Sunday, 16 June 2013


In recent days, the community has been treated to an in-depth view of sorcery and HIV/AIDS by UNAIDS reporting to IRIN whoever they are.
The report has appeared on PNG Attitude. It seems that a 360 degree turn has been forthcoming. Please click:

Two years ago in Port Moresby, the UNAIDS story was different. It was not about the rights of women.

The Ministers' Fraternal was told that the church had to accept adultery as it kept married couples happy. Everyone it seems had the right to sex with every one else. We were later told that we must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH.

Now there is a new focus. HIV/AIDS among women is being spread by sorcery. UNAIDS has found a new bandwagon to jump on. We are being told the old lies from the UN.

The Head of UNAIDS worked for AusAID 10 years ago. He was the creep who had AIDS Holistics banned because of our focus on FAMILY and FAITH. We are being told that women are being tortured for passing HIV infection.

The new focus is all about women being abused by men. No mention of small boys being sexually abused by paedophile men. Can you imagine a man fisting a small boy? Please click:


There was an expose in the Post Courier last week on young girls in nightclubs having sex with men. No mention of men having sex with young boys.

This is one report on the Jackson blog that did not attract any comment. That is unusual for the Jackson blog.

Then there was the report from one Ume Wainetti that men who can not raise an erection will bash their wives.

The mother of my daughters would bash me if I could not raise an erection. It was on the basis of my having sex with other women. It was more a matter of fear and loathing. Good try Ume.

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