Wednesday, 1 May 2013


In recent days, there has been a report on BBC internet of an American basketball star Jason Collins who announced to the media that he was  34 years old, 7 feet tall, black and gay. He was the first professional athlete ever to have done so.  Please click:

NBA's Jason Collins hopes gay athletes will follow suit ... - NewsDiffs

President Obama announced that he had spoken with Collins whom he called a "terrific young man".
The President said that Americans should be proud that this is just one more step in the ongoing recognition that we treat everybody fairly and that everybody is part of a family".
"We judge people on the basis of their character and performance not on their sexual orientation".
AIDS Holistics has no argument with this.
But here the buck stops. There are two levels to  approach gay and lesbian rights. The first is for the individual struggling to live. The second is on the level of the activists seeking to hold society to ransom and tear the fabric of society. No holds barred.
Where do we draw the line?  The HIV/AIDS pandemic in the world has brought out a generation of lying, cheating, bullying and hating gay and lesbian activists. Please click:

Activists are trying every dirty trick in the book to push the gay and lesbian agenda on to an unsuspecting community in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.
Are we allowed to judge them on their character and performance, Mr President?
They want to place a gay and lesbian agenda in the community with no public consultation, control welfare, promote adoptions by gays and lesbians, become Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders and destroy family unity. They want to recruit children into the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

They want children to have the right of association with any person, commit to rights without responsibilities and promote lesbian feminism.
Gay and lesbian athletes are making public their sexuality. This may contribute to a change of image from anus licking, fisting into an anus or vagina, infection with gut parasites. Please click:


Sorry folks. A picture is worth a
thousand words.

Fist For Hire 1

They pervert young school children with a gay and lesbian curriculum and making false messages on women.
Gays lead the world in HIV/AIDS infection while gays and lesbians insult Moslems and Christians with denial of the existence of Allah and God. International welfare organizations in Moslem countries may well be working to undermine the Moslem faith.

Why does Obama support the gay and lesbian activists?

Why did he let Kevan Jennings lead the gay/ lesbian curriculum
in Massachusetts schools?

How does the President reconcile the fact that the world gays and
lesbians are anti-family, anti-faith, anti-culture and anti-God and
anti-Allah? Is he supporting the enemy?

We can not serve two masters. How can we worship Allah and
support anti-Allah at the same time?

It stands to reason. If the gay and lesbian lobby thinks that the
Bible is just man-made fairy stories, they must think the same
with the Koran. Please click:

Obama's Religion - Conservapedia's_Religion

The facts confirming that Obama is Muslim are too
obvious to deny: ... Obama seems to emotionally hold a
Muslim view about Israel, in contrast with Americans ...

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