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For overseas readers the Haus Krai is the mourning house in which family and friends gather at the death of a loved one. A Haus Krai was set up in PNG to mourn women who had suffered violence.

It was the start of a new awareness on the rights of women. It will mean that many more men will look to the safety and security of their wives and children.

This was also a propagandist's dream come true. All blame was heaped on men. There were photos in the media of men on their knees begging the wives and daughters for forgiveness.

But through it all fakery was obvious. Figures were inflated by double factors. We read in the report on the Jackson blog of children who suffer sexual violence and abuse. Please click:
What does that mean? Out of 100 children, 40 may suffer sexual violence and 60 may suffer abuse. Abuse can mean anything.

You went to school without lunch money. That is abuse.
You were sent to bed without dinner. That is abuse.

But when it is all put together, it seems as if 100 suffered sexual violence.
There was a report last year that advised that 2 million children suffer violence in the home and outside. By addition of outside, the fakers can add hundreds of thousands of cases.
Take my family. My daughters have been punched several times at school mainly by class girls. That makes them survivors of violence. Added together across the nation, these would provide a few hundred thousand cases to the figure above.

Last night my daughters went with girl friends to the UN concert. My younger daughter was punched by a drunken young woman. She hit back followed by the two girl friends who punched the girl in the face.
Four were punched. If they went to the local health clinic, there would be 4 victims of violence. Some clinics would record that they had been attacked by men. Most clinics would not ask how the injuries took place.

There is a propaganda war going on. In Nazi Germany, all blame was heaped on the Jews. If 1000 women were to suffer violence, we are being conditioned to believe that it is the work of men. But that need not be so.
Violence can be heaped on both men and women as victims. Women in PNG can be the instigators of violence to other women, men and children.

There is a massive publicity hoax taking place with the survey by the European Union of gays and lesbians on violence and threats of violence  they have suffered. This is another double factor designed to inflate the figure. Please click:
1 day ago – A quarter of gay people surveyed in a major EU poll say they have been
He spoke with BBC Europe Correspondent Matthew Price.

We have to know some background to the reality that so much violence exists in the homosexual community. Please click:

gay and lesbian domestic violence - family positive living - aids ...

Many gays are bashed not by heterosexual men but by homosexual lovers. But the survey ignores this and infers that all violence is at the hands of heterosexual men. Liars.

The Care group AARDVARC advises that homosexual workers suffer discrimination in the workplace at the hands of jealous lovers. So the conclusion of the EU survey was fake. We can fool only some of the people some of the time. Please click:
Aid and Resource Collection. Information, referrals, publications and assistance ...
Many are afraid to report this for fear of their families finding out. Many seek care and pretend to be bashed by heterosexual partners. Many are afraid of seeking counselling from homosexual advisers who have the habit of breaching confidentiality. The EU survey did not get that one right.

We must not forget that the gay, lesbian and paedophile activist movement  is ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI-FAITH, ANTI-MEN, ANTI-MARRIAGE,  ANTI-GOD and ANTI-ALLAH.

They seek to increase the abuse of children by destroying family unity, authority of parents, credibility of faith and the validity of education. Then they blame the men and push themselves in to mend the damage. Bastards.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile push must not convince the community that they are in the right and the community is in the wrong. It is like the foxes convincing the sheep that they have a wrong life style.

Remember that fool Hollande in France. He planned to lift his popularity in the polls by legalizing gay and lesbian marriage and banning school homework. No homework will get the kids on the streets at night. It is hard to get good help these days.

As a final key point, the violence against gays is very much part of the gay and lesbian scene.

In the urban areas, gays spend much time in gay bars and gay saunas with serial sex and glory holes.  Reports show that some gays have sex with 20 men a night. It also explains the rise in HIV infection among gay men.

The gay bars are gay meat markets where men seek sex and jostle with others for the best looking gay boys. Of course there is violence and threats among gay men out on the town at night. Most has nothing to do with heterosexual men.

Daily hit tally: 102, 135

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