Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Over the last few weeks, there have been several reports on PNG Attitude on sorcery. Most memorable came from one Michael Dom who suggested we do not blame the devil for sorcery killings.

He suggested we should more blame the disaffected youth in villages, high on marijuana and committed to killing people they blame for sorcery. Old men and women are past their use by date and owning land that could be given to others. Often elderly widowers and widows are killed.

The issue went from the sublime to the ridiculous with the gay paedophile view from UNAIDS that sorcery can be blamed for HIV among women.

The most terrible time in sorcery killing occurred during the middle ages at the hands of Catholic priests determined to kill the healers in European villages by calling them witches and burning them at the stake. The church was guilty of a crime against humanity.

Witches were the village midwives and herbalists but competition to the Catholic church. There is a special place in hell for priests who sent village women to die at the stake.

A report on BBC highlights the role of such women in Tanzania. They are the herbalists and often had visiting hours. Their one deep blemish is the killing of albinos, believed to have magical powers.

Daily hit tally: 105, 234

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