The communists of the 1930-1960 period were now old men and women and going the way of the dinosaurs.

There was a new power group that had started in the 1960s with the anti-Vietnam movement of making love not war.

These were the Women’s liberationists who promoted that women should burn their bras and not shave their hairy armpits.

Germaine Greer provided the theoretical background with the book The Female Eunuch. Another author caused horror among the lesbian eunuchs with her book The Feminine Mystique by Betty Frieden.

And so the homosexual agenda started to grow. It was given massive input with the HIV/AIDS pandemic that was hijacked by the gays and lesbians and replaced by gay and lesbian rights.

The homosexual and paedophile lobby had no political push. The ALP was suffering from the DLP into the 1970s.

So the homosexuals decided that the Communist party had no future in Australia, particularly after the invasion of Czechoslavakia and the collapse of the USSR.

A name change was in order. So the homosexual lobby joined the ALP in Victoria as the Socialist Left.

The middle of the road ALP had enemies in the Liberal Party and the Socialist Left that was a party inside a party. But the homosexual left still had no national future with a base of power in Victoria.

They wanted gay and lesbian rights with same sex marriage. Another change was in order so they joined the Greens party led by Tasmanian senator Bob Brown.

In the 1990s, they enjoyed the balance of power and worked to bully the left and right wing in parliament. But they soon wore out their welcome with the power they wielded despite their small numbers.

They were not willing to speak out on gay and lesbian rights and allowed Bob Brown to do all the talking. His credibility came with stopping construction of the Franklin River dam in Tasmania. But that did not work either.

So the homosexual lobby swung back to the ALP. There has been massive pressure on the Liberal Party on same sex marriage to the point that Abbott lost his place as PM.

The new PM Malcolm Turnbull is playing it cool on whether or not to allow a conscience vote.

Opposition leader, power broker and Kokoda trekker Bill Shorten is playing the numbers game by supporting the gay and lesbian lobby.

So the lobby has come a long way from the Communist Party of their grandparents and the Socialist Left of their parents.

Now the Communist roots have been destroyed with the legislation of Vladimir Putin and the Duma banning promotion of traditional sex among minors and adoption of minors by foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

Russian communists are no longer friends of the gay and lesbian grandchildren of the Australian Communists of the 1930-1960s.... and their fellow travellers.

No politician ever talks of gay and lesbian rights either in Australia and America unless pushed on the issue.

Obama never mentioned the issue once in two presidential elections. Nor has Trump or Clinton.

The issue is a sleeper until after the election. So too the new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Sunday, 11 October 2015


After World War 2 there was a build up of cold war tension between the USSR and USA. From the war, USSR emerged as a powerful though devastated nation with millions dead at the hands of Stalin and Hitler.

Stalin had lifted the industrial development of the USSR at great cost to Russian lives.

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat has attracted admirers from across the world who knew little of the brutality and misery of Russian people. Some became spies and traitors in Britain and the USA.

Joseph Stalin died in 1953 with the suspicion that he had been poisoned with his KGB chief Beria.

Over the next decade, the USSR rose economically under the leadership of Nikita Kruschev. It was not a genuine lift in technology but an output in quantity rather than quality.

Over the next decade up to the 1960s, the Russians put a satellite into space followed by astronauts Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereschkova.

The US Government was horrified that the Soviet Union was the first nation into space. US communists were elated that the writings of Marx and Lenin were rising supreme.

US was becoming paranoid at communism in the land of the free. All men reminded themselves that the constitution gave them the right to bear arms against the landing barges of Russians that would inevitably come.

Already there was a purge of actors and producers in the film industry at the hands of Senator McCarthy. 

The world has yet to see a film come out of Hollywood with communist propaganda. Now we are becoming paranoid at the Illuminati and Beyonce, if you have seen the video clip.

The US Government blamed education that had let the nation lag behind. There was no perception that the Russians had placed massive unequal priority on technology.

There had to be a revolution in US education by which the nation would rise above the USSR in mathematics and science.

But there were American teachers and traitors who worked to destroy any advantage that the USA would gain from a revolution in education.

The curriculum was dumbed down with reduced commitment to reading, writing and arithmetic. There was reduced focus on memorization which puts the Asian education far ahead.

We read in the media that USA is 28th in the world in teaching mathematics and science behind such nations as Singapore and South Korea. USA lags in education and training in electronics.

There is a massive trick being played by which the basics in education have been ignored and standards lifted which makes education too difficult for average students.

The United States is still being sabotaged with Great Britain. The focus in education is changing from mathematics and science to sexuality.

Traitors had been working to put the USSR ahead by sabotaging the USA and Britain. 

In the 1950s, there was Maclean, Burgess, Philby and Blunt. They were gay Cambridge university graduates who spied for Russia. Please click:

Cambridge Spy Ring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blunt, an Fellow of Trinity College, was years older than Burgess,Maclean
and Philby; he acted as a talent-spotter and recruiter for most of the ..

In recent times there was transgender Melissa, the US army private who released thousands of military documents. 

Now we have Edward Snowden whose sexuality has never been made public. He has sought sanctuary in Russia, the paedophile paradise.

We read in the media last year that British intelligence MI6 is proud of the many of homosexuals employed. There would be gay men who are more loyal to penis and anus than to Queen and country.

It used to be thought that these people could easily be blackmailed. Today it is worse. They can be blackmailed as child-molesting paedophiles. Gaol awaits any offenders.

But today, the gays, lesbians and paedophiles have more freedom in Britain and USA than in Russia. Perhaps the traitors will focus on the military success of the Islamic State.

Monday, 5 October 2015


Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK intelligence agency (GCHQ).

He was a contract intelligence analyst who released hundreds of thousands of classified documents.

We are all aware that intelligence agencies operate outside the law which can lead to official corruption at a high level.

At the same time, these agencies seek to maintain intelligence against enemies of the nation.

There is a massive wall of terrorist activity against nations both external and internal. This can only increase in the future.

New young terrorists are engaged in bombings of innocent people, destruction of ships and aircraft with attacks in public places. 

There are lone wolf killers encouraged by terrorist groups. Islamic State recruits children and kidnaps girls for forced marriage and sex.

It is the job of intelligence organizations to identify potential and actual terrorists.

This can only be done on a massive and systematic scale by surveillance of electronic communication systems right down to the ordinary user.

Edward Snowden has taken it on himself to reveal to the world all the secrets which may give enormous intelligence support to the enemy.

Already we read of how Al Qaeda has resorted to communicating by letter rather than by email.

The latest report by Snowden on BBC is on smartphones and the degree to which these can be penetrated. This is massive intelligence for the enemy. Please click:

Edward Snowden: 'Smartphones can be taken ..
Edward Snowden: 'Smartphones can be taken over'. 5 hours ago. Smartphone users can do "very little" to stop security services getting "total control" over their ..

Another pathway comes with paedophiles contacting for pornography and child abuse. It raises questions of Snowden's sexuality. 

Locating paedophile networks is in the interests of the children of the world. Western men who leaked secrets to other nations have so far been LGBT.

It may be that since Snowden left the front line of surveillance, many more advances have undoubtedly been made in locating pornography, producers, sellers and buyers. 

Had Snowden been an intelligence operative in any dictatorship modern or past, he would be in his grave. He has sanctuary in Moscow.

His treason would be punished by the Russians with whom he has sanctuary if he were a citizen and had revealed their secrets. He dare not come back to the United States.

It is certain that ordinary citizens have nothing to fear from electronic surveillance. The way to be pinpointed is to send emails or texts to known terrorists or paedophiles. Then it is only too easy for surveillance to work on the addressees. Most citizens never do that.

AIDS Holistics focuses on Positive Living with HIV/AIDS and the danger of paedophiles to families. Booriing !!

At our worst, we criticize the gay and lesbian education curriculum in Massachusetts and explain the anti-paedophile laws in Russia. Then there was criticism of the paedophile message of UNAIDS on FAMILY and FAITH. But that is for everyone to read on Google.


Please be advised that people of Papua New Guinea no longer support FAMILY and FAITH. We have had our eyes opened by the Country Representative to UNAIDS Stewart Watson that these are not relevant in modern society.

Children are being abused by parents who do not give them freedom and limit their going out at night to meet adult friends. Children enjoy sex like any other person. We understand that the banning of gay and lesbian Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders has done harm to children.

We support the UN Charter of Children's Rights that says that all children have the right of association. Children belong to the world family of One World Government.

The United Nations has condemned the Catholic Church for abusing children of the world family of gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual people. We oppose FAITH and do not accept the existence of God and accept that the Bible is written by men.

We accept the view of the world family that the age of consent be removed. We condemn President Putin and the Russian parliament for blocking the work of the UN in setting up the world family. Children are to be free and taught about non-traditional sex as early as possible.

Our eyes have been opened by the Country Representative of UNAIDS Stewart Watson that we do not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. The Catholic Synod in Rome is not relevant to modern society.

Cc. Country Representative to UNAIDS
Stewart Watson
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea

Cc. Senior Legal Officer
Sigrid Kranwetter