Monday, 30 June 2014


The National 1 July 2014

The national care groups Medicins Sans Frontieres and Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee are at it again in support of UNAIDS, UNDP and UNICEF. They are talking of family violence. Of course there is family violence.
At last for the first time they have included women, children and men who have been beaten and physically or sexually violated by family members, spouses, partners and parents. Men are part of the picture at last !! Women are bashing men.

The Seventh Day Adventist church stated that 46% of violence comes from women bashing men. Reports on Google state that over 50% of gay and lesbian couples are involved in domestic violence.

If there are high numbers of gays and lesbians in this country as the UN activists would tell us, there has to be a high level of gay and lesbian domestic violence.

The community is not authorised to know the statistics of such violence at the hands of UN lesbian feminist activists. They have an agenda within an agenda. They are a government within a government. Please click:

Domestic violence in lesbian and gay relationships › ... › Domestic violence
Domestic violence can and does happen in lesbian, gay, bisexual
and ... in gay relationships; their partner threatening to 'out' them
to their family, friends or to ...

The claim is that since 2007, there have been 18,000 individuals with emergency and psychological care in Lae, Tari and Port Moresby. Let us look at that. Since 2007 could be 8 years. That is 2,300 people a year in three centres.

That is 180 a month. That is 45 a week. That is 6 a day across the country. Lumping emergency with psychological care also inflates the figure. That is a common statistical trick.
So now they are including men. How do they differentiate between family violence and violence of the street? Many people are injured in the villages, towns, hotels and streets. This is a fake technique to inflate the family figures.
The spokesperson for the care groups does not reveal their partner groups. There is an unwillingness to reveal that they are working with the UN lesbians.
Women and girls are going out to play cards, drink homebrew and smoke marijuana. They go to discos and arrange sex by mobile phone. Gangs of young women fight other women.  The care groups are playing tricks to pretend that their violence is in the family.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Sunday, 29 June 2014


My daughter has just given birth to a son. I went to the hospital to see her with her sister. Her aunt was with her. She was starving hungry and I bought a plastic of fruit and drink.
She breast fed the baby and told me startling news. Her silly aunt had told her to express and throw away the very first cream. This is the colostrum that contains the first food together with the antibodies and vitamins for the new born baby. Please click:

I called to the nurse and told her that my daughter has just wasted her left breast full of creamy milk. The nurse told her not to waste her colostrum. She still had a right breast of colostrum.
I hope that this is not a general belief across the nation that the colostrum has to be removed and thrown away.

Friday, 27 June 2014


If we should visit the Anglicare headquarters at Waigani in Port Moresby, we may be surprised to find at least 30 large boxes of condoms lining the walkway.
The Anglican church in this country strikes again with their practice of giving out condoms to the community like lollies. Strange behaviour I hear you say for a Christian church.
The boxes have probably just been brought into Port Moresby by container and may contain 500,000 condoms. It may be that these condoms will be distributed at an Anglicare stall in the cultural festival.
The message may be to strangers that they are welcome to come to PNG to see the culture and have sex. It is not intended to be a sex festival. But Anglicare may make it so.
Only three years ago, the Anglican care organization distributed large numbers of condoms to police being deployed during the elections in the highlands. Please click:

We raised the cry in the name of gender equity that condoms should also be distributed to police wives so that they could have safe adultery in Port Moresby while their husbands were away. Please click:

community. The report above tells of condoms given out to police going to the ...
It is difficult to relate all this to a Christian church. The AIDS message of Anglicare is distinctly pagan gay and lesbian with a focus on rights of women and girls with the need for use of condoms.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Think globally and write locally

There is a special skill in writing essays which will gain a pass mark for Written Expression exams.

The key skill is to understand the big picture and write to the big picture. If the topic is on a PNG issue, start with a world view and work down to PNG.

Problems of development of Papua New Guinea

All countries have the same basic problems in development. The key is to support a growing population. The developed world grew through trade with the developing countries that had become colonies of empires.

The developed world of Europe and America needed raw materials to support their secondary industries. They fought wars to keep their colonies and sources of raw materials.

Even with independence, little has changed for the colonies now calling themselves independent nations. They still need to sell raw materials and import manufactured goods.

They find no difficulty in allowing foreign countries to extract minerals including natural gas. But they find great problems in selling agricultural products to those same developed countries.

Papua New Guinea is a newly developed nation with no infrastructure for manufactured goods except for basic domestic products. Some technical goods are manufactured overseas but assembled in country.

Most secondary goods are imported which makes for problems when the currency declines and the nation has to pay more for foreign imports. Papua New Guinea will never sell oranges to Australia because the citrus industry has to be protected.

So Papua New Guinea suffers from many problems from the need to sell primary products and import most secondary goods. An economy based on primary production and tertiary support will not employ all those seeking work in the nation. Unemployment is high with great problems for school leavers of the future.

Rights of women

Over the last century in the world, there has been a long process of seeking the rights of women.

In the 1920s in England, women campaigned for the right to vote with opposition from those men who said that women were not emotionally fit to have a voice in the affairs of the nation.

But the scene changed with the two world wars when men went to fight in the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific. Women joined them as nurses.

Other women worked in the munitions factories to make war supplies. This placed them in a better position to have equal rights to men.

The rights of women increased in the 1960s with the Vietnam War and the protest particularly in Australia and the United States. Following the 1970s, women were given equal pay for equal work.

But the arguments remained that the place for women was in the home having babies and looking after the family. The same argument remains in Papua New Guinea.

The pressures on equality for women in the world has extended to Papua New Guinea in modern times. There is now pressure from the United Nations on the rights of women. Laws have been passed to prosecute men violent to women and girls.

Problems have arisen in PNG with the freedom of women, many of whom will take the opportunity to be involved in adultery with mobile phones, marijuana and homebrew. There will be violence of women towards men.

The wantok system places women in a difficult position with the continuation of bride price, men taking more than one wife, women unable to control birth through family planning and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.

But the role of women is changing. They must not be disheartened by the failure of the 22 seats in parliament.

Women are being urged to involve themselves in business and to continue through to high school. Universal Basic Education gives a greater chance to all boys and girls.

But women still suffer from unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. Many young girls sell their bodies as their families cannot provide their financial needs.

Pollution of the environment

World pollution began with the industrial revolution in the 1600s but has only just started to damage the world in recent decades.

In earlier times, the view was that rubbish could be thrown into rivers and the seas. Though many developed countries have worked to clean up the environment, there are still countries including PNG that use the rivers as garbage dumps.

The worst pollution comes from developed countries still locked into burning of coal and smelting of iron. These countries are pouring massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and increasing the inevitability of global warming.

China has the worst track record in pollution that is so bad that rivers, seas, ground soil and human bodies are being damaged.

Toxic waste is being poured into the seas. Papua New Guinea will find that the Ramu and Sepik Rivers are being damaged by toxic waste from the gold mines.

Papua New Guinea has allowed mining companies to pour their waste into rivers. The Fly River has been irreparably damaged.

About 20 years ago, a barge on the way up the Fly River sank allowing a large load of cyanide in drums to sink into the depths of the river. These drums have never been recovered and are a waiting time bomb.

Pollution in the Magadus Square from the Sepik and Ramu Rivers will damage the breeding grounds of the yellow fin tuna that live and move in the entire Pacific rim.

There is a major problem in the world with the wholesale removal of jungle in South America, Africa and the Pacific.

The Amazon River of Brazil was once deep jungle that has now become grasslands for cattle. This will directly affect the global warming and levels of rainfall.

Global warming is melting the icecaps and glaciers of the world. This is causing an increasing rise in the sea levels. Already there are small island nations in the Pacific that are being covered by water.

So the industrial revolution that began 300 years ago has begun to damage the earth. Climate changes are occurring with new patterns of rainfall, droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornados.

The United States in particular is suffering from hurricanes from the Gulf of Mexico and east coast. There is a collision of cold air from the Arctic that meets the warm winds from the Gulf of Mexico producing countless numbers of tornadoes.

Will it ever stop?  We learn from the story of Superman. Krypton was destroyed while the inhabitants argued. And Superman came to earth to work as a mild mannered reporter on the Daily Planet

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


A campaign is being mounted in Papua New Guinea on stopping violence to children. There is violence towards children that has to be stopped, particularly of fathers, mothers and aunties smacking kids for small disturbances. Some women smack rather than train their children.
But we have to see this in the context of lesbian UN seeking to take all authority away from parents. In the media today, we are told of 75% of children experiencing physical violence. To be accurate, we could say that 100% of men, boys, women and girls suffer violence.
I have been bashed about 6 times in PNG. My nose has been broken. I have been stabbed in the arm and chest. Put me down for 6 counts of violence. I am a UN survivor of violence. No I am a man. That does not count.
The UNICEF report states that 80% of children suffer verbal violence. That means anything. A parent may scold a child for any reason. The UN lesbians will put that down as verbal violence. They are robbing the parents of all effectiveness and authority.
We have the same from the lesbians of Save the Children. They oppose all smacking and scolding. Most are single lesbians with no children.
They would not have a clue as to how to discipline uncontrollable children. But they demand orderly and well behaved families. They rob parents of all authority. Good trick.
Then we have UNICEF reporting on 55% of children reporting sexual violence. Given the other two counts of gross exaggeration above, who knows how lesbian UN advisors define sexual violence? Please click:


How does UNICEF obtain these statistics. Do they interview children? Does you daddy smack you? How many times? Plenty. Put her down for violence by father 23 times. Does he talk cross to you? Oh yes? What does he say? I am a cheeky girl. Put her down for verbal violence.

Do they use the same techniques as the fake survey of men raping women on Buka? Or the report that 64% of PNG men have been involved in gang rape? Lesbian liars.

That only serves to lessen the credibility of real abuse. It will turn off PNG women and men who know that the UNICEF findings may not be based on reality. The lesbians are guessing in the coffee shop of the 33rd floor of the UN building in New York.

Monday, 16 June 2014


Over recent months, I have been in contact with a young woman who became a close friend to my daughters.

For many months, I had suggested she go for a TB test as she was losing weight and coughing. She said she had tested negative

She did not go for a test until the early months of 2014. She tested positive. But she did not seem to be taking her TB medicine. Her mother said they could not afford the medicine.

I went to the Port Moresby General Hospital and obtained boxes of medicine Rifampicin and Isoniazid which I gave to the young woman with doctor’s advice on treatment.

But she sent a text a week later to say that her mother had thrown the medicine away. She said that her daughter was to take only herbs.

Each week, I would take her a plastic full of fruit, peanuts and flavoured milk. She looked sick with much loss of weight. Among the fruit would be sheets of Rifampicin and Isoniazid. She texted again. Please click:

I suggested to her that she stays with my family. At the time, I was suffering deep chest pains and finding difficulty in walking up the slope to her house. So the young woman told me that if I am counting the cost, I should not come.

Twice I have brought food to build her up from her skeletal frame. The last time the mother was hostile and told me that her daughter is tricking me and not taking the TB medicine. She was taking herbs instead.

I fear for the life of this young woman if she is either not taking the medicine at all or has stopped taking the drugs once started.


I have suffered from deep pains in the chest for over 5 months now. At first, I thought it was a heart attack. But now I know it was gastric reflux.

It means that the gastric juices have entered from the stomach to the oesophagus and burned the foodpipe on the way.
But thanks to Google, I found that the way to gain relief was with apple cider vinegar available in the local supermarket. Please click:
It seems that there is a lower esophageal sphincter that is open to allow passage of food and fluid down into the stomach. Then the sphincter closes with the secretion of gastric juices.
But as we get older, the amount of gastric juice drops and the sphincter only partly closes. Gastric juices escape up the food pipe.
The acid content of the Apple Cider Vinegar is enough to close the sphincter. I have heard of young people having gastric reflux too. It may be due to obesity, lack of nutritious diet and little exercise.
Stress may play its part too. I have had massive stress in recent months with people trying to steal the house in which I was staying.

My PNG wife died as the result. When she died, I stopped eating for about two months which may have contributed to the gastric reflux. Please click:


But the apple cider vinegar is amazing. I have broken the rules with a bottle of Coca Cola and a chocolate with no pain whatever. But I will not push my luck too much.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


In recent months, UNAIDS has come under fire from this blog by AIDS Holistics. We have pointed out that this rogue organization is not in the least interested in AIDS. The agenda is on gay, bisexual, paedophile and transvestite rights. Please click:

There has been an almost instant reaction to our blog report with UNAIDS advice to Radio Australia that 90% of AIDS infections in the Pacific come from PNG. Good try gay boys.
The fact is that 90% of the population of the Pacific comes from PNG. There are more people in the highlands of PNG than found in Fiji.
But the fact is also that in the generalized population with family values and marriage, the infection rate is dropping.
The rise to 90% comes from the gay, paedophile, transvestite and bisexual men who are out in the bars to bring men and boys home to their apartments for sex.
In last twelve years, UNAIDS has made no comment on AIDS. The Head of UNAIDS in PNG Stewart Watson has spoken out that the community of families must not hide behind family and faith.
He has told the Ministers' fraternal in Port Moresby that the churches are to blame for the AIDS pandemic and that adultery should be allowed by churches to keep husbands and wives happy. He wants families weak and the gays and paedophiles to have fun with the kids.
Perhaps UNAIDS wants the infection rate in the generalized family community to rise to the same level as the rate for the urban gays, paedophiles, transvestites and bisexuals.
UNAIDS is a rogue organization.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Sunday Chronicle PNG 15 June 2014 Timothy Pirinduo

First and foremost, let us understand the literature of love and lust. People are social beings who need to interact with one another. If not fulfilled, then other need of self esteem cannot be achieved.

Love is a decision to commit oneself to another and work through conflict instead of giving up. Lust is an intense desire or craving for sexual gratification.

The website highlights the signs of love and lust.


You want to spend quality time together rather than just sex.

You get lost in conversation and forget the hours passing.

You want to honestly listen to each other’s feelings

You want to make each other happy.

You are being motivated to be an honest person.

You want to meet family and friends.


You totally focus on looks and body.

You are interested in sex not conversation.

You keep the relationship on a fantasy level.

You want to leave soon after sex.

Lust is ground zero for hormones. It is nature’s way of bringing two people together to mate. Without lust, it is doubtful if two people would ever come together and for love to prosper.

Women who prey on men are more interested in material wealth than sex. It is the man craving for sex and the way forward is to use material wealth.

Unfulfilled needs mean internal grievances and conflicts that boil over as frustrations. The lack of human satisfaction in sex and materials are the reasons behind all man’s problems.

Conditional love is not a real basis for a relationship.

Comment: When two people come together, there is often an unspoken contract agreed upon. You love me and I will love you. You are not violent to me and I will care for you.

You are faithful to me and I will be faithful to you. You give me money and I will look after your house.

In modern PNG, there is no contract. Bride price continues to give men the idea that they own their wife. They can seek other wives.

They can be violent and deny money to their wife. They will bash her if she runs away and intimidate her family into giving her back.

There are groups that focus on the violence of men. They neglect to mention an increasing level of violence of women to men. HIV infection can be brought into a marriage by the wife. Mobile phones are the key supports to adultery.

There are now churches that offer counselling for married couples. UN organizations only make public statements about violence of men. There is no mention in AIDS awareness about unconditional love.

In the grade 8 Personal Development syllabus in PNG, there is focus on marriage, family, love and respect. Students are being required to select friends who are their role models and explain why. as an assignment.

It may be that the problems of PNG will be helped in years to come with young people who have passed through years of Personal Development study at Papua New Guinea schools.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


Friday, 13 June 2014


The world has been tricked on the subject of HIV and gut parasites. There are two plagues not one but the second plague is never mentioned in the media or at care group workshops. It is secret information.

Care advisors would be afraid to mention the gut parasite plague that has been passed off by activists as opportunistic infections from HIV.
But the gut parasite plague in the small intestine is suffered extensively by anus licking and faeces slurping men. They are principal plague carriers for gut parasites.
The HIV/AIDS message has been remodelled by activists to ignore totally any reference to the attack of HIV and the myriad of gut parasites on the epithelial lining of the gut.
Both plagues are lumped together with the gut parasites called opportunistic infections of HIV/AIDS. Even some doctors have been intimidated into this way of categorizing the two plagues.

Those infected in the village may be termed as suffering from opportunistic infections. But gay men suffer from lifestyle infections with the same parasites. 
If we read most AIDS awareness texts, we find no mention whatever of the attack on the gut by HIV or gut parasites. Once we start to do this, the word will leak out that gay men have their own plague of a hell's kitchen of gut parasites. Please click:
Intestinal parasitic infections in homosexual men - National ... › ... › Can Med Assoc Jv.123(6); Sep 20, 1980

by JS Keystone - ‎1980 - ‎Cited by 103 - ‎Related articles
Sep 20, 1980 - In a controlled study 67.5% of 200 homosexual men
but only 16% of 100 heterosexual men were found to be infected
with intestinal parasites.

The official message is that HIV attacks the immune system. The attack on the gut lining is kept secret behind the hidden screen.

Once the community is tuned in on the HIV attack on the gut, it is only a short jump to the intestinal parasites suffered by anus licking men.
So gay rights has a hidden agenda. The aim is to pass off the gut parasite attack as part of the AIDS plague not a separate plague.
This means that funding for free drugs is extended to two plagues not just one. So talk of discrimination has many facets.
If gay sex is legal then the gut parasite sufferers have the right to expect free drugs for gut parasites as well as HIV / AIDS. But to take no risks, all gut parasite infections are classified as HIV/AIDS opportunistic infections. Good trick.
Medical advice is that the key gut parasite in Papua New Guinea and other developing nations is the roundworm called Ascaris lumbricoides. It enters the mouth through infected faeces.
The female can lay 2 million eggs in the human gut. The prognosis is not good if a sufferer has 20 such parasites in the gut. Please click:

Ascaris Lumbricoides - Medscape Reference

Apr 4, 2012 - Intestinal nematode infections affect one
fourth to one third of the world's population. Of
these, the intestinal roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides

Knowledge of the attack on the gut lining is crucial to the understanding of HIV infection. The gut is the dirtiest place in the body. The gut wall is lined with millions of CD4 cells to protect the body from entry of bacteria and various microbes through the gut wall.

The HIV cells are shepherded to the CD4 cells lining the gut where replication takes place. The gut wall slowly breaks down, fast at first and slowing down month by month. The absorptive function of the gut wall slows down stopping the absorption of nutrients, water and salts.

This causes infection in the gut, slow starvation and dehydration. The water salt balance of the body is destroyed. The ARV treatment stops the attack on the gut allowing a build up of gut and other body cells when absorption returns. The body processes slowly return almost to normal.

Knowledge of the gut attack is the key. But the information has been censored by gay activists to prevent any focus on the infection of HIV and the gut parasites that infect bodies mainly of gay men.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Over recent months, I have suffered deep chest pain almost daily. It seemed to come after eating and the onset of stress. It has had me worried that the end was nigh. Please click:
But the diagnosis from the doctor was that I was suffering gastric reflux. We can work out the meaning from the latin word Fluo-fluxus  flow, re back and gas. It means gas flowing back from the stomach up the oesophagus or food pipe.
Having read the extensive reports on Google, I now can see that there is a sphincter at the start of the stomach and the end of the oesophagus. It is supposed to open and close at the stimulus of food. It keeps the food down in the stomach and stops the gastric fluids from flowing up.
But the sphincter may not close properly. The gastric fluids can enter the oesophagus and turn into gas that flows upwards causing excruciating pain in chest and throat.
The answer is not to take acidic foods and drinks. No more coffee and tea with caffeine, oranges and tomatoes taken with care, no more tight clothes and belts, plenty of water, no large meals, small meals often and no chocolate.
Milky fluids can be drunk with non acidic fruits and vegetables. I find that the best prevention is peanuts I buy at the markets. I chew the peanuts into mush that then seems to cover the stomach and oesophagus lining. Please click:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease: MedlinePlus Medical ...

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a condition in which the
stomach contents (food or liquid) leak backwards from the stomach
into the esophagus (the ...

Further browsing on Google has produced reports on the medicinal value of Apple Cider Vinegar which has to be taken in water daily to stop the opening of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter that allows food and acid to come up the esophagus or foodpipe. Please click:

Vinegar and Acid Reflux - Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits
Frequent or constant heartburn however can be a serious problem and
is the most common symptom of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Ref: Mayo ...
One reports suggests two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, morning and night. I bought a bottle and took my dose. It seems to work. Time will tell.

Monday, 9 June 2014


After a decade in Papua New Guinea of blatant support of gays, lesbians, paedophiles and transgenders, the UNAIDS wolves have put on sheep's clothing with the pretence of caring about the community as a whole.
Only a year ago, they were working to increase the incidence of HIV infection with the public view that adultery was to be accepted by the churches.
The community was told by UNAIDS not to hide behind family and faith. Both were rejected by the UNAIDS family as being authoritarian.
They want the boys and girls to be free. Hence the UN Charter of Children's Rights that declare that children have the right of association. Kids do not have tell their parents whom they have been with.
Now the Head of UNAIDS is telling the media that they want zero HIV infection in Port Moresby. Will they recant their public views on adulterous sex? Will they speak out on paedophile gay sex?
They point out that the incidence of HIV is rising among MSM? They neglect to point out the statistics on MSB. UNAIDS is a homosexual front organization.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Sunday Chronicle of Papua New Guinea 8 June 2014-06-08

NCD Health workers expressed satisfaction after attending a recent HIV counselling course which they described as a real eye opener.

Spokesperson Sr Henao Mailau officer in charge of Kila Kila clinic said the Couples HIV Counselling and Testing course helped participants attain specific skills to conduct counselling among couples.

Another participant Ruth Kendino attached to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology section of the Port Moresby General Hospital said it was important for everyone to be present for counselling.

“This course reminds us that HIV involves a family – a husband, wife and even children. When it comes to counselling, all parties must be present".

Course facilitator and NCD Health Services HIV/AIDS coordinator Sister Manaseh Ola-Kelly explained that unlike individual or marriage counselling, couples HIV counselling dealt with two people from different dynamics and environments.

Sr Manaseh said there are now increasing numbers of cases recorded at VDTs and ante-natal clinics where couples were found with one HIV positive and one negative.

Comment: It is good that at last, the family is seen to be part of AIDS counselling.

There was a time when wives would be counselled alone and husband not allowed to be with her. Parents were excluded from counselling with son or daughter.

This was UN and AusAID policy by which families were to be excluded from any group support, particularly the husbands and fathers.

Now the people of PNG are slowly taking ownership of the family HIV/ AIDS counselling. It is good that PNG medical people are slowly taking their place in the response.

Counselling without the spouse is an effective means of promoting confrontation between husband and wife. But that is what the UN lesbians want. They want men to appear to remain violent. That will keep the UN lesbians employed.

In 2001, my PNG wife and son were dying of AIDS. They died in 2002 and 2003. I took Linda for counselling with an AusAID advisor but was told I had to leave, even though I was her carer. The interview would not proceed until I moved out.

The implication was that as a man, I would be violent at the interview. There was also the hidden view that I had given her the virus.

The lesbian counsellor wanted to be free to question Linda about violence to her. Lesbians have it all worked out for all men. That is why they are failing to make a mark in the national HIV/AIDS response. They have a scumbag professionalism.

The following years to the present show that I am HIV negative. AusAID lesbian advisors wanted to exclude men from counselling to paint a false picture of violence of all men.

Friday, 6 June 2014


What is the word that means.....?

a place with houses  (villa - a house villa, village)

people who live in a place with houses  ( villagers)

a person skilled at languages (lingua –language - linguist)

language of a  nation (lingua franca)

belonging to the sea (mare the sea, marine, maritime)

middle of the earth sea (terra the earth, mediterranean)

a large group of stars ( stella – a star , constellation)

star of the Sea (Catholic school name) ( Stella Maris)

state of death in a body ( mortis death – rigor mortis)

place where bodies are kept ( mortuary)

a person born in a country ( nascor I am born – native)

a country becoming a state (nation)

between nations ( international)

across a nation (transnational)

hanging from a girl’s neck ( pendeo I hang – pendant)

to hang (suspend)

to carry across ( porto – portus - I carry transport)

to send across ( mitto I send, transmit)

to send on a task ( mission)

go forward (cedo cessus –I go, proceed)

go outside limits (exceed)

a group of people going forward (procession)

go between ( intercede)

driving of our blood (pello pulsus I drive pulse)

drive forward (propel)

drive back (repel)

blade that drives an aircraft ( propeller)

act of driving back (repulsion)

driving feeling (impulse)

able to be carried (porto I carry portable)

carry out the country  (export)

carry into the country ( import)

carry across the country (transport)

carry down and out of the country (deport)

able to be carried (portable)

looks after teeth (dens dentis a tooth, dentist)

false teeth ( dentures)

meat inside a tooth ( dentine)

 glasses we wear (specio spectus I see, spectacles)

A variety of animal or plant ( species)

Really worth seeing ( special, spectacular)

Look into and examine (inspect)

Look back to with honour (respect)

A ghost that we see ( spectre)

ability to see ( video vissus I see vision)

able to be seen ( visible)

not able to be seen ( invisible)

box that shows pictures from afar (tele afar,   television) Gr

device that enables us to speak afar (telephone)

device that enables us to see afar (telescope) Gr

device that enables us to write afar. (telegraph, teleprinter) Gr

see again during study ( revise)

act of seeing again (revision)

where two parts join or meet (jungo I join, junction)

sickness that joins eye lids together (conjunctivitis)

wall that divides a room into parts (pars partus – a part, partition)

small rooms joined together (compartments)

parts of an organization (departments)

make something (facio I make manufacture)

place where products are made ( factory)

Sacred Heart (French) (cor the heart  Sacre Coeur)

strong heart ( courage)

having strong heart (courageous)

heart of the fruit in a bottle (cordial)

dead body ( corpus the body corpse)

body of companies ( corporation)

body of Christ ( Catholic school - Corpus Christi)

being fat in body (corpulent)

a body of soldiers ( corps)

in charge of a group of soldiers

make a company become a legal body (incorporate)

hundredth of a dollar (centum a hundred, cent)

hundred years ( century)

hundred year celebration (centenary)

in charge of a hundred Roman soldiers (centurion)

arithmetic system based on ten ( decem – ten decimal)

tenth month in ancient Rome ( December)

fall of ten years (decade)

reduce by one tenth ( decimate)

pouring of money (fundo fundus I pour fund)

money poured back to the buyer ( refund)

device for pouring petrol ( funnel)

pouring forth of flowers ( profusion)

draw out (traho tractus I draw, extract)

act of drawing out ( extraction)

draw together ( contract)

broken body drawn on a hospital bed ( traction)

send across ( transmit)

send out ( emit)

act of sending out ( emission)

leads an orchestra ( duco – ductus I lead, conductor)

an English leader ( Duke)

an Italian leader ( Duce)

lead forward ( produce)

lead backwards (reduce)

made by hand (manus the hand manufacture)

written by hand ( scribo scriptus I write manuscript)

leads water by canal ( duco ductus I lead aquaduct, viaduct)

leads the ova in a woman’s body ( oviduct)

greatness ( magnus great magnificent)

great rich business person ( magnate)

make great (magnify)

make new again ( novus new, renovate)

make peaceful ( pax peace pacify)

make into a god ( deus a god deify)

make right ( regis right rectify)

a child’s writing ( scribo scriptus I write scribble)

writings from the Bible ( Scripture)

write down ( describe)

act of writing down ( description)

to hang (depend, suspend)

one who hangs ( dependant)

not hanging ( independent)

turn back ( verto –vertus I turn revert)

drive back ( pello pulsus I drive repel, repulse)

a car that rolls smoothly ( volvo I roll Volvo)

rolling back ( revolve)

rolling a country back by war ( revolution)

gun with a chamber that rolls ( revolver)

freedom ( liber free, liberty)

african country of freed slaves ( Liberia)

make free ( liberate)

act of making free ( liberation)

a friendly person (amica friendly amicable, amiable)

in ancient times ( antigua early, antiquity)

old quality furniture (antiques)