Saturday, 11 May 2013


Over recent months, there have been quality reports posted on Jackson blog PNG Attitude on the issue of Gender Equality for which the foreign lesbians had substituted lesbian feminism that promoted the false view that all men were violent and all women abused.

Over the last decade, the message has been hyjacked by the foreign lesbians who have  worked to focus only on the rights of women and girls. They had no intention to promote equality with man who were to be vilified and pushed down. This was not Gender Equality.

There was a plan to set up 22 reserved seats in PNG parliament. But this was defeated at the last moment. It seems that the women's movement was divided. The plan was supported by the foreign lesbians who would have undoubtedly been intending to insert PNG lesbians into parliament.

But in recent months, there have been several reports on the Jackson blog setting out the confusion between gender equality and feminism, wrongness of rights without morality, honour to a father, gender equality focus of the new women politicians and lies from the UN on gender. Please click:

There was a time when these issues were off limits on the Jackson blog, particularly in relation to links with the Australian gay and lesbian activists. 

For several years, AIDS Holistics has written on the anti-family, anti-faith, anti-men focus of the UN and AusAID homosexuals. For this, we were severely punished. Please click:

Now we find that PNG people are moving to support the Gender Equality focus in the National HIV/AIDS campaign. This is now appearing on the Jackson blog.

We find that the new women politicians seek to support women working with men. One of the three women has had problems with her husband while another writes of the love and support that her husband gives to her. Please click:
The planned 22 seats raises many questions. Were women elected to the seats or nominated? Do only women vote in any election? Or do men vote too? Is more than one woman able to nominate for each seat?

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