Friday, 18 July 2014


Much has happened in AIDS awareness in Papua New Guinea. For the last decade AIDS Holistics has promoted Positive Living. 

For our trouble, we were punished and vilified first by AusAID gays and lesbians, then by UN activists who objected strongly to any mention of FAMILY and FAITH.

We were banned from the national response at the hands of Stuart Watson       (now UNAIDS) and Elizabeth Cox (later UN Women). They were the senior gay and lesbian paedophile supporters in the South Pacific.

But something amazing has happened this week with a silly and cruel report in the Sunday Chronicle by born again Christian Timothy Pirunduo on compulsory AIDS testing and quarantine of AIDS sufferers. Please click:

A letter appeared in Midweek Chronicle from .... wait for it ..... Stuart Watson UNAIDS Country Director. He had much to say on the report by Pirunduo.

But amazing words came on living a healthy life from the senior gay who has been telling us not to hide behind family and faith.

“We do know that good nutrition and vitamins, healthy living, a positive mental attitude and the love and care of family and the community are the very effective components in keeping people healthy and living productive lives that contribute to the country’s development”.

That is Positive Living. But the UNAIDS message goes off the track from there. He talks about the need for rights by all people. He is really referring to gays, lesbians, paedophiles, transsexuals and bisexuals.

He says that the incidence of HIV infection will drop once people have rights. But he does not explain why there is a great increase in HIV infection by the gay and transsexual community. Is it the fault of everyone else that these people do not have the rights they demand and are becoming HIV positive?

Watson does not explain why there is zero information given to gay and transsexual men on gut parasites and the dangers of anal sex? Why are small boys to be given rights of association to have sex with adult paedophiles?

The world is closing the net on paedophile men. In the media, there was a recent report of the police in Britain arresting men opening paedophile internet reports.

BBC personality Jimmy Savile escaped life in prison through death by his multiple sex abuse. Now Australian expatriate entertainer Rolf Harris has been gaoled for sex abuse of young girls.

But at least AIDS Holistics has been vindicated for our focus on Positive Living. Now the very homosexual oppressor of our work has started to talk of Positive Living. Watson does not deserve our respect.

The UN HIV/AIDS agenda has been anti-family. Why? They want the children to be free from authority of parents. This means that most if not all UN key AIDS activists are both gay/lesbian and paedophile.

Watson tried to have the founder of AIDS Holistics permanently banned from the Holiday Inn hotel only 6 months ago. Please click:


It is interesting that most hits come from Russia.

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