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I have been reading a report on Google that sets out a number of case studies of gay and lesbian domestic violence. The victims in each case study spoke of initial attraction, gradual controlling behaviour and regular and systematic violence.
I have just realized that this is what was happening to me with Grace. She was moving to take total control ending in a violent bashing by her policeman father. Please click:


She started slowly. There was initial violence over small matters. This would be followed by apology and soul searching about whether or not I loved her.

Then two weeks later there would be more violence. She would threaten suicide if I kicked her out. She loved me so much. This is controlling behaviour.

She demanded money and this would be followed by abuse and violence if she did not get what she wanted. She may have thought that continued violence would wear me down and force me to give her large sums of money. This too is controlling behaviour.

The ultimate control was to tell her family she was being abused. The family turned against me without my realizing that anything was wrong.

Then she had me bashed by her policeman father. This was the finale in controlling violence. I kicked her out. Her father was reported to Police Complaints for his brutal attack.

She left all her clothes at the house but has never been back. She is in hiding from  investigation by the police complaints section. There is the matter of the identity of the second violent policeman whom she called uncle.

This is violence by a PNG woman against a man. The UN lesbians think he  probably deserved it.


We all have to present a positive image to our employers. There is no value in a woman coming to work with a black eye and swollen lips to tell the employer that she was out drinking homebrew and was bashed by a woman for having sex with her husband.
The trick is to tell the employer that she went to church fellowship the night before and was bashed by her father when she came home. He said she was out with men. But it was not true (sob). I was singing hymns.
The employer may then give her the day off to rest. What a kind man you are. If only my dad were like you. Aww shucks.
She had been to the doctor and was given a statement on her injuries. The woman she bashed went to the doctor and was given a report telling that she was attacked by a group of raskols.
Tricking doctors is a world wide phenomenon. Google reports tell of how lesbian women in the US tell the doctor or welfare they were bashed by an uncle or brother. They were really bashed by their lesbian lover.

Gay men tell the doctor that they were bashed at a bar or football match by a group of men. They will never say they were bashed by their gay lover. Please click:

A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent - Maya Shwayder ...
Nov 5, 2013 - A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent .... has
been a huge stumbling block for gays and lesbians seeking refuge from
an abuser.

So a lesbian supporting organization like Medecins Sans Frontieres has propaganda and ideological reasons for putting all the blame on men. It is good for business.

Medical organizations find it easy to make false statistics. They can not reveal any more information. Professional confidentiality you know.

Friday, 29 November 2013


It is not difficult to notice that the UN has run out of steam on AIDS messages. It has been far too fake in the last year. Any new message is bound to provoke deep criticism.
There has been a focus on violence to women. But it has been all fake and promoted by the UN lesbians. There was the fake 6 nation survey on rape in which 10,000 imaginary men were interviewed.
In Papua New Guinea was the fake survey on 64% of men admitting to gang rape. There was the fake account of violence in the markets of Port Moresby. A fake report hit the headlines from the UN on 2 women raped in the main market.
Perhaps they can talk about the rise in HIV infections particularly among gay men in the world. Traditional families are becoming increasingly spared the trauma of HIV infection.
The UN lesbians are running out of steam. Family violence is starting to include violence among lesbian and gay partners, women and girls among women and girls and of siblings and other children. It is no longer valid to focus only on men.
But the lesbian activists refuse to let their anti-man ideology go. That is all they have.


There seems to be a world conspiracy to show the world that all men are violent and brutal to women. The UN lesbians in particular are saying that all women are kind, gentle and abused by men.

This is a blatant lie. Many men are kind people who look after their daughters and worry about their safety as they grow up.

I have two daughters in Papua New Guinea. I have spent so much time worrying about them. I have escorted them to and from their friends’ houses at night and made sure they were in the house before the late hours.

My elder daughter has had men try to force her into cars. On one occasion she ran across the huge water pipe at the Erima Bridge and disappeared into Big Rooster Chicken.

I have been talking to them of stranger danger all their young lives. What would you do if .... a man said he was daddy's friend and had to take you to the hospital? Your daddy is sick.

What would you do if ..... a car stopped at the footpath? A man said he needed to talk to you. Where would you run? He said he could not hear you and wanted you to come closer.

In their early teenage years, both gave problems. One night about 2 years ago, they were not at home but said they were at their girl friend’s house.

They were not there. A friend phoned to say they were on Garden Hills drinking home brew with a group of young people.

A later call advised that they were being dragged up the hill by a group of boys. My blood went cold as I rushed to Garden Hills.

After some time, I found my elder 15 year old daughter who was hiding in a friend’s bathroom. She was drunk and would not tell me where her 14 year old sister was. It was dark and I was in foreign territory with my daughters.

I was frantic to find my younger daughter. I beat my elder daughter harder than I have ever done to anyone. She still would not say.

At last at about 10.00pm, a friend on Garden Hills rang to say she was at their house. She had been found. That incident took years off my life.

I always feel compassion for the single parent man who lived at Hanuabada village with his 14 year old daughter.

One day, she did not come home from school and would not answer her mobile phone. He was very worried.

Like other fathers, his mind turned to his daughter being raped, violated, murdered and kidnapped. He was probably quite frantic with fear. So often, there are reports in the PNG media of young women who just disappear.

His daughter finally came home around 7.00 pm to say she was with her girl friend. That may not have been the truth. The father beat her so hard that she died in hospital.

Now she is in her grave and he is in prison. He probably hates himself and cries for his daughter. He has spoiled her life and his.

I showed this report to my elder daughter and she accepted it. She said it was part of her past teenage life that she wants to forget. Telling lies to parents seems to be part of PNG culture. Loving parents win in the end. Please click:


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China is starting to feature regularly on the map.

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The National 27 November 2013

There is a report from the Office for the Children's Commissioner in England that refers to shocking sexual violence from children 12 or 13 years old. In some areas, rape is seen as normal or inevitable.

The Deputy Commissioner spoke of sheer sadism of sexual, violence by children. She said there is a long way to go before  we believe the appalling reality of sexual violence by children. Please click:

Child-on-child sexual violence: are the media – and the Children's ...

13 hours ago - Child-on-child sexual violence: are the media – and the Children's
... For instance, the BBC website stated that the inquiry “warned that the ...

In gangs, young girls are passed around as sexual toys.

AIDS Holistics comments on the explicit pornography on mobile phones that are available to all including young children in gangs.

Let the UN lesbians come to terms with the violence of children in the count of injury towards children. It may have nothing to do with husbands, brothers or fathers.  Please click:


The National 28 November 2012

We do not wish to see women being absent from work because of aggression and violence by their husbands, brothers or fathers. says the human resources manager of Air Niugini.
There is a certain naivety in this call. It is following the politically correct view as demanded by the United Nations. There should not be violence but we have to ascertain if the report is true.
In the modern era, there may be many women absent from work because they were out all night drinking beer or homebrew. They did not let their family know where they were. They were involved in a fight with other women or men.
The wife did not come home to look after her kids. She spent all hours of the night playing cards somewhere. Her mobile phone was turned off all night. The family was tired of her doing what she likes.
There have been reports that she sells her body at discos to buy beer and play cards. She has bruises on the face because she was in a fight with a woman outside a disco.

She was having sex with the woman's husband. So she tells her employer that she has been bashed by her father. Then she will not be sacked.
Other wives or daughters may have been cruelly bashed by husbands, fathers or brothers. But that is not the full picture.

This woman was in a fight at a village disco. The woman she fought was her cousin. So Medecins Sans Frontieres deems that as family violence - extended family that is.

And who told Air Niugini she had been bashed by her father? She did. But she had a medical certificate. Who told the doctor she had been bashed by her father? She did. Hmmm I see.


Sunday, 24 November 2013


It is White Ribbon Day and the women's groups are out in force in Papua New Guinea. There are disgraceful fake reports in the media and social media. Please click:

Epidemic of family violence requires a coordinated response

The report above is from the organization Medecins Sans Frontieres. It is full of fake statements. There are said to have been 18,000 women and children treated for violence since 2007.

Let us look at that figure. In 7 years, there have been 18,000 "survivors"of violence. That is 2500 a year. That is 200 a month across PNG and 50 a week, That is 7 and a bit women or children a day across the nation. The severity of their injuries is a secret.

But even that is fake. Many will be men. These people sincere/silly/corrupt do not understand PNG society.

These days, many young women see that they are cool if they drink homebrew, smoke marijuana and get into fights with other women. Gangs of women fight in the car park at nightclubs.

They will fight over a taxi or a man. The women's prison at Bomana is full of women who killed other women.

That was a good night out. Did you see the blood spurt out of her nose when I hit her? Is that family or sexual violence? She was from the same village. Put it down as family violence. That makes it look as if she was bashed by her father.

There is fakery in the term Family and Sexual Violence. In a traditional society, are we talking about extended family of hundreds or nuclear family? Every act of violence in a village can be falsely termed as family violence. It gives the impression of family men all bashing their wives and children.

Women have new freedom. It means they can bash their husbands and then run to report his violence to the police. Many fights in the home will be started by women. Many men will fight to protect themselves.

The founder of AIDS Holistics reported being bashed by a policeman when his daughter rang crying that she was being abused. She was suffering from TB and bronchitis from smoking.

There was no violence or abuse from the man only the woman. She has long gone and a formal complaint made on police violence. Initiating violence is a trick of PNG women who then claim the man was violent and she was just the loving family blessed virgin. . Please click:


We read of sibling violence recently posted on this website. Women are violent to children especially when the child is hungry and crying for food and the mother wants to play cards. Please click:


We read recently that the homebrew trade in the Papuan Block in Lae is run by women. They make and distribute homebrew.

The world-wide hoax has been generated by the UN lesbians. There is a lesbian agenda in Medecins Sans Frontieres. We are being told by MSF and the UN that 64% of PNG men confess to gang rape. Liars. Please click:


Saturday, 23 November 2013


I have a blessing in my life. In Papua New Guinea I have two daughters mix Australia and Eastern Highlands. Their mother and I broke up about 15 years ago, the result of her undying jealousy and violence.
My daughters are 16 and 15 years old. The elder is the really strong one. It was a most difficult job bringing them up as both girls would never be where I thought they would be. At 7.00pm, they would be down the street somewhere. I would be hitting the pavement looking for them.
My 16 year old daughter was the arrogant one with whom I had massive fights. She has a man who cares for her now with whom she will probably marry. Since that time, she has changed. She sees it as her job to care for her dad and little sister.
She does not live with me but makes sure that I am safe and have money. How much money do you have? Have K200. I will bring more next Friday.
We have stopped fighting about a year ago. I am starting to regard her as my best friend on the planet. She is a tall strong girl, a typical Eastern Highlander.

She too has had a hard life because of her forthright approach. She can fight. She is her dad's daughter. I love insulting her among friends by telling them my daughter is becoming beautiful and looks more and more like her dad each day.
Last month, the young people in the next door flat were drunk and fighting. With the old man sick, I help by looking after the flats. The teenage drinkers were smashing furniture.
I went down and was hit across the forehead with a plank of wood delivered by a drunken 19 year old girl. The next day, I went to see my daughter who was horrified to see the broad bruise. I told her how it happened. That afternoon she arrived at the flats with her sister and aunty.
She walked in, grabbed the girl and dragged her down the stairs by the feet. Both sisters beat her mercilessly, telling her that she is never to lay a finger on their dad again. Yesterday she came to the house and was hugged by the teenagers and treated like a VIP visitor. That's my girl.
My daughters and I have had problems in the past as I am the founder of AIDS Holistics and suffered a hate campaign from Australian gay and lesbian activists that I have been sexually abusing my daughters. The hate campaign has never ceased. Please click:

My elder daughter tells me to let her know if lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox ever comes to Port Moresby to conduct a conference. She will meet my daughter who will confront her wherever she may be standing in an official conference of UN Women.

It would really be something to see predator Cox being dragged down the front stairway of the Holiday Inn feet first and bashed, at the hands of two mixed race teenage girls angry at the lies that Cox had spread about their dad over the last decade. It would put the rottenness of UN Women in context.

I can not help but notice the massive difference between Rachael and my elder daughter Michelle in Australia with whom I have not had contact in 20 years. They are very alike, both arrogant women, with the major difference that my daughter in PNG has a heart for her dad.

Michelle was sent to a top school in Australia and cared for by her father all her life to end with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Melbourne. I feel that she was educated by lesbian teachers who taught her never to treat a father with respect.

She had the attitude that she could expect anything from her father, never say thank you, never express appreciation and be prepared to say anything insulting to her father. Her mother was afraid of her and let her rule the roost.

Dad, you think I have to express appreciation to you. This is your responsibility. Now get out of my bedroom - bitch. 

If I had been bashed in Australia, my elder daughter would probably smile and say that her father probably deserved the beating. Her wimp mother would agree with her.

The final insult at the break-up of our marriage was to punish her father by not allowing him to give her away at her wedding.

Her mother supported her saying to her husband that this is the new continental style to keep the father out of the proceedings. My elder daughter was the major factor in our marriage break-up. When her father came to PNG all ties were cut.

But I have Rachael Tamina Copeland with me in Papua New Guinea. She and her sister are the light of my life. As a teacher in Dregerhafen High, there was a girl whose name was Tamina.

I thought it was the loveliest name I had ever heard. I will never leave my PNG daughters and will die in Papua New Guinea.

My daughters are young women now and do not receive kindly the fact that the gay and lesbian advisors had defamed their dad over a decade by telling the community that he was a child molester and wife basher.

They know the evil of Cox (UN Women) and Stewart Watson (UNAIDS).  Please click:


I looked after my first wife LINDA and our son dying of AIDS with Cox coming as a friend. But her aim as a hidden AusAID lesbian was to destroy POSITIVE LIVING to remove any focus on FAMILY and FAITH. Please click:


Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Gays, lesbians and paedophiles are playing a massive trick on the community. They have defined anyone who does not support the homosexual agenda as being homophobic.
So they define the main aim of education as not to promote reading, writing and arithmetic. The main aim is to stop homophobia and recruit children into the gay, lesbian and paedophile community. They claim that homophobia is causing suicide among children.
So the plan is to insert a sensitivity program into schools. It is not education. It is homosexual and paedophile recruitment. The Massachusetts sensitivity program included explanations of anal sex, fisting and gay rights - all in the name of sensitivity.
The US organization MassResistance stated that there was even advice to young boys on the best gay bars in Boston.
The main aim of the sensitivity programs is to alienate children from family and faith. We see this evil agenda at the hands of the Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea. He tells the community not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH.
UNAIDS is to be ignored in this country. Only last year, a speaker from UNAIDS advised the Minister's Fraternal that the churches have to accept adultery. That is what keeps husbands and wives happy. Creep. He nearly caused a riot among attending clergy.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013


The educational world has been hijacked. particularly in the USA and supported by Presidents Clinton and Obama. The curriculum is being given a gay and lesbian framework and it is all done in the name of Outcome Based Education.

Traditional education has been used against itself. All English teachers are aware of clear thinking which teaches students to be aware of the difference between fact and opinion. The Jews are not the scum of the earth stealing food from the mouths of German children.

Values have to be supported by accepted criteria. What are the criteria for assessing an acceptable training program? What of the criteria for a happy family?

Values become accepted by means of accepted criteria. That was the message of Benjamin Bloom with his Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

But the gay and lesbian teachers and curriculum designers want to carry that to extreme by stating there is no right or wrong. Who says men can not sleep with men or boys? It is all OK. There is no right or wrong. Tell the kids.

Who says that family is the basis of society? That is an invalid value say the gay and lesbian activists. It is not an institution made by God or Allah. There is no God or Allah. That means that marriage is just a man made custom to enable men to own women.

Sadly, the gays and lesbians have hijacked Outcome Based Education. They will never reveal their curriculum. It is all about gay, lesbian and paedophile sex.

The world is slowly reacting to the domination of the gays, lesbians and paedophiles in their agenda to destroy family and take the kids. The Russian Duma has banned gay and lesbian propaganda to minors which has an obvious focus on teachers and curriculum.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has moved to block paedophile pornography on internet. The French have banned beauty pageants for minors. Moslem nations have strengthened their ban on gay and lesbian activity.

It is not so much the gay and lesbian person who is the problem. It is the evil of gay, lesbian and paedophile activists in their plan to remodel society by removing the authority of family and faith. They plan to do this through propaganda and indoctrination and through Outcome Based Education.

Outcome Based Education takes us up to the homosexual pleasure dome of indoctrination at the level of Evaluation in Blooms Taxonomy. Mastery Learning keeps us at the lower levels of Blooms Taxonomy and the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. All learning becomes basic once mastered and memorized.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


As a devotee of Mastery Learning, I am saddened to find that the programme has been hijacked by modern educationists particularly in the United States. It no longer means what creator Benjamin Bloom had intended.
He designed Mastery Learning in the context of traditional education through language, science, social science, mathematics and economics.
Behaviour change was meant to involve children growing to adulthood with a wide range of generalized skills and knowledge. Reading and writing were preeminent skills.
Today, behaviour change  involves destroying family values, opposing faith and promoting a gay and lesbian lifestyle among children.  Reading, writing and arithmetic are no longer seen as having educational value. This is not what Bloom envisaged.
Please read the report below. It deeply and unfairly criticizes Bloom. He was not setting up a system in which there were no values. There is no indication that Bloom was anti-family and anti-faith. Please click:

Who's Who in Outcome Based Education

Benjamin Bloom. Mastery Learning was the original name
for the process known lately as Outcome Based Education,
also known as Performance Based ...

Who's Who in Outcome Based Education

The Players:


Describing the character, theories and objectives of Outcome Based Education provides a basic understanding of the system that the government and its schools are foisting upon our children and families, like it or not. To obtain a deeper insight into OBE, however, it is necessary to learn something about the agents of change who are bringing OBE to you and your children. For that, we begin at the beginning with:

B. F. Skinner, a psychologist and learning theorist who gained prominence at mid-century. He developed the techniques of learning (operant conditioning) based on conditioning phenomena first analyzed scientifically by Pavlov. Skinner called his technique his "teaching machine." Like any machine, it can be used for good or bad, for meeting the goals of traditional education or for the goals espoused by OBE. Skinner thus developed the principles on which "Mastery Learning" was developed by:

Benjamin Bloom. Mastery Learning was the original name for the process known lately as Outcome Based Education, also known as Performance Based Education, or Restructuring. Educational theories used in OBE are based on Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. A curriculum, according to Bloom, "...may be thought of as a plan for changing student behavior." (p 14 of Ron Sunseri's book OBE: Understanding the Truth about Education Reform, Questar Publishers, P.O. Box 1720, Sisters, OR 97759) Bloom called it "Mastery Learning." Techniques for his new style of education are based on Skinnerian behavioral psychology. It focuses on stimulus-response conditioning, which lends itself neatly to indoctrination. It is an approach which comes out of Pavlov's experiments with a dog, which he conditioned to salivate when he rang a bell.

AIDS Holistics: This is not true. Bloom's Taxonomy provided a framework for knowledge, understanding and expressing in own words, analysing, extrapolating on ideas, putting ideas together and evaluating plans and theories.

There was no intention to indoctrinate and condition children like dogs. Thinking teachers will use Mastery Learning to produce thinking students.

He said the mission of education is to change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students. Bloom held that the desired outcome is "...formulating subjective judgment as the end product resulting in personal values/opinions with no real right or wrong answer." Bloom's theory thus denies that there are absolute truths and it makes everything relative. One idea is as good as another. With no absolutes, then the goal of good teaching is to modify the "thoughts, feelings and actions" of the student to some replacement system supplied by the educational system. Since that system is controlled by the government, the change is specified by the government.

AIDS Holistics: The explanation above perverts what Bloom intended. It is intended to show that Bloom was in league with the gay and lesbian agenda that says there are no rules and no sin. It is all what people make it. Bloom did not promote an anti-faith and anti-family agenda. That came later.

William Spady. Based in Colorado, Spady is Director of the High Success Network and Director of the International Center on Outcome-Based Restructuring. He is the "father" of OBE. He works with the federal government, foundations, states and school districts helping them implement OBE. He is a sociologist with theories of "socialization" on global terms. OBE is designed to prove his theories. When asked by an interviewer if the system would promote patriotism or teach loyalty and allegiance to one's own country, he replied, "I don't know what Patriotic means."

According to Spady, we are faced with "a fragile and vulnerable global environment that requires altering economic consumption patterns and quality of life standards, and taking collective responsibility for promoting health and wellness." The goal of education, Spady says, has to be to prepare students for that future.

Learning results are what is important, and his premise is that all students can learn, and it is not important how long it takes, as long as the desired learning takes place. Since all will learn, grades are irrelevant in the new system. All get an "A". Competition in schools in his estimation is a negative influence impairing learning. He also believes that textbooks will be obsolete.

Spady's definition of an "outcome," found in the in-service training program for OBE teachers, is "The acceptable culminating demonstration of a significant learning behavior." Subject knowledge and concepts are not valid outcomes. In 1982 he observed that one of the four main goals of Mastery Learning is a "system of supervision and control which restrains behavior of kids. The outcome of the hidden agenda should be the fostering of social responsibility and compliance." These goals "transcend academics," and deal with attitudes and feelings.

However, Spady rejected the term "Mastery Learning" because of its monumental failures, renaming it so that the system of OBE would not be rejected out of hand. He found that the elite in the educational establishment supported his ideas because they, like Spady, want education not to teach, but to revamp society.

John Goodlad of the University of Washington and head of the Institute for Educational Renewal, doing research on strategies for reaching OBE goals. He is a one-worlder and globalist, who wrote, "Parents and the general public must be reached... Otherwise, children and youth enrolled in globally-oriented programs may find themselves in conflict with values assumed in the home. And then the educational institution...comes under scrutiny..." p 17-18 Elsewhere Goodlad advises, ..."Most youth still hold the same values as their parents and if we don't resocialize, our system will decay." p18

Sharon Robinson, appointed Asst. Secretary of Education for the Office of Educational Research and Improvement in the Clinton administration. A long-time staffer of The National Education Association, who sat with Hillary at the NEA convention and helped facilitate OBE.

National Center on Education and the Economy. Its original mission was to develop policies on education and human resources. It developed out of the Carnegie organization. Its Board of Trustees in the early 1990s included Michael Tucker (president), Mario Cuomo, Ira Magaziner, David Rockefeller, Hillary Clinton and Very Katz. In 1990 this non-profit group published America's Choice: High skills or low wages.

It described the workplace as one "managed by a small group of educated planners and supervisors (utilizing) ....administrative procedures (that) allow managers to keep control of a large number of workers. Most employees under this model need not be educated. It is far more important that they be reliable, steady and willing to follow directions." p 29-30 Why? Because, the report states, "More than 70 percent of the jobs in America will not require a college education by the year 2000." p 30 What is needed is "Workers who do what they are told, with a good attitude," says Ron Sunseri. How do you get them, Sunseri asks: "Start now teaching students, from the earliest grades, the attitudes and social behaviors that will please business and avoid a broad-based, high-quality, academic education."

Professor Anthony Oerringer of Harvard University contends: "Do we really want to teach people to do a lot of sums or write...when they have a five-dollar hand-held calculator or a word processor? ...Do we really have to have everybody literate---writing and reading in the traditional sense?" p28

So what are these changes to be? As implemented by education, based on research conducted by the National Training Laboratory associated with the National Education Association, the technique is to supplant skill training with "sensitivity training."

The goal, according to David Jenkins of the NTL, is " manipulate; (the teacher's) job is to plan and produce behavior in order to create changes in other people." Relative to your children, they may "appear to behave appropriately...(but) this appearance is deceptive... (They are) 'pseudo-healthy' persons who can benefit from sensitivity training." p 17 The NTL warned, however, not to be too up front about what is being done. Massel Smith of NTL advised educators: "Couch the language of change in the language of the status quo." p 17

Bill Clinton in 1979 initiated the "restructuring" reform of Arkansas schools and chose the bureaucracy to run it. After fifteen years of the system, the schools are presently 45th in literacy and 44th in standard achievement tests. He also started the "Governor's School" as a model for statewide school reform.

The school takes the best and brightest students in the state and send them to a special Summer school, six weeks long, with 350 to 400 students attending each year. Mark Lowry, former director of publicity for the school, says the goal is to identify the four or five exceptional students suited to future political careers.

Lowery reports that the school does not deal in traditional academic excellence, but political correctness. It uses thoroughly scripted "brainwashing" techniques, including isolation from the outside world, to instill moral relativity and disintegration of family values.

Students reported that they were fed a curriculum that focused on gays and gay rights, radical homosexuality, "all the things my parents said were wrong." Others reported, "We were encouraged to do what we felt like doing, to be hostile to Western Civilization and culture."

Lowery stated, "The greatest influence of the Governor's School is to promote the thought with these students that to be considered an intellectual by your have to be a liberal thinker." The school, he said, "invokes not only philosophy, but political thought, and that is the underlying message that permeates the whole six weeks. This is not teaching or learning, but indoctrination."

A student reported that the main course at the school, two hours every day, was "Views of Man." It dealt with radical feminist, leftist ideology, and other radical thinking. The student said it was "warped," presenting one viewpoint only. Its goal was to "Convince students that they are the intellectual and cultural elite." It taught that it is OK to challenge authority because "you are part of the elite, and your parents wouldn't understand all this. As the elite, it doesn't matter what ordinary people believe or want. You know what is good for them."

Parents reported that their children came back from the school "terribly changed." One parent reported that it took two years of psychological deprogramming to restore their child to normal. Another said that her son committed suicide, and probably would not have but for the school. Another student reported his repeated fantasies of committing suicide, even to the point of writing a suicide note, because he loved the school so much he didn't want to be back in the real world.

Unfortunately, the "real world" of tomorrow is the world of OBE, courtesy of the Clintons and Katz, the Bushes and Bells, Paulus and Roberts, and most recently John Kitzhaber and Brady Adams, all loyal Democrats and Republicans, who cozied up to the elitists who understand better than you what you ought do with your life and how to raise your children.

For your children it will be a life of lowered expectations and diminished returns.

Data periodically gathered through invasive testing within the affective domain has then, through the illegal demand for students' social security numbers...been compiled on computer systems storing vast amounts of intimate and private information on our children and youth, in violation of their constitutional rights...

"The traditional interests and rights of parents have been trampled upon, as educators have proceeded on the proposition that professionals know better than parents how to raise children.... The results create a further attack upon the already weakened family units in our sachet. Both the assessment tests and the related curriculum increasingly reinforce the message that conformity to government-established values and attitudes is the key to future success in life...

"The public does not understand that the government is establishing criteria to assess attitudes, values and opinions, nor do they understand that a 'planned course' will be introduced to 'remediate' attitudes, values and opinions not meeting government standards." p258-9

This is our future, compliments of the elite class of government bureaucrats and multi-national corporate managers and bankers who have given us OBE for the sake of the "Brave New World" they have in mind.

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Friday, 15 November 2013


We all have conceptions of learning in schools. My perception is on reading, writing, understanding, valuing, science, social science and mathematics.
This fits perfectly into Mastery Learning through sequences of mastery tasks. It fits into Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in promoting Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Application, Synthesis and Evaluation.
But the higher we go on the taxonomy the more we go into evaluation of attitudes, values, faith and ethics.
And the more the door is open to the gay and lesbian agenda. Values are said not to be constant. Values are made by the human race.
The upper reaches of Bloom's taxonomy fit perfectly into a teacher focus on sexuality, family values, with gay, lesbian and paedophile rights. And it is all perfectly professional propaganda.
The focus can cease to be on the basics of reading, mathematics, social science and science but on sexual matters. There is no right or wrong but human opinion. All values are just a matter of guessing.
Students read and discuss all aspects of same sex marriage, anal sex, oral sex and the rights of all people of every sexual preference. Paedophile teachers can promote child sex in class.
So there is danger in the upper reaches of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, a danger probably not intended by the creator  Dr Benjamin Bloom.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


There is a report on PNG Attitude celebrating the campaign of one Corney Alone in opposing Outcome Based Education (OBE) in PNG. He deserves credit for his work. Please click:

Corney was right: PNG drops outcome-based curriculum

But he does not see OBE in the big picture. It is the product of the Cold War of the 1950s. At that time, the Americans and Russians were involved in a political-military-economic tussle.

The Americans assumed they were in the lead. Then the Russian Sputnik went into outer space. The American political system went into deep spasm. How could that be? We have the superior system !

It must be the fault of Education. So there was a knee jerk examination of education. One Dr Benjamin Bloom started the ball rolling by an approach called Mastery Learning that promoted the basics to all students. But it only taught the dummos to learn. We have to produce scientists.

So the academics took the mastery learning and lifted the strategy into the clouds where the higher level learning was supposed to be found. They called it Outcome Based Education. It has failed because it by-passed the basics of Mastery Learning. Please click:

Who's Who in Outcome Based Education

Benjamin Bloom. Mastery Learning was the original name
for the process known lately as Outcome Based Education,
also known as Performance Based ...

PNG and Corney Alone must not reject Outcome Based Education outright. But they must insert Mastery Learning of all the basics. Please click:


We have put together a wide range of reports to explain the political and educational background to Outcome Based Education and its earlier title of Mastery Learning.

We have set out a range of mastery exercises in English writing skills, science and biology. See above.

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Monday, 11 November 2013


The founder of AIDS Holistics began the Positive Living message in 2001. But he soon ran foul of the AusAID advisors because of the Positive Living focus on FAMILY and FAITH.

The founder of AIDS Holistics was banned from the AIDS building by advisors and homosexual predators Cox and Watson. They went as far as having AIDS Holistics banned and not recognized by UN and AusAID. That remains to this day.

Stewart Watson boasted to the founder that he had banned AIDS Holistics and that there can be no more official input. The Department of Labour was advised not to issue a work permit. Famous last words.

AIDS Holistics has come to dominate the AIDS scene in PNG and the Pacific. The gay and lesbian activists did their best to wreck our message.

But Watson went on to be the gay paedophile Head of UNAIDS in PNG. Each World AIDS Day in 2010 and 2011, he advised the community not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH as these were outmoded concepts.

Today I met him in the Holiday Inn before he entered the conference room with a group of delegates. I stood in the foyer and announced in a loud voice not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. Watson froze and turned around. He saw me and screeched:


But I have been coming to the Holiday Inn for 15 years. All securities know me. They gathered around me. Watson glared as we stood talking and smiling.

I told them that if I were a blackfella, I would cut the creep with a bush knife. But I am a white man and only shouted at him. I told them I would behave myself.



The homosexual activists of the United Nations are the scum of the earth. They want no focus on FAMILY and FAITH and all the values that strengthen young people. These creeps want no faith and no strong families.

Watson is the scum of the earth as seen in his act of having the Positive Living message banned over a decade ago. He started in AIDS activism with only the qualifications of being an HIV positive gay English teacher at the University of Goroka.

He can not take me to Court for breach of professional confidentiality on revealing his HIV positive status. AIDS Holistics does not exist. He had AIDS Holistics banned in 2002. Creep.

Homosexual activists want weak families with weak values who can be taken by paedophiles for sex. The UN Charter of Child Rights says that children have the right of association.

That is meant to tell children to ignore parents and go out to associate with any paedophile they meet. They can tell lies to parents on where they have been.

Later Watson told the security guards that I have to be permanently banned from the Holiday Inn. The creep still thinks he is the self-appointed guardian of the AIDS building in 2002. He pulled that stunt there too - all in the name of protecting the paedophile message.

It would be interesting for police to raid the UNAIDS computers for child pornography.

Friday, 8 November 2013


We read in the media that one Mark Davis has been deported from PNG for being involved in politics. Criticisms have been made of the Government.
But the fault lies with Mr Davis and his naive foolishness. He stepped too far over the line. Please click:
I look at my own approach. I have been very much involved in politics in this country for about 12 years in support of the Positive Living approach to HIV/AIDS awareness. 
But I have not really criticized the PNG Government. I have taken the PNG side. I have given hell to the gays and lesbians of AusAID and the UN.

I have referred to the corruption of the Secretary of Health and President of the National AIDS Council.

But it was always in support of the Government and the people of PNG. Mostly I have promoted a healthy lifestyle and defended myself against corrupt Australians. Please click:

But back to Mr Davis. He should not have gone against the Government. That is not his place to do so. He could have given support in the background.
Regardless of the procedure adopted by the Government, Mr Davis has been involved in politics. A report claimed he was a spokesman for an organization. Advisors are never contracted as spokesmen.


Carers in PNG have thankless 24/7 jobs. They have to look after people, many of whom are foolish in expecting the carer to do everything.
They will not want to help themselves but expect the carer to do all the thinking. If the carer does not want the sick person to smoke, the problem is easily solved by smoking in secret. Please click:
The big problem lies with the family. If they find the person is dropping in health, the blame immediately falls to the carer. It is very much like sorcery blame. The carer has to be blamed.
The founder of AIDS Holistics had been caring for a woman from March 2013. She had tuberculosis and required help in diet, exercise, medicine, medical review and ban on smoking.
She followed all except smoking which gave her bronchitis leading to bronchial pneumonia. She could not breathe. She coughed 6 Coca Cola cans of mucous in 8 months.
One night she cried, screamed and attacked her carer. She rang her father Chief Inspector Bonn Gulu of the PNG police.

He came with a friend, brutally bashed her carer and took his daughter away. Now the matter is in the hands of the Police Public Complaints.
This is not the first time. Linda died of AIDS in 2003. When her weight dropped in final AIDS , her carer was bashed by her brothers. She would not let her family know she was HIV+. See report above.

Chief Inspector Gulu knows he has made a huge mistake. But he is too busy hiding his daughter away to prevent her from testifying on the bashing.

She is overdue for a major check-up at Pacific International Hospital. Treatment should have begun on onset of bronchial pneumonia.

The arrangement was made after her forced departure but her father refuses to reveal where she is. He is probably allowing her to smoke. She will die at 29 years old. Stupid man.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


A recent report on BBC advises a movement away from trans fats in US. It is accepted that inclusion of trans fats in foods gives taste and increases shelf life of the product.

At the same time, it increases heart disease by way of heart attacks and strokes. It should be removed in food stuffs. Please click:

BBC NEWS | Americas | Trans-fats banned in California

Jul 26, 2008 - California becomes the first US state to ban trans-fats,
chemically altered vegetable oils linked to heart disease.
AIDS Holistics has reported on this problem in the last year with calls for trans fats to be removed from food in Papua New Guinea. Please click:


May 1, 2013 - TRANS FAT KILLS. The National - letters to the editor
24 May 2013. I would like to share my concern with readers about processed

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


There is a BBC report on a group that has set up a computer generated young girl of 10 years old. She was placed on internet chat. There were swarms of paedophiles who wanted her to perform sex acts for them. Please click:

BBC News - Computer-generated 'Sweetie' catches online predators

18 hours ago - Parents warned over online abuse · 'Sweetie' avatar traps web
paedophiles Watch · Girls lured into Philippine cybersex industry. More than ...
Names of paedophiles from over the world were passed to the police for investigation. This highlights the massive increase in paedophiles seeking sex involvement with children on internet.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


There is a BBC report on a UK study that found that in the recent time of squeezed budgets in the recession, families have cut back on fresh fruit and vegetables and opted for processed less healthy foods. Please click:

Families cut back on fresh food News BBC News NEWS
16 hours ago - News families cut back on fresh food FAMILIES
CUT BACK ON FRESH FOOD news from BBC News news.
A country like Papua New Guinea is fortunate in having access to large supplies of fruit and vegetables available in the markets. These can be bought for low prices. A family could live at night on K5 worth of nutritious vegetables.
With the recent drop in the national currency against the Australian dollar, it may be wiser for parents to buy only market food rather than the more expensive processed food from overseas available in the supermarkets.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013


There has been a scandal in recent months over a fake report made public by the UN on rape of women in Asia.

The fake claim was that 10,000 men were interviewed over 6 nations and over 2,000 admitted to rape of women. Perhaps they were tricked.

There has been deep criticism particularly in the Autonomous Territory of Bougainville. There is no proof put forward by the UN that large numbers of men were interviewed. There is great doubt that men are going to admit rape to UN strangers.

No one on Bougainville knows anything of interviewers from the UN going from centre to centre. It was a hoax. Please click:


But now there is a report on BBC that casts doubts on the fake findings. The same point is made as put forward by the President of the Autonomous territory Mr Momis. He states that there is no foundation for the report. Please click:

Did a quarter of men in Asia really admit rape? We examine UN ...

2 days ago - BBC News - How many men in Asia admit to rape? Read
more at · Tweet. submit to reddit. Related Tweets.
@BBCWorld ...

The question arises as to whether or not the interviewees understood the language of the interviewers. There is a way of Asian men who do not understand to smile, nod their heads and say yes. That is another rapist. Put him down.

But the original report stated that questions were given to interviewees by hand held computer. The interviewers left the room. That is cool. When in doubt, click yes.

But the chances are that interviews never took place. Results were put together in the UN coffee room in New York by UN lesbians..

Friday, 1 November 2013


Recently I was talking to an old friend who had been an AIDS Awareness officer before retiring last year.
She told me that I should be proud as AIDS Holistics has had a tremendous impact on AIDS awareness in this country with the Positive Living message. She said that every care group today has taken from our message as part of their own approach.
I accept that. So much about Positive Living now appears in the media. There is now focus on lifestyle diseases, nutrition, family, mother to child transmission, ARV for pregnant mothers and exercise.
We go on. There are still areas that are not covered. These include ARV for raped women and the HIV attack on the gut. It is sad as the gut attack is crucially important knowledge in any explanation of the inability of the body to absorb nutrients, water and salts.
As well, knowledge of the gut attack is important in helping us to understand the effects of ARV in killing the virus in the blood and allowing nutrients to be absorbed once the gut lining is mended having been rescued from the HIV attack in the blood.


Over recent years, we read horror reports mainly from UN lesbians and others claiming to have found from research that 90% of PNG women and girls have suffered violence in the home. The worst offenders are UN Women and Medecins Sans Frontieres.
They think they have conditioned the community to believe that this is at the hands of fathers. We are supposed to shake our heads in horror.
23 hours ago - When does sibling rivalry become bullying - and what can parents do about it? ... Bully in the next bedroom - are we in denial about sibling aggression? ...The included a range of acts from theft and psychological abuse to ...

But AIDS Holistics has reported that much violence occurs between brothers and sisters and boys and girls at school.
We now read a BBC report that explains the high level of violence in the home between boy and girl siblings. The UN lesbians ignore this. They are basically unethical and dishonest. Please click: