Monday, 1 July 2013


Gay activists are very sensitive about the world community becoming aware of the action of coccidian gut parasites infecting their intestines.

Gays contract the infections of dozens of such parasites from licking the anuses of gay partners and ingesting egg laden faeces that hatch in the intestines.

It is probable that many such gays are HIV positive with the virus attacking the very same gut lining as the gut parasites.

Gay activists have been promoting that coccidian infections are HIV opportunistic. But that is not true.

The infection by coccidian gut parasites predisposes the sufferer to HIV and vice versa with a lowering of the immune system.

But this does not detract from the fact that for most gay men, gut parasites are a lifestyle infection. Parasite eggs do not just happen to fall from anus and faeces to lips and gut of a partner.

All community awareness of gut infections has been squashed by gay activists. No good public relations for gays, you know.

There are other people who do contract such gut infections. Villagers in developing countries may ingest faeces of pigs and dogs from the soil.

But the gay community has brought the gut parasites into the urban areas. Their path is from anus to lips.

Two years ago, we could type gay - coccidian - HIV into Google and locate dozens of reports on gay men infected with HIV and gut parasites. Not any more. There is the occasional few.

There has long been a hoax in progress by which gay activists are pretending that the coccidian parasites infect only people infected with HIV as an opportunistic infection. Please click:
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Opportunistic infections and kaposis sarcoma in homosexual men.

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We read in the media that the level of HIV infection is dropping in PNG. The implication is that it is the result of wonderful work of gay and lesbian supporting AIDS organizations in promoting condoms. 

But the fact is that promiscuous sex may be rising but that the sufferers are on ARV that stops the transmission of the HIV from partner to partner.

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