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We have always thought that Alzheimers Disease strikes only old people. Now we are finding that it also strikes the young.

The BBC report shows in gruesome detail the effects of the disease on young people and their families.

BBC News - Early-onset Alzheimer's strikes families fast and ...
1 day ago – Alzheimer's is thought of as a disease of the elderly. But the early-onset
form of the disease can wreak havoc for young people and their ...

Sufferers experiences  shrinking of the brain and loss of brain functions until they no longer respond to their surroundings including their loved ones.

The loss of brain function is known as dementia. Those who suffer HIV/AIDS may experience a similar wastage of the brain functions. Please click:

1 May 2012 – Members of AIDS Holistics have seen such deaths many times. The
doctor who wrote the letter set down the end path accurately. Perhaps he ...

The doctor who wrote the report above did not mention dementia. But as a doctor in the hospital ward, he may not have known her case history.

But the sufferer was certainly in the final stages before death. She would not have known much.


Papua New Guinea is a land of surprises. There are extremes in writing skill.

As a long term English teacher in this country, I have come to expect that the task in any grade is to teach writing skill starting from the very basics.

So many students can not put a sentence together. They write what I call baby talk. Most PNG teachers have no idea or plan to change this.

Many students write rubbish sentences with mindless repetition of words. Even writers of high class works have to check to ensure that words are not unnecessarily repeated.

The writing below is standard primary school English. It has been written by students for whom Tok Pisin is their primary language. This is not to decry the beauty and elegance of this language.

I go to town. I want to buy a hat. It is a hat for school. I go to school next week and I need a new hat. I go into a shop. This shop sold hats. I buy a hat.

I have worked with every grade for which I was responsible to pattern students into writing elegant sentences in which words were not mindlessly repeated. The first report below is the key. Please click:






There is another extreme in this country of high class PNG writers whose work is elegant, artistic and intellectual.

We read the work of  quality journalists in the PNG media.  The editorials of Frank Senge Kolma have always been poetry in motion. He is a senior journalist of the old school.

At one time, I used to think that many junior journalists probably wrote rubbish English that was then polished by a sub-editor. Now I am not so sure as there seems to be a rising generation of skilled writers.

A further temptation is to assume that these writers went to school in Australia or were at least taught by expatriate English teachers.

The journalism department of the Divine Word University has to take some credit.

The blog PNG Attitude has brought out the PNG writers whose standard of writing is at a high level. This is the beginning of a literary tradition in this country.

Two new and amazing writers are Martyn Namarong and Emma Wakpi. The recent report posted by Emma is of world standard. Please click:

What my fathers taught me: a tribute

Wednesday, 30 May 2012



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A little passion, a little lust, a touch of perversion. Great piece Mike, cheers.

Dorum - The much coddled 'art of death' is out there, eating our societies.
Thus, because you know it, you sit and write about it...that's coincidence, am I right?
You got it!

You bet Leonard...What a coincidence eh?

Cheers Leonard. Thanks for the high praise.
The timing was right for it thanks to Regina Dorum and our wayward DPM.

Dom - You really exposed and attacked the holy sin of our society and life... Nice.
I wish I wrote this one...hahaha.


Two weeks ago, I talked to my daughters on a Government plan to distribute condoms to school children in Papua New Guinea. Neither daughter seemed very impressed.

The next day, number two 13 year old daughter came home from school to say students were required to address the class on a topic. She chose condoms in schools.

She said that the reaction of the class, particularly the girls was totally hostile and negative.

A girl said this was the PNG Government telling schools that it was acceptable for students to have sex.

The fact was that this was undoubtedly the Australian gay and lesbian advisors telling the Government to distribute condoms to school kids.

There was probably a threat to block funding. Who has the contract for the condoms?

Who wants school grounds to be covered daily with empty condom packets and condoms used as balloons?

If a school distributes hundreds of condoms, it is only a matter of time before students have major water fights with condoms full of water.

Government sponsored water fights. Wow!


We may recall the TV program about 7 years ago about the British super nanny who used to come to the homes of parents having serious trouble with their children.

The supernanny was a young woman with amazing ways of bringing peace and self discipline to troublesome children.

She was not unlike the lady in the movie Nanny Mcphee who did the same with a little magic thrown in. Please click:


BBC News - Creating the super-nanny state
18 May 2012 – navigation. News · Sport ... Article written
by Mark Easton Home editor ... The question is whether the state has
a role as super-nanny.

BBC News - David Cameron denies parenting classes 'nanny state'
18 May 2012 – Easton: Creating super-nanny state · 'Childcare cost
rise risks jobs'. Describing vouchers for parenting classes in England
as a "nanny state" ...

We have already read the statement by the British Prime Minister after the Birmingham riots about the tens of thousands of dysfunctional families in Britain. Please click:

14 Aug 2011 – FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS ... British Prime Minister
pledged a "zero tolerance" crackdown on reckless thugs. He called the riots a turning point
in British history as police, politicians and public thrashed out ...

The report by Mark Easton describes the practice of the Courts giving parents the chance to attend parenting classes. It is good to see the state involved in strengthening families.

There are not a lot of parents who attend according to Easton. But it is a start.

Parenting training could become a mandate for church groups.

But developing countries like Papua New Guinea need professional training for the welfare officers specifically on helping parents to bring peace and discipline to their families.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Reports filter in that the gay and lesbian dominated Australian aid organization AusAID and the UN have been blackmailing churches in Papua New Guinea.

The only church that gleefully gives out condoms is the aid organization for the Anglican Church StopAIDS.

Recently they gave out condoms to police including married men for highlands election duty. Please click:



The Catholic church always had a problem. Recent reports are that the Salvation Army is also under pressure. Please click:


The Department of Education recently bowed to pressure to give condoms to school children. Condoms are silent attackers on morals. Please click:


There is no respect for a church position on promiscuity and condoms. Might is right. Gay and lesbian dictatorship in action.

You want funding then give out condoms to whomever asks. A carton of condoms saves a thousand words that may be questioned.

Involving churches is more about a Nihilist strategy of destroying faith positions on adultery by attacking family and marriage.

It is foreign blackmail. The nation is awash with condoms without church involvement. Please click:



We are becoming aware of the position taken by Nihilist gays and lesbians on faith. They do not accept God, Allah, soul, morality, family and after-life. Please click:


They can believe that all they want. But they must not use this viewpoint in schools to subvert the minds of our school children. They must not seek to destroy the authority of Moslem and Christian parents.

In the United States, there is separation of church and state. That means that faith must be kept out of public schools. Gays and lesbians have lobbied to remove their opposition from schools.

But that does not stop gay and lesbian teachers from attacking faith as part of the gay and lesbian awareness curriculum. We would think that separation of church and state involved mutual respect.

We would hope that the gay and lesbian anti-family and anti-faith message is prohibited under the separation of church and state.

It is un-American. Not strong enough. It is anti-American. Surely the early Fathers wrote the US Constitution to protect faith not to isolate and destroy. Please click:


Moslem children may well go to church schools and be protected from the infidel anti-Islam gays and lesbians.

It becomes a problem when gay, lesbian and paedophile advisors are deployed in Moslem countries, particularly to look after street kids. Please click:


Monday, 28 May 2012


Some time ago, AIDS Holistics members discussed the existence of God. We considered the message passed to boys and girls by gay and lesbian activists that God does not exist.

Families are held together by violent men who have created morality to keep what they own and to punish those who try to take what they own away.

We agreed that God is behind all creation. The entire universe is so complex that it could not have possibly have evolved by itself.

hope, peace, love, truth, ... GOD MADE ALL THINGS. Power in the Blood
David Chilton

We understand that the Nihilist belief of the gay and lesbian activists gives no room for belief in the wonders of an Almighty creator. Please click:


We know that the universe is here for a reason. But we are not meant to know why. There may well be other civilizations out there.

I once saw a cartoon of two fish talking in a fish bowl. One said to the other " OK if there is no God, tell me. Who changes our water?"

That is a dilemma facing the human race. We are not meant to know so much about existence. We live within a sealed framework and not meant to see outside our fish bowl.

Surely the universe does not exist for the benefit of beings living on a grain of sand in the Milky Way Galaxy.

We examine the creation of life. Was it instantaneous creation? Or evolution? Whatever it was had the hand of God.

Consider the wonders of DNA and the intricate workings of all living bodies - animal and plant.

Interaction of hormones, vitamins, enzymes and oxygen is more complex than we could ever understand.

All living creatures develop physiologically to the same basic template. All living creatures have the same basic body functions.

For Biology students, all ordinary cells reproduce by mitosis. All sex cells or gametes reproduce by meiosis.

All creatures are based on the metabolism of adenosine triphosphate by the Krebs Cycle. There is a Being with a big picture out there.

Is there life after death and heaven? Perhaps we should be spending more time loving the Creator. Whatever happens later will be.

We are not to know for sure. Jesus gave us guidelines. To follow the teachings of Scripture is to live a holy life. Whatever, the teachings of Scripture point us to the essence of living.

Was the Bible written by God at the hands of man? To study the Bible is to learn truths of living that no man promoted before that time. We must not limit God.

But one thing is certain. Nihilism is not the answer. There is more than nothing out there.

My only problem with faith is that too many men have turned it into an exercise in power. But some churches do not.


There are four nations that top the hit list for this blog. These are Papua New Guinea, United States, Australia and Russia in that order.

But the nation that tops the monthly hit rate is Russia. Greetings to our Russian friends. 

This may well be related to increasing diplomacy of Russia in the Pacific zone.

And Russia is learning all about Australian gays and lesbians in the Pacific.

United States has outstripped Australia into second place after Papua New Guinea with a rush of hits in last four weeks.

We should realize the Australian gay and lesbian planned dictatorship in the Pacific is the largest weak link in the Australian chain.

The situation is undoubtedly quietly monitored by the USA, Russia, China and all the Pacific countries. The United Nations is keeping watch too.

Consider any such nations offering a family strategy to HIV/AIDS.

There woud be a dust trail from a Pacific stampede of nations that could be viewed from the moon.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


A wonderful report has appeared on the blog PNG Attitude of impressions of a young woman about her grandfather, father and uncle.

At long last PNG Attitude is developing a family focus. Please click:

What my fathers taught me: a tribute

This is a refreshing change away from the propaganda that we read regularly in the PNG media of the violence of PNG men and their abuse of women and girls.

Of course there is violence and abuse. But there is also gentleness and kindness. Please click:


There is a strong population of good men in this country who look after their women.

They should be the key to any program for gender equity. We need role models in sport too. Please click:


But the Australian lesbians will not let that happen. They want war with men. Please click:




AIDS Holistics has long written on men as role models.

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Show this report to Massachusetts school children. Let them decide.

Gay and lesbian teachers in Massachusetts bring a strong nihilist philosophy to education.

Nihilism is the philosophy of nothingness.

Nihilism - Philosophy - Similar
Nihilism - Learn about the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche and
others who contributed to this philosophy of nothingness. What
influence does it have on society ...

There is no God. Therefore there can be no faith nor morality. Family is just people living together.

People can do whatever they like. They can make up their own rules. Men are not the head of the house.

There is no after-life. No reincarnation. No sin. If you want something, it is OK. Take it. It is yours for the taking.

But if you have sex with my gay lover, I will bash you both.

Symptoms of Domestic Violence? - 
3 Mar 2011 – Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships ...

In schools, professional teachers respect the faith of the family.

If a child is Buddhist, advice of a teacher will be for the child to follow the 8 Fold Plan and the Middle Way.

The teacher will urge Moslem students to follow the tenets of Islam.

But gay and lesbian activist teachers are anti-family.

They see it their job is to destroy the foundation of family.

Faith is to be presented to children as false and based on fairy stories. Destroy faith to destroy family.

And MassResistance is called the right-wing hate group.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre sounds as if they are past their use-by date. Please click:


We are hearing that children are rejecting faith.

This is partly the result of nihilist teaching in schools. The word annihilate comes from the same Latin root. We have the word Nil. The team lost 5-nil.

When we die, there is nothing. We are annihilated.

Gay and lesbian teachers are teaching death and suicide to students.

But then they turn that back to say that kids are dying from suicide, the result of homophobia. It is all the fault of the straights. Creeps.

Hitler used a similar trick to invade Poland by the fake attack on the border radio station.

Nihilism started in Germany and provided the spiritual backdrop to Nazism. It was all about survival of the fittest - and then we die.

Gay men appear to have a nihilist death wish with serial anal sex without a condom. I am HIV infected with coccidian gut parasites destroying my small intestine.

I will have as much sex as I can before I die and infect as many men and boys as possible. Lesbians will be happy if there are thousands of men and boys die. Then the girls will belong to the lesbians.

That is all the path to nothingness. On the way, they destroy family and faith and set up boys and girls for sex.

Friday, 25 May 2012


I have read the report on the curriculum for Massachusetts schools.

It is an ugly and pornographic work prepared by gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers for students from kindergarten to grade 12. (K-12) Please click.


It is a report of subversion of children intended to introduce children to in-depth sex from an early age even before most parents start to slowly tell the kids the facts of life.

Most parents tell the child what they ask about and no more until next time. Not the homosexual teachers.

There is a legislation in USA that exempts schools from consulting parents on teaching of homosexuality in schools. What could possibly be the community benefit from such a law?

Teachers are free to teach whatever perversions they like. And there is no external exam.

The proposed curriculum is a homosexual teacher's delight. It is totally non-mandatory.

That means that there will be no exam either external or internal and no accountability

Teachers are totally free. They do not have to account to parents on any matter taught to children.

One parent tried to take his child away and was arrested. Heil Hitler. Please click:



Just open the document below and peruse the reading list. It includes all the pornographic homosexual literature you could imagine. Please click:


This is homosexual America on parade. Satan rules.

We have to see this in a wider context of a world conspiracy of gays and lesbians to destroy family and take control of the children. Sons and daughters of America arise!

This curriculum is designed to turn all children towards homosexuality. A wedge is being driven between parents and children.

Condoms to children in Papua New Guinea is the start of subversion. Please click:



I have been a teacher of Personal Development in Papua New Guinea.

I can not help but compare the family approach in Papua New Guinea with the secret anti-family approach of this curriculum in Massachusetts. Please click:



It is amazing that the curriculum enables these homosexual creeps to place emphasis to children on SUICIDE which is put before kids as an option.

Most small children have no real concept of death. They see cartoon characters run over by steam rollers and reassemble in a flash.

But death is taught on this curriculum above. Children are being taught that they can seek advice away from their parents.

MassResistance tells us that kids get questionnaires asking if they have tried to or thought about committing SUICIDE.  This is where fake data comes from for suicide statistics.

Add the creative essays presented by corrupt teachers to be the result of counselling not creative writing.

A class of children could be falsely portrayed as suicidal after having written an essay on " How I would kill myself". It was a class assignment of morbid interests. It is all fake.

That is the homosexual justification for this program. Gay and lesbian children are committing suicide - or just thinking about it.

Of course they think about it if SUICIDE is part of curriculum. Homosexuals are giving small children a death option. Creeps.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (University of Queensland)
Teacher of Personal Development

Thursday, 24 May 2012


The report below was posted on Google. It will be posted on this blog before we examine it in detail.

Massachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks - MassResistance! - Similar
The "functions" of family members is about breaking down male-female roles
in families. ... emotional reactions of the body to intense positive and negative
feelings. ... movement, and reinforces homosexual behavior as a legitimate part of life.

Comments later.


Have read the Wikipedia report on MassResistance and was saddened to find that even Wikipedia can get it wrong in referring to the organization as a right wing anti-gay hate group. Defending family has been politicized.

MassResistance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
MassResistance is a Massachusetts anti-gay group that promotes socially
conservative positions primarily on issues surrounding homosexuality, the ...

MassResistance has been deemed thus by the prestigious and courageous Southern Poverty Law Centre that has worked for the United States community for many years.  Please click:

In clicking on Criticism in the Google Wikipedia report above, I was greatly impressed by the work of SPLC in dealing with white supremacy groups in United States, defending citizens against violence and intimidation. They show great resilience and courage.

This is all the more reason for sadness that the SPLC does not see that across the world, the gay and lesbian lobby is a white supremacy group.

Check out skin colour of gays and lesbians working in the United Nations. You will find that other races toe the line or be terminated even in their own country.

Check the white Australian gays and lesbians as the local bullies in the Papua New Guinea HIV/AIDS response.

Having worked in Papua New Guinea for over a decade, I have suffered full hatred and dirty tricks of the Australian gay and lesbian lobby.

On reading of homosexuals in the Massachusetts Education system, I can see the same dirty, self interested, profane and vulgar tricks played on US families, supported by the Supreme Court.

The US seems to have tied itself up in knots over the separation of Church and State.

I have fought against the gay and lesbian hatred of family and effort to damage family unity and promote rebellion among children against their parents.

Perhaps MassResistance has not explained it well. They need to get out there and talk to families, parents and young people.

Let them ask their kids about numbers of gay/ lesbian students they know. 

How many kids committed suicide in their school?

The gay and lesbian lobby can not fool all the people all the time.


In South Africa, lesbians count attempted rapes as rapes.

Did any man hit you? Yes. That counts as attempted rape.

In Massachusetts, attempted suicide is counted as suicide.

Have you ever thought of killing yourself? Yes once. That counts as suicide.

This insight is expressed by MassResistence in relation to suicides in schools.

It is called falsifying statistics.

How many straight school children commit /attempt suicide in Massachusetts?

How does the figure compare?
Below is a report of criminal discrimination in a Papua New Guinea school. Please click:


We ask the Southern Poverty Law Centre to reconsider their unfair classification. Does this law group compute only with the far right?

The homosexual lobby appears to be far left in politics at least in the US.

Perhaps that is because they know that white supremacy groups may prefer to put a bullet in them. 

But then the Klu Klux Klan undoubtedly has its gay chapters.

Gays have taken over from the communists not yet in popular perception.

Gun toting grandfathers with rifles are being vigilant against the communists who are not a threat to the family.

Most communists have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

19 Dec 2011 – Gay and lesbian activists are a varied lot of people. They follow the agenda
of the extreme left or the extreme right. That is the strategy of Josef ...

Perhaps the Southern Poverty Law Centre sees AIDS Holistics as an anti-gay hate group too.

If so, it is likely that this organization has been infiltrated by too many gays and lesbians. Great trick.

The US counter on this blog has been jumping all day from the report below:


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Homosexual activists have taken the US state of Massachusetts. Here are scandals of paedophile Catholic priests that traumatized families.

Then there is the invasion of gay and lesbian teachers into the Massachusetts education system and schools. Family is being attacked again.

Enter MassResistance, a group that has met the gay, lesbian and paedophile attack head on.

They have made public the vulgar and pornographic teaching material that is being given to younger and younger children.

MassResistance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
MassResistance is a Massachusetts anti-gay group that promotes
socially conservative positions primarily on issues surrounding
homosexuality, the ...

Teachers want the kids to have "informed consent" when paedophiles have sex with them.

Their friends in the Supreme Court may be waiting to overturn the law on age of consent.

MassResistance has stood for the rights of parents who have been sidelined by the gays and lesbians.

But they have paid the price by being branded as a right wing hate group.

MassResistance has been dragged down by being drawn into presidential politics.

They attack Romney for not standing against the gay push while Governor.

But that is of little value if Obama is pro-gay and lesbian.

They should take a leaf from the AIDS Holistics book in Papua New Guinea.

Ours is a widely read blog with readers from all over the world.

The top reader nations are Papua New Guinea, United States, Australia and Russia in that order.

We never were seriously attacked except by a gay man claiming we attacked his blog and a gaggle of anonymous hate mailers causing problems for a brief moment.

Why have we never been seriously attacked? We do not make mistakes nor put a foot wrong.

We hit the gay and lesbian agenda where it hurts but not the gays and lesbians as such. Our enemies know to remain silent. To speak out is to have stepped into the sea out of sight of land.

We write about a false AIDS message, censorship of the physiology of AIDS, bullying of care groups in Papua New Guinea, dirty tricks and false statistics.

As well we have written on their bullying the Government, threatening the churches, giving false advice to young children and forcing a gay and lesbian agenda in South African and Massachusetts schools. We have witnesses in the country. 

We have pinned down the Australian aid organization AusAID and UN bodies including UNDP, UNAIDS and UN Women.

What can the gays and lesbians say? We have the goods on them. They continue to re-strategize.

They tend to avoid defending their message. So they attack the messenger.

They attacked Rev. Hammond in South Africa, author of The Pink Agenda, calling him a gun runner and murderer.

They filled Google with fake organizations called The Pink Agenda to hide the real report. Open Google and check.

Australian gays and lesbians attacked AIDS Holistics. They called  the founder a violent, womanising, closet gay, child molester, full blown AIDS, cyberstalker, obsessive, anally-fixated and hate mailer.

None of it made any difference and has done them more harm than good among more intelligent readers.

So now MassResistence is being attacked as a hate organization, picketing toilets, attacking gays and lesbians and taking videos of meetings. Not very heavy stuff.

Just stick to the facts MassResistence. Keep out of presidential politics. Just stick to the rights of family, children and parents.

Lobby the community on the apparent bias of the Supreme Court. Attack gay propaganda as we have done. Let us link across the world with South African church groups.

Work to educate and empower the community. Advertise the incriminating gay and lesbian educational pornography.

Are there really suicides of young gays and lesbians? Talk to young people. Your fight seems to be fairly venomless.


Whar is the difference between paedophilia and pederasty? We read on Google that the man-boy sex organization NAMBLA is involved in supporting both. What does this mean?

Pederasty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Pederasty or Paederasty is a (usually erotic) relationship between an
older man and an adolescent boy outside his immediate family. The
word pederasty ...

Paedophilia involves sex with underage children by both gays and lesbians. It involves all forms of sex from anal sex, oral sex, fisting and rimming.

Pederasty involves the gay relationship between a man and a young boy who may be a teenager over the age of consent.

Pederasty has its origins in antiquity and was strong in ancient Rome and Greece. It often involved a high class man and a boy who was slave or a freedman. There were rules of etiquette.

A man often had to seek permission of the father who maintained a relationship with his son. The pederast man was not only lover but a mentor and trainer who lifted the status of the boy.

There was a pederast tradition in the countries of the Roman Empire. The Celts had such a tradition which placed them in sympathy with the Romans.

The Britons carried the pederast tradition in the grammar schools where school masters had a school boy to look after. Senior students had boys called fags.

But the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Persians, Chinese and Japanese would be horrified at the depravity of modern homosexual practice. Rimming and fisting would be seen as uncivilised and brutal.

There would be rejection of the glory holes in gay bars and gyms.

Paedophilia and pederasty have been rejected in Judaism and Christianity, except for the Anglican church born in the upper class pederast tradition of Britain.

Anglicare in Papua New Guinea has had a tradition of giving out condoms like lollies to adults and children.

They recently presented boxes of condoms to police to use on duty during the elections for safe adultery. This is unusual for a church-sponsored care group.

But Henry VIII would be proud. Please click:



The American gays, lesbians and paedophiles seek to push churches aside to return to the sexual traditions of Greek and Roman antiquity.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Gay, lesbian and paedophile activists know the laws in their country on the age of consent.

Gays and lesbians are deeply interested as many are paedophile and hiding their real motives.

The age of consent is based on reality that children are intellectually and emotionally immature.

They are unable  to give informed consent on sex with adults. Children see adults as authority figures.

Children are supposed to grow to have sex with their own generation not with aging perverts of the past generations.

The baby boomer gays and lesbians want it all.

Young children have no idea of sexual intercourse. Genitals are often called weewees by young children.

Young children have no idea of a genital function. They can not comprehend love making.

The first stage in perverting a child is to give an adult loving experience. It is called grooming.

A child will be kissed, hugged, given dolls and train sets, bathed naked, sleep with the adult, lovingly given oral sex, masturbated and penetrated.

This is all part of a loving response of an adult. Boys experience erections with their weewees.

There is a sinister motive in giving detailed sex education to younger and younger children.

They are being prepared to give "informed consent". At school they have learned of oral and anal sex. This is school work.

That will be the step before paedophiles seek to have the age of consent lowered or removed.

Paedophiles will argue that children are ready for sex with adults if able to give "informed consent" to an adult.

Who decides on whether or not consent is informed?

Paedophile creeps do not recognize the irreparable damage that an older man will cause to the body and spirit of a small boy or girl.

Lesbians can be paedophile too. But with young girls, they are more into brushing hair, cuddling, trimming finger nails and being a mother figure before moving into sexual activity.

Some are motherly perverts who come to Papua New Guinea as AIDS advisors and "adopt" young girls.

If the man is a father, uncle, grandfather, scout master or pastor, damage will be life long when the child is old enough to work out what is happening.

Occasionally we read of a 70 year old man being sentenced to prison for a paedophile assault 30 years before.

Informed consent is meaningless if the child is unable to comprehend the right to withdraw consent.

The loving adult image changes when the boy cries with pain at the penis in the anus and the adult refuses to stop.

And the adult uncle comes back for the same next week, having told the little boy that he will go to gaol if the police find out.

There is a report on Google of a young man who killed his scoutmaster in the United States, a decade after he had been sexually molested on scout camps.


There are reports of boys who committed suicide after being molested by Catholic priests. Please click:


Monday, 21 May 2012


Our blogspot looks pretty on internet by mobile phone. I put reports on blog by computer.

Then I open up and view the reports on mobile phone.

I then edit the report on computer until it looks neat on mobile phone. Words are edited to fit on to a line on mobile phone.

All lines end in straight rows as much as possible.

Great use of colour is possible on mobile phone internet. A line on computer translates to about three lines on mobile phone.

So I am coming down to one or two sentences on mobile phone to one paragraph.

Click on the little Blogger box in the top left hand corner on mobile phone and the total statistics figure pops up.

This report will look neat on mobile phone.

I have bought phones for several friends programmed to this blog.

So the blog is read on mobile phone by several people I know in Port Moresby.


The world has just had an International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The day went unnoticed in Papua New Guinea. Please click:


It was a day set aside by the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists who control the United Nations human relations organizations.

It was advise the world on discrimination against gays, lesbians and transvestites. Please click:


AIDS Holistics proposes that a day be set aside called International Day against Familyphobia and Faithphobia.

Homosexual activists need awareness of importance of family and faith in God, both of which are seen as the enemy of gays and lesbians.

They are ANTI-FAMILY and ANTI-FAITH. Please click:


To be even handed and seen not to discriminate, let us set aside two more days.

The first could be the International Day for Fisting and Rimming.

This celebrates the wonderful loving of gay and lesbian couples. Please click:


We could have the International Day for Paedophile Rights.

This is to celebrate the rights of children to have sex with adults even small babies. All children have sexual desire.

Paedophiles want the age of consent abolished. They claim they are being discriminated against but that they have right to sex with boys.

They never ask the boys. Would you like me to put my weewee in your bottom? But you will get poopoo on your weewee.

Man/Boy Love Association - Wikipedia, the free .. - Similar
The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and
pederasty advocacy organization in the United States that works to abolish age of ...
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The report below gives a detailed account of informed consent and the destruction of the age of consent planned by paedophiles.

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4 Jun 2011 – NAMBLA stands for the North American Man/Boy
Love Association. Its agenda is to repeal laws prohibiting adult men
from having sex with ...