Thursday, 17 August 2017


In the media several months ago there were complaints from husbands that their wives had been given visas to live in Australia from the Australian High Commission. 

They had complained with no proof of domestic abuse from their husbands and been given visas. They were not refugees. 

They just wanted a better life. That is not regarded as a valid reason to be accepted to Australia. Ask the Manus Island asylum seekers.

The issue has died. The family sexual violence and abuse officer Sue Ferguson has had nothing to say on the matter. This appears to be in-house trafficking. Wink wink nudge nudge. Here's your permanent visa.

At the very worst the women were good looking and became lesbian lovers to Foreign Affairs officers in Australia. It is a pity the refugees on Manus Island were not good looking young women or children.

Is it possible that PNG children are also being secretly trafficked to Australia to be adopted by paedophiles? 

The person who appears most likely involved is lesbian paedophile Elizabeth Cox of Barnados child adoption agency.

There may be criminal trafficking going on from the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby in relation to secret visas to PNG women and children. 

Sue, were you the lesbian whose lover was snatched from your car over the road from the Crowne Plaza several years ago by what appeared to be uncles, brothers and father of a young PNG girl?


We applaud the proposal of the Prime Minister to have 22 reserved seats for women in parliament. This is a gentleman's response to all women failing in the 2017 election.

Concern had been expressed that foreign women's groups would dominate the selection of candidates with hidden feminist agendas.

The Prime Minister suggests that women be the second governor in each province elected by voters. Great idea !!

They will be closer to their families with their political experience based on the province and respected by the men and women voters.

But women may not have the funding to conduct their campaigns and may end up at the mercy of foreign women's groups who demand support for same sex marriage and legalization of gay and lesbian sex.

The foreign women will not pass up the opportunity to dominate women in the Papua New Guinea parliament. They are experts in breaching national sovereignty.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Foreign paedophiles wanted only negative messages about families. So they did their best to silence the Positive Living message and destroy the Copeland family - led by Watson, Cox, Barter and Nape.

I like to think my PNG family thrives by Positive Living, We do shout at one another occasionally but it usually lasts only five minutes.

My daughters have a loving white man for a father who hugs them every day and tells them they are loved.

We care for one another. We have been through so many problems together particularly the paedophile hate campaign and the theft of my elder daughter by Jeffrey Nape. 

I have been a single parent for most of their lives and we have learned to protect one another. They are ready to defend us if we are ever attacked again by foreign paedophiles.

I usually get a cup of coffee and bun in bed every morning and a plate of food while watching BBC News. There are always clean clothes hanging in my wardrobe. 

My Australian kids never did that. They were too busy taking to do any giving. Not so my PNG daughters.

I am proud of both girls who are young women now and tell me what to do. They buy me gifts on Mothers' Day. I am their mother and father.

Every fortnight I bring home money which I give to my elder daughter who pays all the bills. I trust her completely. She gives me daily spending money and talks cross if I go to the internet shop too often. Ssshhh.

I turn a blind eye to them using a little money to play cards. They are both card sharps. I hope they are able to complete their education and be independent before I die.

The UN paedophiles took years off my life with their false hate campaign. My daughters are putting the years back.

Monday, 14 August 2017


In 2002, AIDS Holistics horrified the foreign lesbians by opening a message on women's rights and gender equality while the lesbians were still focussing on condoms.

But the founder of AIDS Holistics was a man !! All men are the violent enemy said the lesbian paedophiles of AusAID and the UN. It was unthinkable that a man should lead the women's rights campaign. 

The lesbians went into damage control by spreading the word that the founder was a violent womanising child molester. They did not even know him.

But they did not do their homework. The founder of Positive Living was also a teacher of Personal Development in PNG schools at the levels of Grades 8-10. He had been promoting gender equality for several years in Morobe schools.

This was the foundation of the Positive Living message. The lesbian paedophiles wanted to take PNG women and children. 

Elizabeth Cox was the leading lesbian paedophile and is now working for Barnardos in Australia planning to have PNG children adopted by same sex couples in Australia. Please click:

Barnardos calls for same-sex adoption - Star Observer
Feb 25, 2009 - Eight percent of Barnardos foster carers were same-sex 
couples, adoption agreements with Australia would allow a same-
sex couple to .

With her tricks, there have undoubtedly been many PNG children already trafficked into paedophile beds in Australia. 

If PNG children are being stolen and trafficked to Australian paedophiles, Cox should be arrested, extradited, gaoled and her PNG citizenship revoked. Barnados should face the Australian Courts.

Friday, 11 August 2017


Over the last 17 years, a horde of Australian gays and lesbians arrived in this country to wage a phony war in support of gay and lesbian rights.

They attacked men starting with the founder of AIDS Holistics who they claimed was a violent child molester and womaniser.

They raised the violence against women as the key issue. All women were abused and all men were violent. They thought they would bully Dame Carol Kidu into supporting 22 reserved seats in parliament and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. 

That failed badly not even supported by the woman members elected in their own right. So the foreign lesbians built up the campaign for the 2017 election with heightened hysteria on women being abused and groped on public transport in Port Moresby.

The Meri Seif buses were a waste of petrol. Women did not believe the fake propaganda on violence of men. No woman was elected to parliament in 2017 not even the lesbians of the Green party. 

Women did not trust the new wave of lesbian supported women. Women did not vote for women. It was safer to vote for good men. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Paedophiles claimed the founder of AIDS Holistics was paedophile and violent. Good trick.

AIDS Holistics was set up in 2002 when members of my family were diagnosed HIV positive. I was HIV negative.

We focused on a family approach to AIDS awareness based on the Department of Education Personal Development curriculum that promoted love, caring, peace, nutrition, exercise and freedom from fear and violence. This is all common knowledge in the world today.

Our message was hated by the national and foreign paedophiles who did their best to destroy AIDS Holistics and founder. 

They wanted to take control of women and children by claiming that all men were violent starting with the founder of AIDS Holistics. In reality he was just a sweet, Christian family man trying to start a new life in Papua New Guinea.

Over a decade the hate campaign rose to a crescendo with claims that the founder was a violent paedophile, wife basher, international spy, killer of women and abuser of his daughters.

They arranged violent bashings, attempted murder, banning of AIDS Holistics by the United Nations and AusAID and blocking the founder from all AIDS activities. They failed. Several key haters are already dead.

Key paedophiles included:

Stewart Watson - AusAID and UNAIDS. He announced to the community that family and faith were no longer relevant.

Elizabeth Cox - AusAID, UN Women nd Barnados child adoption agency. She spread the word that the founder was a violent womaniser who was killing women through a fake message. She sought to break up his family.

Sir Peter Barter - past Minister for Health and President of the National AIDS Council. He opposed any focus on family and had the Director of the AIDS Secretariat Wep Kanawi sacked for supporting family. 

He advised the founder that he was to be arrested and his daughters taken into care for sexual abuse. He had sex with boys in Madang, making the town a paedophile venue with paedophile boat cruises to the Trobriands. 

Not a family town. Barter has no wife now. She left him long ago. So he probably hates family. He employs boys at his hotel.

Bomal Gonapa - lawyer of the National AIDS Council and National Housing Commission who banned AIDS Holistics and even had us evicted from a 5 mile house for running a brothel with my daughters. He was cousin of Jeffrey Nape of Sina Sina and is now dead.

Jeffrey Nape - ex-parliamentary speaker and paedophile who wanted sex with teenage girls. He wanted to take my two daughters as he claimed they were being molested by their father. He is now dead.

Wesley Raminai - owner of Sunday Chronicle - banned the Positive Living column on the claim that the founder was an international spy.

Peter Momo - was a PLWHA violent drunk who wanted to kick the founder out as caretaker of 3 Angels Care as he was a known child molester. He tried to have him killed by armed village men but failed on the false accusation of molesting a boy. He is now dead,

What united all these people were the false claims that the founder was a violent child molester and international spy. All opposed family, rights and responsibilities. They were worried that the paedophile corruption in PNG would become world news. Hence the founder became a spy.

I must admit that our reports are probably being read by the CIA, ASIO, Russian intelligence and UN New York and Geneva. These reports tell much about ugly Australian diplomacy. Most hits on this blog come from PNG, United States and Russia.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


This is to express our sincere congratulations to the People's National Congress in forming a new Government under the leadership of Mr Peter O'Neill.

We welcome the appointment of Dr Sir Puka Temu as Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS. We are aware of his long term good will to AIDS Holistics.

We support the nation in rejecting the racist and sexist agenda of the United Nations on women's rights that seeks to undermine family solidarity and authority of parents. The violence of men has been greatly exaggerated for lesbian ideological reasons.

We look forward to the support of the Government in strengthening families and acknowledging good men and women as parents. The foreign message is quite alien to the PNG society and culture.

We support the needs of LGBT people but not at the expense of loving PNG families. All people of all sexuality need the support of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

We regret that no good women found their way into parliament in the 2017 election. Perhaps the foreign activists overplayed their hand on rights of women and violence of men. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Gay rights are not just about love. That is the cover story for a far more sinister agenda. 

Since so many gays are paedophile too, the rights agenda includes seducing children, abducting, raping, torturing and killing young boys and girls.

Paedophiles can be village men too. In the media today is the report of a young 7 year old girl raped and killed in New Ireland. She was probably killed because she knew her attacker.

Governments have to be very careful in giving adoption rights to gays. It may be that so many are paedophile too. We may find that 5 out of 10 gay men seek child sex too. That makes them paedophile and dangerous.

They want children to adopt, abuse and traffic to the paedophiles everywhere.

Monday, 7 August 2017


Gay rights are promoted by the gay and lesbian lobby as making everyone equal in love. It is their democratic right said ex-president Barack Obama.

But paedophiles are not equal in love to anyone. They want only to be equal in child exploitation and abuse. They want same sex legislation in the pretence of being gay and lesbian.

Like the gay rights activists, they seek (1) lowering of the age of consent for children to have sex with adults (2) same sex marriage and (3) adoption of children by paedophiles.

Soft target Christian nations legislated on gay rights but have since gone quiet on the levels of child abuse, child trafficking and serial killing in their nation.

These nations are like sheep being hunted by paedophile wolves. Leaders have in recent times sought to bully the African Moslems on their homophobia. It was all quite counter productive.

Gay rights will legalize the abuse and trafficking of adopted children by paedophiles disguised as loving gay men. They will have the right to seek visas from their governments for their adopted children. 

The Russian connection was blocked by the Russian parliament or Duma about 4 years ago. Mr Putin was the key to the legislation and received angry responses from gays, lesbians and paedophiles in western nations who wanted to block the winter olympics.

TVWAN channel in Papua New Guinea has a program of Criminal Investigations (CI) and advises that 10,000 US citizens are killed each year by serial killers. 

Many killers would be gay and heterosexual paedophiles out hunting for young people to rape, torture, kill and bury. Please click:

Search Results

Profiles on Pedophiles and Child Killers - ThoughtCo › ... › Issues › Crime & Punishment 
Mar 4, 2017 - Rodney Alcala is a convicted rapist, torturer and serial killer who ...
 and teenage missionary to an obsessed pedophile and child killer that he 

Search ResultProfiles on Pedophiles and Child Killers - ThoughtCo

Sunday, 6 August 2017


The National 7 August 2017 Briefs

Many gays are paedophile. Real men make boys scream in pain as their anuses are torn open.

No fewer than 40 suspected homosexuals were arraigned on Thursday in Lagos West Nigeria. They included 28 adults and 12 minors for allegedly engaging in homosexuality contrary to the laws  of the land.

Comment: These suspects would be both gay and paedophile. Some would be both and come for sex with both adults and children.

Did the children come of their own free will or were they sex slaves? Were condoms used on the children?  Many paedophiles prefer small boys and girls as they are likely to be free of HIV infection.

Many paedophiles enjoy children screaming in pain as their small anuses are torn open by an adult man.


Societies around the world are falling victim to serial killers. Some are soldiers in regular armies while others are marauding rebels preying on citizens.

The TV cable program Criminal Investigation on TVWan focuses on a serial killings committed in the United States and overseas.

One report advised that 10,000 people in the USA are murdered by serial killers every year. There would be 50 active serial killers in the USA at any one time.

Most killers are men preying on young women or teenagers who are abducted, raped, tortured and killed. Their bodies are disposed of.

Many killers are paedophile who abduct children, torture and kill to ensure their silence. They are leaving a trail of murdered children buried in shallow graves on the refugee trail from Syria to Europe. 

Other serial killers prey on LGBT men, women, boys and girls whom they meet in gay bars and take back to their apartments to be raped and killed.

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used to take young gay men to his apartment for sex. He would drug them in a drink, strangle them, cut up their bodies and store the pieces in his refrigerator.

Many serial killers would be paedophiles pretending to be gay. They prey on street kids who would not be missed by their parents until too late. 

They are the lost generation who listened to the United Nations paedophile message that they have the right to go out without their parents knowing.

In Papua New Guinea there have been gay expatriate men who seem to have been killed by young men they took back to their apartment for the night having met them in nightclubs.

Their apartment was ransacked. One gay paedophile man was employed by the Department for Community Development.

The existence of paedophile killers needs to be emphasised in the curriculum of the Personal Development courses in Papua New Guinea schools.

Some HIV + killers have sex with men, women, boys and girls but do not use a condom. They leave their victim to the fate of a slow death.

Gay and lesbian men and women think the issue is all about love, love and love. We all have the right to love but not to kill on a serial basis.

Thursday, 3 August 2017


There have been problems in the Oval Office with suspicions that there was Russian interference in the US elections. Then the son-in-law of Trump admitted that he met with a Russian lawyer.

But he said they talked about Russian adoptions of children not Hilary Clinton. We must not forget that the Russian parliament or Duma banned homosexual propaganda to minors and adoption of Russian children by foreigners.

Given that gay and lesbian sex is legalized in the USA, the adoption of foreign children will be acceptable for US gays, lesbians and paedophiles. 

The US State Department will grant visas for adopted children to these people. The Russians are seeking to protect their children from foreign paedophiles.

Four years ago, an Australian pair of paedophile creeps had adopted a two year old Russian boy and rented him out to paedophiles for sex until he was 6 years old. What kinds of emotionally stunted low lives would find sexual pleasure in a naked 4 year old boy? Please click:

U.S.-Australian citizen sentenced to 40 years for buying boy 'for the ...

Jul 3, 2013 - False: Peter Truong (left) and Mark Newton (right) told people the boy ... now 
eight, had been living with the men in Cairns... He was rented out to paedophiles for sex.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


If gay and lesbian sex were ever included in the Personal Development curriculum of PNG schools, there would need to be a fair balance of focus.

Gays and lesbians seek to destroy families to gain access to children. In the paedophile agenda of the United Nations, there is a focus on child rights with no mention of responsibilities.

The age of consent is to be lowered if the gay and lesbian agenda succeeds so that children can have sex with paedophiles.

Gay men destroy partner's anuses by anal sex and fisting that destroys the wall of the rectum and allows infection to pass into the blood. There will be perpetual leaking of faeces.

Gay men are infested with horrific gut parasites from licking anuses, eating faeces and swallowing parasite eggs.

Paedophiles seek children in secret through internet to groom them and prepare to meet them away from their parents.

Gay men have the highest rate of HIV infection in any country. That is because they do not use condoms and will infect men and boys.

Children across the world are becoming victims of child trafficking. They are stolen and sold for adoption or paedophile sex.

Let all this information be included in the Personal Development curriculum for PNG schools. Children can then see the real picture of gay, lesbian and paedophile sexual depravity.