Monday, 27 May 2013


The National - letters to the editor 24 May 2013
I would like to share my concern with readers about processed food. I believe that many of us are ignorant and not careful when it comes to making proper food choices.
There is something called trans fat found in some food items, especially processed food such as canned and bottled food. It is not natural fat derived from fats in plants and animals.
It is artificial fat created by humans and added to food to extend shelf life. United States research shows that transfat is responsible for an increase in heart problems, diabetes and cancer.
Footnote: We have checked labels for trans fat. Most labels make no mention. No mention on the Chinese peanut butter that we checked.

Mention was made by the writer of Chinese peanut butter.

The only brand was Peanutter that featured a high level of fat. But was this trans fat?

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