Sunday, 31 July 2016


At the funeral of Jeffrey Nape at Sione Kami church in Port Moresby, the elder son spoke of his father as a loving man. He said he was also a mother to him.

My daughters have said that I was a mother and father to them all their lives and gave me gifts on Mother’s Day. Please click.

gift to father on mother's day - family positive living - aids holistics
May 12, 2014 - On Mother's Day 2014, I received an amazing gift. ... looked after them for all their lives as a single father and been both a mother and father.

a rose for dad on mothers' day - family positive living - aids holistics

May 10, 2015 - They said that their dad had been their mother and father all their lives ... So over recent years, they have given their dad a gift on MothersDay
But Nape disagreed from the beginning while he was grooming my elder daughter for sex. He said I had been sexually abusing both my daughters. He made my elder daughter pregnant at 16 years old.

My daughter once said she was confronted by a pregnant teenage mixed race girl at the Vision City and told to keep away from her husband Jeffrey Nape.

After I brought my younger daughter to Lae to escape the paedophile clutches of Nape, he made contact with my daughter’s mixed race cousin.  

He asked her to bring my daughter back to him without her father’s knowledge. He offered her money, accommodation and a job in his never to be completed hotel. Parents may not have regarded the hotel as a place for families particularly with mixed race daughters.

Nape said he wanted as many mixed race young women as possible to work in his hotel. What would have been their duties, particularly after work?

Would they have the same duties as the pretty young men working at the Madang Resort hotel and on the tour ships?

How would Nape like it if I secretly took his 17 year old daughter to Lae without his knowledge? Is there one rule for Chimbu paedophiles and another for white men?

He was a loving father to biological children and a paedophile predator to my daughters and any other mixed race girl he could lay his hands on.

My daughter's cousin says I should not put this report on blog as Nape is dead. But the evil message he spread about me, the father of my children is still alive. I will be blocked at the gate of the hotel by his sons.

They will claim ownership of my daughter and perhaps two daughters though bride price has never been paid. There are members of family who are desperately poor and need to be given such a gift. 

Nape claimed that no bride price would be paid for molested daughters. He wanted to do all the molesting. No bride price would be paid to a white man.

Overseas police reports reveal that many men arrested for paedophile activities with their own and other children are married with family. 

So it was with Nape. He bought my elder daughter and perhaps my younger daughter for K5000 from child traffickers Bobby and Susan in Port Moresby.

Friday, 22 July 2016


For the first time in my life in caring for people with HIV and AIDS, I have only just come across abdominal tuberculosis. It is a deadly disease as the sufferers may not know they have the disease until close to death. Please click:

danger of abdominal tuberculosis - family positive living - aids holistics
Feb 14, 2016 - related to HIV infection. felt in the duodenum or small intestine.

There is danger in abdominal tuberculosis among children who may have stomach disorders that are not diagnosed until too late. The sufferer has an enlarged intestine that is filled with fluid. Google reports link abdominal tuberculosis with HIV infection. Please click:

Abdominal Tuberculosis - Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Dec 5, 2007 - Find answers to the questions like how does abdominal tuberculosis occurs, 
signs, symptoms, how it's diagnosis is made, 

Abdominal tuberculosis
by N RANGABASHYAM - ‎Cited by 19 - ‎Related articles
Abdominal tuberculosis is rare in the Western population and is declining in incidence 
in certain parts of India. In developed countries the disease is largely 

The Nape family must have a check-up as abdominal tuberculosis is a deadly disease that can infect children. I am making this information known in the ongoing role of AIDS Holistics in HIV, AIDS and TB awareness.

The word in the village was that he died by sorcery at the hands of PIH doctors who have a track record of killing several politicians. Let's have the proof on all that.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Over the last 6 years, I have suffered a hate campaign at the hands of Jeffrey Nape who had taken my daughter when I was in intensive care at Port Moresby General Hospital with suspected tuberculosis and heart attack.

Nape bought her for K5000 from a child trafficker and considered that he owned my 15 year old daughter. He had an obsession with mixed race underaged girls. 

He may have considered that he had also bought my other small daughter Lisa who was 12 at the time. This is the corruption of a politician dealing with child traffickers. We were told he beat William Duma in the bidding. Nape was 52 when he died.

Within a month Nape was telling me that he was going to take my elder daughter as she had been sexually abused by her father. He did not consider he should pay bride price to a white man who molested his daughters. Good trick.

He had promised to look after my family as I was sick and unable to work. He promised to book the girls into private school but they were expelled as he did not pay school fees. 

He put us into rental accommodation but we were locked out and evicted because he did not pay the rent. He thought Rachael would be easy to take from her sick dad if expelled from school and living on the street. Her father could die under a tree.

What a kind lovely man. He cared for my underage daughter in his bedroom where she became pregnant. She left school in Grade 8 not Grade 12 as Nape originally promised her sick father. He was a lying and cheating con-man.

He blocked her father from contact. Complaint to the Chimbu Head of Welfare was a waste of time. That was Simon Yanis.

Then Nape moved on to take her 14 year old sister. He would wait for her outside her school. He thought a white man living a single father and sick was an easy target ..... in his wildest dreams.

He never once asked my daughters if they had been molested as they would have said it was not true. It was his own private hate campaign for him to steal my daughters. He passed the message to his sons who blocked me at the gate of his Morata palace with threats of violence.

My daughters responded over time by giving me a rose on Mother's Day. He blocked contact by taking my daughter's mobile phone.

Now I am told that I may be bashed if I go to the funeral. This has been a quite satanic hate campaign against a loving father. Nape wanted to steal my daughters and laid down  hate message against a man who could have been his father-in-law. 

Instead he became a bitter enemy. He was part of the paedophile push to take young children for sex. And he tried to push the blame on the father.

He followed the hate campaign of the Australian gay and lesbian advisors in AusAID opposing the Positive Living message and spreading that I was a violent child molester. 

Sir Peter Barter as President of the AIDS Council emailed that he had ordered my daughters be taken into care. He was a friend of Jeffrey Nape. Paedophile Barter has boys working in his Madang Hotel. Guests take note during your stay in Madang. Paedophile Nape planned to have mainly mixed race young girls working in his new hotel. 

Two senior political sexual predators. Take me to Court Pete. Better still take a mercy dash in your helicopter with a DWU journalism student. That is how you have responded to my internet reports in the past. Sexual crime is OK at the top particularly if supported by the UN and AusAID paedophiles.

The AIDS paedophiles wanted to destroy the family Positive Living message by spreading the word that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a child molester. 

Nape supported their message with his cousin late Bomal Gonapa paedophile AIDS Council lawyer of Sina Sina  in undermining the Copeland family to steal two mixed race daughters. Nape wanted to fill his hotel and family with white DNA - mainly the DNA of my daughters' father.

My daughter has lived with Nape's children for 4 years and decided that she should stay with them and raise her two lovely sons. I am getting older and accept that this is probably the best option given that there is love and respect. 

She has already been stopped from having a mobile phone. Not a good start. She may have pressure for her to marry a Nape boy. White DNA must not be wasted. Rachael remains a Copeland until she and I decide otherwise.

I call on the Nape's children to turn over a new page and accept that Rachael's father is a  high class white man, probably the top English teacher  in the nation. They can be excused in believing their father's paedophile lies. He loved small girls.

Ask my daughters how they learned to read before they went to school. Their father pioneered the HIV/AIDS Positive Living message in this nation and overseas.

Have Aunty Serah tell how they sat on her steps and cried when their father was put into intensive care in 2010. 

Ask their father how he trekked Kokoda as a team leader to earn fees to send them to International School. And Nape claimed they were molested. He got that knowledge out of his arse.

Over recent months, Nape has made it obvious that he intended to take my second daughter. He had stepped up his hate campaign that she was being sexually abused by her father. 

Nape distressed my first daughter who was horrified that he had so much sexual interest in her sister. Hostility of sons increased at the gate and they had ordered me to keep away. He texted and said he wanted her as she had told him she loved him more than her father. 

The Nape boys had told the security guards that I was to be kept away from the gate. I was the father of Rachael but that did not not matter.

So I decided that I had to give Rachael peace by moving to Lae with her young sister. Nape went off his brain. He threatened me and tried to convince me to bring her back. He tried to arrange with a friend of Lisa to bring her back without her father's knowledge. He texted that my elder daughter hated me. I told him I did not believe him.

Six weeks ago he started to text to me that I must come back to Port Moresby as I was dying. He said he was going to take Lisa as his wife when I am dead. 

I was just a bag of skin and bones waiting for death. This is a so-called son-in-law addressing his so called father-in-law. He died a week later. We never know the future. He was a predator to the end. Now I will deal with the sons if they cause problems with Lisa. It will be a police matter.

My beautiful daughter Rachael is a widow with two small children after a short life with ex-parliamentary speaker Jeffrey Nape. 

Readers of The National would have seen a photo of her last week sitting with her 3 month old son and looking as if the bottom had just dropped out of her world. She held a photo of Jeffrey Nape with his first born son.

She has had a  relationship with him over 5 years, a time marked with furious disagreement between Nape and her father on the different views of gender equity of a white man and a PNG highlander. It became quite acrimonious at times. 

I refused to allow him to pay bride price until such time as my daughter said she was happy. With the birth of her son now two years old, Rachael was happy and ready to settle down to raise her son. Another son was born three months ago. And now Nape is dead. 

He has never paid bride price on Rachael and then wanted to marry my other underaged daughter. He would wait for her outside the school gate when she was 14 years old. For that reason we moved to Lae over 6 months ago. 

Nape has done his best to get my younger underage daughter back, regardless of the opposition of her father to his plan. My older daughter has had no idea of what he had in mind. 

He has been a pedophile predator covering his tracks by heaping blame on the loving father of two mixed race girls. He claimed he was protecting them from sex with their father. He was simply closing the gate on a father and planned to do that twice. But I moved to Lae with my younger daughter.

I have told Rachael that she is loved and has a place in my house with her children. She says she will stay and run the hotel. I will support whatever she wants to do. She has the right to her own decisions now. 

I now fear violence at the hands of Nape's sons who have been fed the false stories by their father about me. Their violence will become a police matter. Nape was doing his best to destroy my credibility as a father so as to take my underage daughters and kick me out and away from my daughters.

I have sent Rachael's sister from Lae back to Port Moresby to be with her. Lisa is safe now. I want her back to finish Grade 10 this year and am ready to accept that she will want to return at the end of the year to be with her big sister and start Grade 11 in Port Moresby. Rachael has greater needs than I do at the present time.

The last five years has been marked by much bad talk between Nape and me. He had falsely accused me of all sorts of sexual misconduct. He told me recently that he was giving me a bumpy ride to help me psychologically as I was mentally ill and he was my doctor. 

Then a few weeks ago, Jeffrey Nape sent me a text to say that he loved his father-in-law. I think he may have texted from his death bed. Peace at last. I am sorry that my daughter has lost her husband.

I will support her all the rest of my life and hope that she makes a life with the Nape children in running the hotel that is almost finished at Morata. I will offer help in whatever way I can though I will stay in Lae. But the crap started by Nape must end.

Over recent years, Rachael has sent me a rose on Mother's Day as she said I was her mother and father all her life. My two PNG daughters are my best friends on the planet. Nape wanted to kill that. Please click

a rose for dad on mothers' day - family positive living - aids holistics

May 10, 2015 - They said that their dad had been their mother and father all their lives after theirmother ran off. So over recent years, they have given their dad ..

In a few years, I may well start sending her a rose on Father's Day. She loves her children though she says the elder drives her crazy. Her life will be focused on her two boys. Her father looked after Rachael and Lisa all their lives. I can see the bright intelligence of her first son even at this early age.

We are lucky that my daughters have an aunt who has loved them since they were babies and I was a single parent living at 5 Mile. She is Serah Vaki the wife of the ex-commissioner of police. Lisa and Rachael have spent Christmas in her village at Kerema and Nasing. 

Serah has gone every week now to be with Rachael and Lisa at Morata. She tells me they are both doing well. The haus krai is still on and the family is waiting for the word of the Government on the funeral arrangements. I will travel to Chimbu when the word comes to move.

Monday, 18 July 2016


How can students read and write if they have no interest in knowledge of the world. They have no curiosity on any matter past or present and have never made a habit of discussing any matter. They are illiterate in mind and soul.

If they do not read, they do not know words. They do not even read the daily newspaper. This is a major problem in schools of Papua New Guinea. There are very few school libraries with students not interested in spending an hour reading a book.

It is a vicious circle. If they do not read, they do not know words and meanings. If they do not know words and meanings, they do not read.

A problem in this country is that students have been pushed on to higher grades but do not have the necessary interest in the world. They lack words and the meanings of words. They can not use so many words in their own writing.

What is the answer? There needs to be a culture of reading and writing in schools. Each grade should have spelling lists, many of which are based on Latin roots. Students do not know either spelling or meaning. That makes them illiterate. Please click:

latin for png students - family positive living - aids holistics
Sep 4, 2011 - In the years up to the 1960s, Australian students were educated in word 
building through Latin and Greek roots. Then with the chang

Students should be taught to use words in their correct meaning. As a student in the 1960s, I recall questions in exams that tested knowledge of words.

Write a sentence to show you understand the meaning of 5 of the following words - sincere, provoke, recognize, recede, revolution, mobility, rejection, supreme, compress, expel and vicious.

Many PNG students could never handle such a question. They are never required to explain words. There has to be a revolution in literacy in this country. Reading improves writing. Writing improves reading and speaking.

Literacy is the great dividing line among children in this country. If interested in reading and writing, the students go on to higher studies. If not, they stay in the village and towns and remain unemployed and unemployable.

I have two PNG daughters who have always read books. The elder would bring home library books. The younger would read the newspapers daily which was the main reason why I brought newspapers back to the house.

As a small child, she would be given a newspaper article to read. I would then ask her to tell me the story in her own words. That was the beginning of her success in school to the present time. She is in Grade 10.

Friday, 15 July 2016


I am in an interesting position of being involved in curriculum that takes students from elementary levels of literacy to grade 12. 

There are problems that have arisen over the last 50 years with the disemboweling of modern literacy and the removal of all forms of memorization. 

Students have spent their time in silent classrooms where no chanting was accepted. Noisy classrooms were the hallmark of weak discipline. There was to be no reciting of poetry or chanting of spelling and multiplication tables. 

Classrooms went silent. So much of education involved memorization. That is one reason why Asian nations are now ahead in teaching of mathematics and science. 
Foolish western nations opted for intellectualization rather than memorization and ended up with low standards. 

Students have to be literate to read books in mathematics and science. In both areas, literacy combines with logical reasoning.

But now it has all changed across the world. Fifty years ago, Dr Benjamin Bloom introduced the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and Mastery Learning to rescue Education from the idiots. 

But Mastery Learning was rejected as it did not train the US rocket scientists fast enough to beat the Soviet Union in the space race. 

It was replaced by Outcome Based Education that side-stepped the basics to fast track the education and training in technology and science. The average students missed out in the basics. 

Now Mastery Learning is back in strength. Average students are to be back in the race with focus on the basics. Open Google and type in Mastery Learning. There are now over 30 pages of reports.

Mastery Learning has come to Papua New Guinea education. The focus is now on phonics in elementary school. But the system has not got it right yet, except perhaps Morobe provincial education.

There is a danger that the modern approach to phonics with its focus on words is leading the schools up the garden path. Students have to master phonic symbols to sound and blend words and then start to read without the symbols on reaching grade 2. Where to from there?

The students go to primary schools where teachers do not know the phonics of elementary school. Children have learned words but not sentences. They have no idea of how to move from simple to complex sentences. They have hundreds of words to learn with no phonic symbols.

We have taken the strategy after elementary school to new levels with derivation of words from Greek and Latin roots and Mastery Writing. Please click:

latin for png students - family positive living - aids holistics
Sep 4, 2011 - In the years up to the 1960s, Australian students were educated in word 
building through Latin and Greek roots. Then with the change

Jun 29, 2011 - WRITE SWEET ENGLISH ... stop baby talk. In Papua New Guinea schools,

Teachers at the recent in-services state they would like to see the derivation of words from Latin and Greek from grades 5 or 6. Students will learn to spell complex words if they know the prefixes-roots-suffixes.

pro-ced-ure, in-ject-ion, mob-ile, ex-press-ion, re-pell-ent, com-pul-sor-y, pro-cess-ion, pul-sate, re-cog-nize, im-prove-ment, manu-script, pro-ject-ile, dec-im-ate, su-preme and terr-es-tri-al, 

At a recent in-service, a teacher told of a movie of a young girl who entered a spelling bee. She was coached in Latin based words by her teacher and learned to break words down to prefixes-roots - suffixes. 

At the spelling bee, she beat the rhythm of the word on her thigh. That has now come to Morobe urban schools. Teachers are beating rhythm in poetry, songs, spelling and multiplication tables.