Friday, 8 August 2014


National Housing Estates Limited is the private enterprise arm of the National Housing Commission in Port Moresby. The original body has been grossly corrupt in years gone past.
Rental arrears have been difficult to account for as corrupt officers burned the receipts to render impossible the task of working out how much rental money was stolen.
One of the thriving businesses in this town is house stealing, particularly those of the Housing Commission. It has been so easy to steal a house. In earlier times, corrupt housing officers would mark a house and then evict with the aid of rogue police. They would arrive, remove all property, destroy gardens and evict the tenants.

If the house is to be stolen, it may be taken off the register and sold with a fake title. But we hear you say that this cannot happen today because of the checks and balances. These mean nothing to corrupt officers. A fake title can be given to a new tenant on payment and a title backdated to the days when the NHC houses were sold.
This was the modus operandi of the housestealer, Alan Baragu of Raluana village. Please click:

We have just been evicted from a house even though the rent was up to date. It seems that the neighbours and daughter of the tenant wanted the house and worked through rogue police and corrupt NHEL officers to evict and take. They set it up with false reports. An ex parte Court judgment is being waited upon.
NHEL has an incompetent acting CEO of NHEL Madeline and thug officers who will smash their way into a house and throw everything out. Our unit was smashed open by John Geen supported by rogue cops from Gordons station. The main house stealing female thug was Madeline’s niece Jill Kendy who lived next door. Madeline turns a blind eye to her nieces neighbourhood bullying.
My step daughter argued with Geen and he threatened to smash her. Had he done that he would have not yet come out of hospital. He would have worn an iron bar across the head. I told him that we had been advised by Jeffery Nape......He cut me off and told me that Jeffrey Nape can suck his cock.

Geen marks himself as one of the violent, bully gays of NHEL. Only gay men tell other men to suck their cocks. He would be working with gay Bomal Gonapa the legal officer and Michael. All would have taken up a secret gay housing agenda to be put in place over the next few years.

We have to know the strategy of gay activists in infiltrating organizations and slowly recruiting gays into all positions. NHEL is on the way to becoming a gay front organization with a woman as the figurehead.
The corrupt NHEL officers and rogue police allowed a gang of raskols to follow them into the house and steal whatever they wanted without being challenged.  I was told I was being punished for destroying the hidden gay agenda in the National AIDS campaign.
We lost about K5000 of property to local thugs. I punched one of them and ended up arrested and placed in a police car. Most of our property was then carried away.
There is a big problem coming in NHEL. That is the infiltration by gay men. They have come for a specific purpose to divert housing commission accommodation to gay couples. This is part of the gay secret agenda for public housing in this country. NHEL houses may be on their way to being set up in a gay love nest system.
We have to understand that across the world, there is a hidden gay and lesbian agenda to infiltrate public housing, education, legal, health and welfare.
The stage is set in NHEL for an unknown rats nest of gay men starting with the legal officer who just spent a number of years forcing a gay agenda on the PNG AIDS campaign. He failed. But he must not set up a house take over racket in NHEL for gay and paedophile men.

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