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A report has been posted on BBC internet from WHO recommending that ARV treatment for AIDS sufferers be commenced early. Please click:

BBC News - HIV/Aids drugs: WHO to recommend earlier treatment
20 hours ago – HIV/Aids drugs: WHO to recommend earlier treatment. By Jane
Dreaper Health correspondent, BBC News. Paul Ward, deputy chief executive ...

The view in the last decade was that the HIV virus attacks the immune system slowly. This showed a complete misunderstanding of the action of HIV on the body. Please click:

Gut warfare - Tulane National Primate Research Center

HIV is supposed to be a slow and stealthy killer. For years ...
After that initial attack, HIV appears to move ... testing the
gut lining by assessing how well it.

The immune system is certainly weakened over a number of years depending on the sufferer adhering to a Positive Living lifestyle.

But the immediate attack of the HIV is on the masses of CD4 cells that protect the lining of the small intestine or gut. The initial attack takes place two weeks after infection.

With the progressive destruction of gut lining, the body is unable to absorb water, nutrients and salts. The sufferer faces slow starvation,dehydration, infection and suffocation. Please click:

HIV Attacks the Gut First - Tags: SIMIAN viruses HIV (Viruses)
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HIV Attacks the Gut First. Get access to over 12 million other ...

ARV stops the virus in the blood and brings to a halt the attack on the gut lining. With proper nutrition, the cells of the body and gut lining have the chance to be repaired.

The water salt balance of the body is largely normalized. Absorption of salts, nutrients and water is restored.

There has been a gross conspiracy on the part of the gay and lesbian lobby to conceal the attack of the virus on the gut. So the focus has always been on the immune system.

The community is not to know the real story of the two pandemics that attack the human race. One is the HIV virus and the other is the coccidian gut parasites that pass as eggs into the bodies of anus licking and faeces slurping gay men. Please click:


Intestinal parasitic infections in relation to HIV ... - BioMed Central

by S Assefa - 2009 - Cited by 55 - Related articles
Overall, either backed by HIV or independently, intestinal parasitic
infections ..... Singh S: Chronic diarrhea in HIV patients: prevalence of
coccidian parasites.

The gay lobby hides the attack of the coccidian gut parasites within the AIDS syndrome. These are falsely called HIV opportunistic infections. These have nothing to do with HIV except among gay men.

It is noted that the journalist of the BBC report above refers only to the immune system and not to the gut lining. Hmmm??

Understanding of the physiology of the gut lining is crucial to AIDS awareness. Gay and lesbian activists could not care less.

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