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AIDS Holistics is proud to be giving support to a high school in Lae in preparation for the Flexible and Open Distance (FODE) written expression exams for grades 9, 10 and 11.

We are working to a program based on the Family Positive Living message and the syllabus of the Personal Development program in schools. Our AIDS Holistics message is precisely the correct family message. 

The program focuses on (1) family (2) rights of family members (3) responsibilities of family members (4) domestic violence (5) family planning (6) maternal and child mortality (7) happy marriage  (8) gender equality (9) beer, home brew and marijuana (10) marrying more than one wife (11) healthy living (12) child abuse and (13) choosing a husband or wife. 

In the media Weekend Courier 8 July, there was a report on family planning which we have taken to give to the students written by Ancilla Wrakuale:

The health of our mothers and women folk is very important. A healthy mother means a healthy child, family, community and society.

Mothers go through a lot in pregnancy and they need at least 2-3 years in between each birth to fully recover. 

Family planning is vital in helping a family plan and space their family. It provides men and women the choices of when and how many children to have.

Family planning is also important in helping the nation achieve a sustainable population growth.This means better planning and equal distribution of essential services and resources resulting in a happy and healthy society.

Raising a family is very expensive given the high prices of goods and services. Bringing a child into the world means many different responsibilities and enables a child to go to school, have a job, and look after him or herself.

A planned family means a happy and healthy society. When a family has too many children, parents can not afford to meet all necessities resulting in poverty and poor health.

Comment: A woman who has too many babies too soon will suffer from Kwashiorkor. It is an African word that means that " the child in the womb is putting an evil eye on the child at the breast". The mother will not have enough milk to feed more than one child.

Maternal and infant mortality comes out of the malnutrition caused by too many small babies and poverty of family.

The focus of this FODE course is on RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of husbands and wives. Child bearing is a key part of this. 

Rights and Responsibilities is the focus of the schools Personal Development courses and the Positive Living program.


Gay fisting is brutal assault on a gay man or boy by another gay. It is not love making but brutal damage to the body of another person. The damage can be extreme as the anal passage and anal sphincter are permanently spoiled.

Governments that legalize gay sex are also legalizing damage to men and boys that may never be repaired. It will cause social and mental pain to the young person unable to control his faeces. He may even commit suicide. 

Massachusetts teachers used to blame suicide of gay and lesbian children on homophobia. It may have been the result of damaged anuses and stinking faeces in class, on the bus, in the school ground, among friends and in the coffee shops. Gay and lesbian activists want to hide the facts away from the kids.

Gay men and boys have to be stupid to allow another man to damage their anus allowing faeces to flow with no control. 

Young boys are most vulnerable and will suffer great pain and no sexual pleasure. It is an exercise in power of one man over another man or boy.

Many years ago, I conducted a language course at the RAAF School of Languages attended by a number of foreign affairs officers. One officer had to go into hospital during the course and I found time to give him a crash language course at his bed-side.

He claimed to have piles and needed an operation. This is varicose veins of the anus. But I did know that he was gay and have always suspected that he needed medical treatment for a damaged anus caused by fisting.

A porn internet site is posted here to show colour photos of gay fisting. Please be warned and do not open if you have no desire to see brutal and depraved torture of gay men. Please click:

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Monday, 29 August 2016


Can you see why gay activists hate the Positive Living message?

This year, I have become involved in promoting AIDS awareness in schools. The grades are 9,10 and 11 which makes the young people 16-20 years old. I give a clear understanding of HIV/AIDS, hiding no part of the message.

I tell of the HIV being engulfed by the CD4 cells of the foreskin, cervix, epithelial cells of the mouth and cells of the small intestine. 

I talk of the dangers of gay sex with damage to the anus particularly of young boys from the adult penis and from fisting that tears the anal wall open never to return to the normal sphincter size. Please click:

a fisted anus stays open - family positive living - aids holistics - Blogger
May 20, 2012 - Gay sex is intrusive and violent.causing damage to the anuses 
of men and boys. The human anus is meant to ...

I tell of the virus entering the lymph system and passing up to the vena cava that enter the heart. The virus passes down the abdominal artery to be shepherded to the massive numbers of CD4 cells guarding the epithelial lining of the small intestine.

HIV is engulfed by the gut CD4 which then reproduces in these cells to emerge, killing millions of gut CD4. The gut wall is damaged more and more month by month, preventing the water, nutrients and salts from being absorbed through the gut wall.

The unabsorbed nutrients , salts and water then pass through the digestive system as diarrhoea. The body lacks protein and slowly digests the muscles of the body making the sufferer thin. 

The body can recover with antiretroviral drugs that kill the virus in the blood but not in the hiding places. This enables the small intestine or gut to recover and build strength with strong protein rich nutrients. Please click:

arv kills - nutrition builds - family positive living - aids holistics
Aug 22, 2016 - ARV kills HIV in the blood but not in the hiding places. ...Now the 
sufferer has to build up the body by strong nutrition of fruit, vegetables, ..

I explain that the AIDS awareness message is made false by homosexual teachers who never tell of the gut attack. This brings the message too close to the reality of gay men having two separate infections in the gut. 

One is HIV infection. The other is the massive damage from gut parasites that enter the body through eggs in the faeces licked on the anus of an  infected gay partner. Please click:

Homosexuality and Parasites - Conservapedia
Jul 13, 2016 - In the world, high rates of intestinal parasitism found in men who ... Concerning homosexuality and parasites, anal sex can be an .

So the gay and lesbian message simply makes the vague statement that the virus attacks the immune system ...... and gut lining. The gay sufferer is attacked in the gut by HIV .... and the myriads of gut parasites. That is why so many gay men die young.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt 
Teacher of Biology and HIV/AIDS

Sunday, 28 August 2016


And other great tales

This report is a message to Australians of my vintage, born after World War 2 and of the same age as cricketers Max Walker and Doug Walters. Please click:

How to Tame Lions By Max Walker - Max Walker
How to Tame Lions By Max Walker. It would appear that there are many people out there
Max's warped since of humour and an immense enjoyment ..

I have just read a very funny book by Max Walker of great cricketing tales. It was just what an expatriate and exiled Australian needed in the wilds of Papua New Guinea.

I have spent an unfunny life in Papua New Guinea over the last decade looking after a son and his mother living with HIV/AIDS. They died in 2002 and 2003. 

I have been harrassed and bullied by a group of low life Australians seeking to set up a gay, lesbian and paedophile colony in this country.

But the book by Max Walker bought me back to a sense of the ridiculous as seen in the antics of Max Walker, Lou Richards, Doug Walters, Jeff Thompson, Dennis Lillee and many more. 

I can remember all their faces from TV. I recall  throughout the book the slow drawl of Max Walker and the crazy humour of Lou Richards.

It is time to forget the Australian misfits who have come to Papua New Guinea to promote homosexuality and paedophile sex.

I recall that I have a sense of the ridiculous just like these Australian cricketers. I can laugh at foolish people being funny.

But I have seen Australian men and women coming to Papua New Guinea to have sex with PNG children. I don't find that funny at all, especially when they try to implicate me in child molesting.

Friday, 26 August 2016


A funny story about gay, lesbian and paedophile UNAIDS. Mr Roy Trivedy, UN Country coordinator please take note of a rogue paedophile officer. 

PNG has suffered the paedophile agenda of UNAIDS for over a decade. This are a most secret organization like the Klu Klux Klan. There are no phone numbers in the phone book or any where else. There is no entry to their offices except by special LGBTP recognition.

UNAIDS is run by paedophile Stewart Watson who decided that AIDS Holistics was the enemy about 14 years ago when he was the paedophile deputy team leader of the AUSAID AIDS project in Port Moresby. Before that he was an English teacher but homosexual. He was part of the gay and paedophile infiltration into Health.

He and fellow paedophile Elizabeth Cox had AIDS Holistics banned in the national AIDS campaign with the stupid claim that Positive Living was a false message that killed people. They claimed that the founder was a child molester.

The advisors on HIV/AIDS came from Australia to PNG to help with stopping the AIDS pandemic. But the shit-for-brains paedophiles advocated sexual promiscuity among the boys and girls. 

The UNAIDS advice to the Port Moresby Ministers' Fraternal was to allow adultery. They wanted more sex not less sex. That is why the HIV infection among the world gays is higher than any other group.

Watson became the Head of UNAIDS. This is an organization that has no problems with sexual corruption. Watson still regarded AIDS Holistics as the enemy. 

He was the one who told the community that FAMILY and FAITH were not relevant in modern society. He wanted gays, paedophiles and small boys on the street not in the family. 

AIDS Holistics has never let Watson or the community forget his views on family and faith. He is the enemy of the community and paid half a million dollars by UN each year to be paedophile.

During the recent Pacific Games, Watson made a full page report for the media on a program he was starting called Operation Free and Easy which was to bring understanding to the community. 

He planned to have a conference to bring all the homosexuals and paedophiles to one place from the nations of the Pacific Games. 

The founder of AIDS Holistics read and forgot. About two weeks later he was at the Holiday Inn for breakfast and use of internet in the business centre.

He was standing at the cash register and was approached by ....... paedophile Watson who screamed in a high pitched voice that if I spoke to him, he would have me permanently banned from the hotel. I spoke to him. I asked him if he still opposed FAMILY and FAITH.

He ran upstairs to the manager's office. He demanded that I be permanently banned from the hotel. Within 15 minutes, the boy manager had escorted me to the gate and I was permanently banned. 

Watson was afraid that I would gate crash the conference and ask him in a loud voice about family and faith. He was probably quite accurate in his guess.

Security guards still had me banned  6 months later. The paedophiles won for the time being. Perhaps the small boy manager was gay and paedophile.

I understand now that the Operation Free and Easy conference was to be held at the Holiday Inn - the paedophile celebration of sex. The boy manager told me that. The managers wanted to have a hotel full of gays, lesbians and paedophiles from the Pacific Games.

As it was, the Watson threat had no meaning. There appeared to be no conference and the Holiday Inn lost about K800 a month from AIDS Holistics which would be about K20,000 over the last two years. But the managers of Holiday Inn are foreigners who know nothing.

So the paedophile enemy of the nation is free to come and go from the Holiday Inn and the key family Positive Living message is banned. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


We have already warned that gays, lesbians and paedophiles have a master plan to infiltrate and take over key companies and government departments. In particular, key departments are health, welfare, housing, police and legal.

They set up a system in the recruitment of personnel where the gay, lesbian or paedophile has the agenda of recruiting only homosexuals. The applicants indicate their sexuality by a wink or pursed lips and they have the job, regardless of their qualifications, experience and suitability of other applicants .

We have seen a disgraceful intake of these people in the PNG National AIDS campaign. They came up with Australian medical companies that included Burnet and led by Professor Mike Toole. His friends called him Melina. Their plan was to divert the national AIDS campaign to a homosexual and paedophile agenda.

This is also obvious in the housing of this nation. There has been infiltration of criminal gay boys into National Housing Corporation (NHC) and National Housing Estates Limited (NHEL). This work gives them the opportunity to steal houses and put the money into their own pockets.

In the media today, the Prime Minister complains of houses being sold and titles never given to the new owners. That is because the houses have been stolen by gay boys and no title will ever be given. NHEL in Port Moresby is a haven for bullying, criminal and paedophile gay boys.

It is time to clean them out. They have the keys soon to hundreds of new houses. Each gay boy will have a house for himself. Each gay boy will use the empty house as a love nest for young boys and girls.

The gay boys including Gonapa, Francis and Bonny evicted AIDS Holistics from a unit in 5 mile despite the fact that we paid the rent, water and power for the old Filippino man who lived there. Rent is probably no longer being paid. Not good business NHEL.

These creeps claimed the house was being used as a brothel not a small AIDS Holistics care centre known to only a small group of HIV and TB sufferers. The NHEL paedophiles were sexual wild dogs.

They saw the chance for the foreign and national gays, lesbians and paedophiles to close down the Positive Living message that is now the supreme message in the nation.


During the Pacific games, the founder of AIDS Holistics went to the business cntre of Holiday Inn to post a report when he met the paedophile Head of UNAIDS Stewart Watson. 

Watson glared at him and told him that if the founder spoke to him, he would have him permanently banned from the hotel.

The founder of AIDS Holistics told him what do do with himself. The paedophile Head stormed up to the manager's office and demanded that Copeland be banned from the hotel. The boy manager then escorted Copeland to the gate and told him never to come back.

It turns out that the Head of UNAIDS was arranging a conference for Pacific games delegates to promote GLBTP sexuality in the Pacific. He threatened the boy manager that if Copeland were not banned, he would go to another hotel for the conference.

So it just took one expatriate creep about 10 minutes to have a regular customer to Holiday Inn banned and blocked at the gate by the security. As it was, the GLBTP conference was held in no other hotel in Port Moresby.

AIDS Holistics will never go back to Holiday Inn. Its support for a paedophile conference means that Holiday Inn may not be a family hotel. It prefers to cater to child molesters. The Madang Resort hotel is the same.

Manager Tim Pollock knows he has made a mistake. He has been seen in the media giving money to a care group. Then he gave blood at the blood bank. 

He is trying to show that Holiday Inn has a social conscience but Positive Living messages can go to hell. It is a pity that he and boy managers support expatriate paedophiles.


Welfare lifted AIDS Holistics to become the premier AIDS awareness organization in the nation. Combined focus is on family. Foreign and national paedophiles do not stand a chance.

For over a decade, AIDS Holistics was brutally attacked by AusAID paedophiles wanting to destroy the Positive Living Family message. They wanted a gay, lesbian and paedophile basis for families. 

They attacked the founder claiming to all that he was a child molester. At the height of their attacks, the founder wondered if it was all worthwhile. 

But he was strongly supported by Welfare officers, particularly Betty Billy the Registrar-General. She had helped him when he was seeking custody of two daughters, years before.

I have nothing but gratitude for that great lady. When paedophile predator Cox was spreading the false stories about Copeland molesting his daughters, Betty would tell me she knew it was not true and for me to go on with promoting Positive Living. Nothing could happen without Welfare support.

When boy-sex paedophile Sir Peter Barter was threatening that my daughters be taken into care for sexual abuse, Betty would tell me it could not happen. She knew my family over several years and was aware that there was only my love and caring for two beautiful daughters.

I would tell Betty that she was our rock. She told me that no-one would be allowed to attack AIDS Holistics while she was president. 

There was never a plan made by us that was not cleared with Betty Billy first. Everything that AIDS Holistics did had the blessing of several Welfare officers.

AIDS Holistics had a special place in Welfare. I could walk through to Betty's office at any time which I usually did about once a month to report to the president on what was happening.

But then the Department for Community Development had its own problems. They had survived the attack of foreign UN paedophile women trying to set up 24 reserved seats in parliament and take over Welfare.

But they could not avoid the internal problems with the new Minister Kouza and the Secretary who faced legal problems.

Now we read in the media that the new Secretary Anna Solomon is at the front of new legislation to protect and strengthen the family. AIDS Holistics gives full support.

The only time Welfare let me down was when the Chimbu Head Simon Yanis would not make any move to protect my daughter Rachael having been trafficked by Chimbu Jeffrey Nape. But then Yanis has always had a dodgy past from the times he worked for the National AIDS Council. Tell the people about the house you built at East Boroko, Simon.

But Betty Billy could not protect AIDS Holistics from the vicious and corrupt attack by the paedophile officers of National Housing Estates Limited.

Gonapa, Francis and Bonny evicted us from a unit in 5 Mile pretending that we were running a brothel when they knew it was a small care centre of AIDS Holistics. Betty was ill and on long leave. She could not help us. Had she been here, she would have put a bomb under the NHEL paedophile criminals.

The building of hundreds of new NHC and NHEL houses will make corrupt paedophile officers into millionaires when they sell houses and steal the money. Alan Baragu used to do that when he was conveyancing officer. He was never prosecuted. It will happen again with new corrupt officers.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


For about 8 years, the work of AIDS Holistics was conducted from a unit of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) at 5 Mile. We gave quiet support to several young men and women suffering from HIV and TB. They would come to the house.

But we had an enemy who wanted to kill AIDS Holistics and the Positive Living message. He was Bomal Gonapa past lawyer of the National AIDS Council and paedophile. He did his best to silence our message but failed badly. 

Then he became the lawyer for the National Housing Estates Limited (NHEL) and the perfect opportunity came to silence AIDS Holistics when he found we were living in a unit at 5 mile.

He got together with the paedophiles of NHEL and hatched a plan to remove AIDS Holistics even though we were paying the rent, power and water for the old man who lived there.

They claimed that the AIDS Holistics care centre was a brothel and the men coming to the centre were clients and the women were prostitutes. So they conspired with the CEO Madelaine whose family lived next door to push the brothel out of the neighbourhood.

So the NHEL paedophiles arrived with the Gordons police thugs and smashed the door down. They threw all our possessions into the street. Most important were the AIDS Holistics files that were scattered all over the place. The people who came for help never saw us again.

In the background was paedophile Jeffrey Nape who wanted us on the street so that he could steal my younger daughter. He was the cousin of Bomal Gonapa who came from Sina Sina in Chimbu. Now Nape and Gonapa are dead. God have mercy on them. Did Gonapa die of AIDS or gut parasite infection from licking infected faeces?

There have been two major paedophile groups in this country. There was the National AIDS Council and the National Housing Estates Limited. One wanted little boys and girls. The other had the vacant houses to be used for paedophile sex. They were all gangs of gay boys.

That is another reason why I moved to Lae. One was to protect my daughter from Nape. The other was to get AIDS Holistics out of the way of the Port Moresby national paedophiles. I am getting old now and will give most focus to the AIDS message on internet.


For years, AIDS Holistics has been harassed by foreign paedophiles claiming the founder was a child molester. 

What they did not know was that there were key Welfare officers in AIDS Holistics. The president for several years was Betty Billy Registrar General. My daughters called her aunty.

Betty came to the National Court when I sought custody for my daughters. She testified to Mr Justice Sevua that I was a kind and gentle man who looked after my daughters. So much for the foreign paedophiles harassing me.

The Welfare women in AIDS Holistics laughed when I showed them the email from boy sex paedophile Barter stating that he had ordered my daughters taken into care for sexual abuse by their father.

They called him a silly man who had to take any custody matter through them. They knew my family and would ignore him. I mention this now as Betty is retired and living in her village.

Betty told me that paedophile lesbian Cox used to come to see her until she found out that Betty was the President of AIDS Holistics. 

Then she abruptly stopped coming but went straight upstairs to thump the desk of the Minister Dame Carol Kidu about the 24 reserved seats.

Monday, 22 August 2016


ARV kills HIV in the blood but not in the hiding places. There may not be zero viral load in the blood if the sufferer regularly defaults on medication.

This report is for the newcomers to AIDS awareness - carers, sufferers and families. 

The topic has been raised many times on this blog but we recycle as it is so important. Key function of our blog is to educate the community. 

We have spent as much time defending ourselves from paedophile attacks. AIDS awareness will always be our primary function. Paedophiles attack families. We care for families.

Sufferers and families have to understand that for a person to take ARV, the virus has been killed in the blood.

This means that the virus is no longer able to attack the CD4 in the gut lining and destroy the functions of the gut. The gut and other tissues now have the opportunity to mend and replenish.

But now the sufferer has to build up the body by strong nutrition of fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and lean meats. 

If the person has suffered from HIV for a number of years, the virus will have stopped the absorption of nutrients, salts and water through the gut. These pass out of the body as diarrhoea. 

The body has no reserves of muscle and so absorbs living muscle from the body. The sufferer has become thin with loss of appetite. The lost muscles have to be replaced with protein-rich foods - vegetables and meat.

The ARV stops the virus in the blood only. But the virus is hiding in the lymph system - thyroid, thymus, spleen and pulp of the long bones. It is waiting to come out even stronger if the ARV medication ceases.

One news report last year pointed out that there are more hiding places in the body for HIV than we could ever imagine. That is a worry.

Sunday, 21 August 2016


Positive Living remains at centre stage. Foreign paedophiles failed to destroy the message. This was a foreign take-over bid in a sovereign nation.

The people of Papua New Guinea may have no idea of how close the nation went to chaos some years ago with the bill before parliament for 24 reserved seats for women. It would have destroyed parliamentary democracy.

The bill started in the minds of lesbian activists in AusAID and the United Nations. The hidden agenda was that lesbian women were moving into positions of power without being democratically voted for. This was the critical flaw.

The key activist was lesbian paedophile Elizabeth Cox who was head of United Nations Women. Their target of pressure and harassment was the Minister for Community Development Dame Carol Kidu. Department workers would say that these foreign women used to walk in on Dame Carol with no appointment.

They wanted her to misuse her position of authority in support of foreign lesbians. She agreed to put a bill on the 24 seats before parliament undoubtedly knowing that there was no chance of the bill becoming legislation. Let the parliament put the foreign lesbians in their place. 

There was a hidden lesbian agenda. It was undoubtedly the plan for naturalized citizen Cox to become a woman in parliament and take the office of Minister for Community Development. United Nations was conducting courses for selected women to be nominated. The key women would have been national lesbians.

The agenda can be easily worked out from the lesbian track record in this country and overseas. Remember the lesbian master plan to infiltrate education, health, welfare, police and legal. 

All of the following below would be on the long term agenda. In 5 years, the family situation in this country would be greatly changed as parental authority died and child freedom rose to dangerous levels. 

We are watching the exploitation of children among Middle East refugee families. Foreign paedophiles want that to happen in this country too. It will never happen as long as families are strong.

Gay and lesbian studies would be part of welfare training. Gay and lesbian lecturers would conduct welfare training. Gay and lesbian students would be selected for studies and future employment. Promotion would be made mainly for lesbian welfare officers.

There would be moves to change the Marriage Act. There would be new members of the Marriage Committee. Ministers of religion would be replaced by gay and lesbian paedophiles on the Marriage Committee. 

Gay and lesbian sex would be legalized. Adoption of PNG children would be allowed to foreign applicants. Rights of children would be increased. Authority of parents would be removed. Welfare officers would be given the power to place children into care.

There would be lobbying to lower the age of consent for children to have sex with adults. State orphanages would be set up controlled by the Department.

Thank God the bill before parliament failed. Cox went back to the periphery where she belonged.

I am proud to advise that the foreign paedophiles are terrified of the scathing and accurate comment from AIDS Holistics. They would not dare put a single thought in the media for fear that there would be a response on this blog within a day. 

Foreign paedophiles never sign their names to anything. We sign our names to and stand behind every comment we make on social media. Foreign rock spiders spend their time hiding under rocks.

Friday, 19 August 2016


This report could have only been written by AIDS Holistics and no other in this country.

As the years roll on, the AIDS scene is changing. There is now zero information in the media on living with HIV/AIDS. But it was always like that. The only practical advice in this country came from AIDS Holistics. Please click:

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, lean meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, dehydration, infection, suffocation, starvation, beer, home brew, tobacco, marijuana.nd drugs

Now with the reduction in funding, the number of care groups has dropped. The availability of ART has meant that the message is limited to antiretroviral medication safety.

Take your dosage at the same time every day as directed. If you miss out, do not take a double dosage. Just leave it until the next laid down time but do not make a habit of missing out. Seek resupply early before your supplies are depleted. Do not leave breaks in your dosage regime when your supplies run out. Do not risk viral immunity. Take Septrin or other antibiotics to prevent infection with gut bacteria and diarrhoea. Do not have unprotected sex.

The evil propaganda seems to have died. We were being told that people suffering from HIV are rejected and discriminated against by family and faced with stigma. 

There were groups that claimed that family was the enemy in rejecting loved ones. This was probably exaggeration or totally false. It also depended on the behaviour of the infected loved one.

There were those living with HIV/AIDS who claimed publicly that they were rejected by family but they were HIV positive and violent drunks who disrupted and horrified family members particularly the children.

But these were problems in early days. With no ARV, sufferers lived the maximum of 12 years with Positive Living. Without this, they died much earlier if they also suffered stress and fear.

Towards the end of their lives, they horrified their family with the onset of dementia. Some became hysterical and feared being killed by evil spirits. 

I cared for Linda in 2001-2003 and she was terrified that an old Samarai lady was going to kill her, having changed into a black bird and sat in a tree outside the house at night. This was the time before ARV drugs were available.

There are still sufferers in rural areas not on ARV who will face the same decline in mental health. The onset of dementia has the danger for families in believing their demented loved one had been struck down by sorcery. Someone will have to be blamed and killed.

But these days, the HIV/AIDS scene has gone quiet. Most HIV sufferers are living with their families and carrying on their lives, not quite the same as before. 

Many gay boys and transsexuals who flocked to the towns have decided that family is the place to be. They now live in peace with families. There is no future in seeking a living having sex with expatriate men and running the risk of being infected with HIV.

There is no longer the media propaganda by gay and lesbian groups. Most of these expatriates have gone back to Australia. There is no longer the message that all women are abused and all men are violent. The reality is more complex than that.

There are loving men who look after families just as there are loving women. Some women are violent and spend their time phoning boy friends on their mobile phones, drinking beer and home brew, bashing husbands and playing cards.

Now that HIV infected people are returning almost to normal, they are living full lives and may plan to marry. Can an HIV positive man marry an HIV negative woman? He has to tell her his status before the relationship begins. The choice to marry belongs to the other person.

He must use a condom. ARV drugs may not produce a zero viral count particularly if the person has defaulted on the medication.

Can the woman be made pregnant? She must be advised of the procedure to be strictly adhered to. 

When the HIV positive man has sex to make a woman pregnant, he will not use a condom. But then the woman has to start her own ARV treatment on the assumption that she will be infected. 

This has to be done early like the treatment for any raped woman. This continues for at least 30 days with the man returning to condoms. This can be dangerous. The woman needs to have her status checked by a doctor at regular intervals. The couple must consult a doctor on this.

Another option for the man is to marry an HIV positive woman. But how does he do that? Does he reveal status and ask if the other person is HIV positive too? The key goal is for the HIV negative or HIV positive woman to give birth to a baby who is HIV negative.

He/she will lose many partners that way. Perhaps a partner will be found at an AIDS care group. But the man or woman may not want to go there. Being HIV positive still brings problems but at least the sufferer no longer dies with dementia.

Reports indicate that over the last decade the numbers of gay men infected with HIV have risen exponentially across world. There may be several reasons for this. 

Other reports show that many gay men do not reveal their HIV status to their partners. Others may be HIV positive and on ARV drugs. They do not use a condom while their viral load may not be at zero. They have been careless with their medication and will infect other men.

Many gay men have anal and oral sex and ingest gut parasite eggs to breed in the epithelial lining of the gut. They die early in life the result of gut parasite infection.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Foreign and national paedophiles oppose any focus on family. That is why there has been such paranoid response to the Family Positive Living message of AIDS Holistics. They want the kids on the streets. They want to be able to pick up street kids and take them home to bed.

Therefore their focus is on weakening the authority of parents. Children are abused by every form of punishment say the childless lesbian paedophiles. Children are told they have rights with no mention of responsibilities.

There is a long term plan for the paedophiles in any western nation to take control of every form of family support. 

They can put children into care and paedophile beds if they control education, health, welfare, law and police. Kids can be taken from parents having been passed through a network of paedophiles who had already marked the pretty kids for their own beds.

There has been talk in the circle of foreign paedophiles in Papua New Guinea for my two daughters to be put into care ........ in their wildest dreams. Barter was the key supporter of their being taken. He took up the secret campaign of lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox.

The message is the same across the paedophile community. There has been a traditional way of removing people in this country going back to the days of the kiaps or patrol officers. That was to accuse them of sex with women. They would be removed by their superior officer in an instant.

The paedophiles have taken up the same strategy to conceal their own sexual misconduct with children. How dare boy-loving Barter falsely accuse me of molesting my daughters !!  Madang is no longer a wholesome place for tourist families to go on holidays with teenage children. And Barter complains in the media blaming the Government. Hahaha.

We see what happens with the break-down of families among the refugees of the Middle East. There are paedophile child traffickers operating like flocks of vultures to swoop down and carry off thousands of lost refugee children, That is a social nightmare.

The key to paedophile administration is to have orphanages and care centres where children can be taken and selected for paedophiles seeking children. Once a child has gone out to foster parents, they may never come back.

Already the Russian Duma has banned the adoption of Russian children by western paedophiles. There had been a brisk traffic in children being adopted by money passing hands to Russian parents and the children taken out of the country. 

There was a report in the media last year of two Australians sent to prison in the USA for adopting a 6 year old boy by payment to poverty stricken Russian parents. They then hired him out in the USA for sex with paedophiles. They would still be in prison.


But only the paedophiles think so. But then they have something to hide.

A common theme among foreign and national paedophiles is that AIDS Holistics is a spy organization. The community at large involved with HIV/AIDS care thinks that we are the role models for awareness. We provide scope of the comprehensive and valid message. Please click:

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, lean meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, home brew, tobacco, marijuana.a and drugs

Spy accusations began with AusAID paedophile advisors in 2002 who were angered at the Positive Living message and claimed that the founder of AIDS Holistics broke into their offices and stole the Positive Living message from their files. They were Elizabeth Cox and Stewart Watson.

The AIDS Holistics founder had to be banned from the AIDS building. Security guards were ordered to block his entry with violence if necessary. This was paedophile hate tactics. Simple minded security guards were told that AIDS Holistics was a spy organization and the enemy.

Were they saying that AusAID paedophiles were to lead the nation with Positive Living? What a joke. They have no interest whatever in the family message. The paedophile agenda is all about condoms, rights of women and children, abuse by men and same sex marriage.

Positive Living was the enemy message that told parents and children that they had RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES. The Head of UNAIDS told the community on Two World AIDS Days in 2010 and 2011 that family and faith were no longer relevant in modern society. 

He may have been the UNAIDS fool who told the Port Moresby Ministers' Fraternal about 3 years ago that churches had to accept adultery as it kept husbands and wives happy. 

The spy issue raised its ugly head again when AIDS Holistics was sacked by the Sunday Chronicle. We were given a raise by Editor Sam Vulum one week for good work in writing our column and sacked the next week. 

It seems that gay boy journalist Tereni Kens told the owner that we were a spy organization. That put him firmly in the paedophile camp. He was sacked about two years ago for misconduct.

Jeffrey Nape was next paedophile to advise the founder of AIDS Holistics that he was a spy and AIDS Holistics was a spy organization working against the nation. That put him firmly in the paedophile camp.

AIDS Holistics was set up by a man with two mixed race daughters. This means that AIDS Holistics is a patriotic front in support of PNG families. We are quietly supported by care and church groups.

National and foreign paedophiles are paranoid about AIDS Holistics. We seem to know all their tactics and plans far in advance. They do not want their secret agenda told to the world. The world now knows the paedophile agenda in the United Nations. 

Start with the UN Charter of Children's Rights that tells us that children have the right of association. They can associate with anyone and their parents can not stop them. Parents are being robbed of parental authority. The UN will fail like the League of Nations in the 1930s.

The AIDS Holistics founder had to be stopped. Take his daughters away from him and put them in care. Say that he is abusing them. Then the founder will stop talking about paedophiles abusing children. That was the theme of paedophiles Cox, Barter and Nape.

We are not spying on the PNG Government. We work in support of the Government, the citizens of PNG and the Australian tax payers whose money has been diverted by the paedophiles for a no responsibility and all rights message to children. We are spying on foreign and national paedophiles.

But it is certain that our internet blog is read by the Australian Government and has been a factor in the reduction of funding money. 

Australians paedophiles are still here under cover, though reduced in number. The day of the expatriate paedophiles is over in Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Rudd read our blog reports and then took steps to drastically reduce the numbers of consultants. Most gay, lesbian and paedophile Australian consultants ended up back in Australia.

It is certain that our blog has been read by Australian, PNG, US and Russian intelligence to follow the invasion in PNG of Australian paedophiles over the last 15 years. It may account for the arrival of hospital ships by the major nations. They treat and leave.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


The Positive Living message is a national treasure. Nalu was ready to betray this in the interests of corrupt logging by Rimbunan Hijau and the paedophiles of the world. 

He is a traitor. If living in China, he would be publicly executed. Lydia Kailap expresses the same view of Nalu betraying his nation in her internet report. Please click:


Lydia Kailap lives in this country. Nancy Sullivan was killed in a car crash in the US this year. Warning: Friendship with Malum Nalu is a health hazard. The question I ask myself is whether or not he was one of the paedophiles.

Nalu had two obvious agenda. He supported the economic imperialism of his employer Rimbunan Hijau and opened the door for foreign paedophiles to take PNG children. He may have been 'greasing' the paedophiles of AusAID and UN.

His attack on me had the same features as the attacks of the foreign paedophiles - my sexual misconduct and my daughters taken into care. The same was expressed by paedophiles Nape and Barter. Nalu was a widower with three boys but he had to be a paedophile. I was a gentle father promoting Family Positive Living. He would not like his three sons taken into care.

Journalists are supposed to have a social conscience. Nalu was a father of three young boys. How could he have been working to destroy the Family Positive Living message by identity theft of the founder and the spreading of filthy sexual emails claimed to be sent by the founder? He is a liar and senior journalist. Who in PNG can trust his newspaper reports?

I find it difficult even after 5 years to accept the betrayal of journalist of The National Malum Nalu. For several years we were friends. He said he admired the Positive Living message. 

He came from Salamaua and we worked together on a report on Salamaua town in the 1930s. We planned to promote trekking on the Black Cat Track.

But I had no idea that he planned to steal my identity on internet and spread filthy messages on internet in my name. He must be mentally ill.

There were two women activists who had been criticizing the Rimbunan Hijau logging at Pomio. Nalu decided to take up the issue on behalf of his employer and abuse Nancy Sullivan and Lydia Kailap.

He decided to do it in my name. He set up an email address and proceeded to send filthy texts to these women. But to cover his tracks, he claimed by anonymous internet reports that I was texting and sexually abusing many PNG women. 

But Lydia Kailap came to my rescue in her blog report. (See above). She stated the following:

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who are a part of our life, Peter and I will take courage in the support of genuine people and get on with what we have always promised to do.

I'm well aware of the problems that Mr Copeland has had with PNG Attitude and many others but can assure you that this is NOT his doing.

His identity, mailing list and reputation have been used as a front for this other deranged person.

Nalu had sent a text to Lydia calling her a black cock whore because she was married to a PNG man. But to cover his tracks, he then sent out internet reports claiming that Bruce Copeland was texting PNG women with filthy words.

His texts are as fresh and ugly as the day these were posted. Nalu by the definition would face Cyber Crime charges today for bullying and identity theft. 

The corruption of Rimbunan Hijau is evident in the fact that Nalu is now one of their senior journalists. Nalu is a cyber criminal in terms of the recent legislation.

Please read his report on me below that he posted on If Nalu wants to take legal action, I will call on Lydia Kailap as witness. I will make use the reports on internet by the late Nancy Sullivan that sets out the conduct of Malum Nalu in the Pomio logging issue. Please click:

Nineteen years and counting in Papua New Guinea - nancysullivan ...
Several years ago one of our Karawari Cave Arts ethnographers

Whatever It Takes -

Nov 6, 2011 - There's a big backstory here about the Kivung cult in Pomio, which dates ...
have worked in the logging industry and seen...The blog called out Malum Nalu directly 
and asked if he was ..

1 Dec 2011 – PNG trekking Kokoda trail Bruce Copeland documented
cyberstalker. AIDS PNG Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker.
Holistic Living ...

These postings often center around sex (especially anal) and rubbish Papua New Guineans living in Australia including members of the Kelegai, Noipo, Puye, Goddard and Pape, but especially Philma Kelegai. The typical writing style is shown on this example:

It has now been confirmed that Miriam Waters, of Mooroobol Cairns has been writing sick and defaming messages all over the internet, aiming her abuse at innocent people. Miriam, who has NEVER had a job, slutbagged her way into Australia. MIRIAM = fark off out of Australia or we will shove a wombat up your arse!”

The purpose of this document is to share evidence, taken from many sites and individuals, that when taken as a whole, strongly indicate that Mr Bruce Copeland is the man behind the spam. But first some background information about him.

Reading Bruce Copeland’s own words on his blog mostly, certain hatreds and obsessions become obvious:

For example: “get some kau kau up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 26 2011 at 1:20 PM Anonymous if you cant find another PNGians to fuk, you can always shove some kaukau up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Again and again such postings have appeared on pngscape as well as on a completely different forum (, simultaneous with the appearance of anti-Kelegai postings.

For example: fark off BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! November 17 2011, 1:05 PM theres only one thing worse than a scumbag scabbing PNG family, and thats a farking Filipino parasitic family!!!!! Fark off back to the Philippines!!!”.

And another example: “

The kelegais are deliberately conning Australia December 1 2010, 4:08 PM heres whats really going on, these Kelegais simply hate Australia. thats what all this conning and ripping people off is about.


Emails apparently from Mr Copeland to white Australian NGO woman Lydia Kaliap, exposed on Nancy Sullivan’s blog included this one: “Black cock whore! White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!”

For example: “A new STD has hit the streets of PNG! Its called "KeleGAYensis" Symptoms included: flashing breasts at tourists and then demanding money fingering onesself in pubic toilets whinging for money whenever you see a whiteman and shoving bananas up your vagina when nobody is looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It is likely that Mr Copeland does not offer details and substance because he either does not know his intended victims or knew them only briefly and thus has little factual information to offer.

If he has legitimate complaints against the people he rubbishes and would lay out the allegations in a normal, mature way, offering details, his postings would probably not be an issue to anyone but those accused of wrong doing. But he does not do that.

In at least one case, Mr Copeland seems to have picked a Papua New Guinean name off a Townsville online newspaper (, then rubbished that person in pngscape postings:

Has Toke Kewe been farkin little boyz in townsville too? November 24 2011 at 10:14 PM Townie doesnt this scumbag toke kewe have awife in townsville? farken hell, i feel sorry for townsville people. i bet hes been farkin little boys there too!!!”

DONT THINK THAT THE WORLD DOESNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN PNG, THEY DO KNOW. You PNG people always lie and blame other countries especialy Australia,


You’ll probably notice that Mr Copeland often replies to this information posting with his usual anonymous spam. The best thing to do is ignore it. The reason why this information is being put up in reply to his spams is to educate Papua New Guineans about what has been going on. 

That completes what we know at present about Bruce Copeland, the reasons for his mental illness and how his mental illness is being expressed.

This information is being given to you so that Papua New Guineans will come to widely understand what is in back of all messages and perhaps can feel a bit of sympathy towards a lost soul, a person who is the victim of his own excesses and extremes.

Don’t let yourself fall into the hole that he is now in, a mentally ill person who no longer has control over their actions.

Bruce Copeland’s game on the internet and any influence amongst thinking people is now quickly drawing to a close. In time, others will be able to pick up the explanation of Mr Copeland’s spam through Google when they type in his name.

Also hopefully someone at some point will be able to post where Mr Copeland is physically located so that he can be helped and perhaps his daughters removed from the custody of this sick man.