Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I am saddened to read in the media that Hon. Gary Juffa Governor of Oro is facing trouble at the hands of his fellow MPs in his area and a gaggle of Local Level Government (LLG) presidents. 

I have utmost respect for Gary Juffa and see him in the new wave of politicians in this country seeking to improve the lot of the people and stop corruption.

He and I met in unusual circumstances about 5 years ago when journalist Simon Eroro started to attack the Australian Kokoda companies. 

I wrote a response on email and sent it out to be attacked by Eroro and his hateful mate journalist Malum Nalu who personally tried to have me deported and undertook a campaign as a cyberlunatic accusing me of writing sexual hate mail to unknown women. Readers thought it  was me.

He was really attacking two expatriate women Lydia Kailap and Nancy Sullivan on behalf of Rimbunan Hijau in support of their logging policies. They were activists attacking the logging at Pomio.

Eroro decided to send my emails to a number of readers in Oro Province including one Gary Juffa who was quite angry in support of the words of Eroro accusing me of being a racist neo-colonial pig. Juffa and I had sharp words during which I called him names and he responded in kind.

Gary Juffa did not tell me who he was and I later found out that he was the Head of the Transnational Crime Unit. Me and my big mouth.

I wrote an email to him making peace and telling him of my work with AIDS Holistics. Eating humble pie is not my usual modus operandi. "So you are the one", he said.

We have been friends ever since. I have come to know of his honesty and commitment as a politician and Governor of Oro Province.

He has to shake off the vicious and corrupt attack of the people who oppose him. He is the new breed of politician to be supported and nurtured. The time will come when he rises high in the political scene of this country.

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