Wednesday, 11 September 2013


You may have noticed over the years that the most deeply penetrating insights on men and women come from the United Nations. It is the work of UN lesbians who obtain their findings by trickery. They have passed their approaches to other lesbian organizations.
The trick is not to find information by a survey. More results are possible if the survey is disguised as a school assignment or role play at a workshop. The victims do not realize they are giving away information.
Several years ago Save the Children conducted a survey on child sexuality in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Did they advise the children if they were gay or lesbian?  Not yet.
They had the 12 year old students write a essay on "My Best Friend". If the girl chose a girl, she was lesbian. Any boy who chose a boy was gay. The kids were now told of their sexuality. Creeps.
In Massachusetts, the gay and lesbian teachers made much on the fantasy that school children wanted to commit suicide. But the organization Mass Resistance has pointed out that "How I would commit suicide" was a school assignment. The lesbian creep teachers had turned fantasy into reality. Their claims on suicide were fraud. What creeps among teachers indoctrinate on suicide?
Now we find Medecins Sans Frontieres tell us that 60% of PNG men confess to gang rape. The United Nations lesbians now tell us that 6 men out of 10 in PNG admit rape. A group of lesbians would not elicit such responses without trickery. It may have come from a fantasy role play at a workshop.
We are told that their responses were by hand held computer. It was a video they responded to at a workshop.
They were being set up by UN lesbians. They did not realize that their off-the-cuff responses were part of a survey that marked them as rapists. Please click:

A well known lesbian predator in PNG planned a course for counsellors at Callan Studies in Wewak. One of the 10 units was entitled " The counsellor as a person".
This was an assignment to discover the lesbian students or those emotionally weak enough to find themselves in the lesbian lecturer's bed.

Lesbian activists are a law unto themselves. They are loyal to no nation, particularly the nation that they have been contracted to help. They are ready to lie and cheat. They seek to destroy men. They seek to promote that all men are rapists. All women are abused.

Lesbian activists are the scum of the earth. They do not even like gay activists.

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