Friday, 17 October 2014


Over the centuries, the Catholic church has sought moral ascendancy in the world of faith. In many ways, the church has provided leadership under which other churches enjoyed a reduction of pressure for change.

The Catholic church stood firm on the sanctity of human life while at the same time standing by while so-called witches were burned at the stake and heretics killed in the inquisitions.

The Pope did nothing while Irish Catholics were dying in the potato famine of the nineteenth century and priests in Ireland were being hung, drawn and quartered by English soldiers. Remember the end of the movie Brave Heart.

In the last century, the church has stood firm on the matter of contraception, abortion, HIV/AIDS and family planning. This brought problems in the secular view of the importance of limiting family in a world of increasing poverty.

The Catholic church has lost ground in the view that the clergy would prefer children and mothers to die of disease, starvation and HIV/AIDS than weaken the institution of family.

The credibility of the church has suffered in the revelations of the probable legions of paedophile priests over centuries who have molested thousands of children under their care. There have been reports of a cult of paedophile and gay priests in the Vatican.

So where does this leave the recent reports in the world media that the church has to welcome gay and lesbian relationships into the church. The sanctity of the Bible is wrong. God is out of date in the modern world that is a flash of light in eternity of existence.

Certainly there has to be understanding of the nature of homosexuality. There are men born with a woman’s soul and women born with a man’s soul. They have sexual needs and must be treated with compassion.

There is a false message in the homosexual world that all such people are born that way. For those of us who have studied psychology, there is the matter of nature-nurture. Some people are born that way. Others are nurtured that way.

Take young Thomas Algernon Ponsonby, son of Lord and Lady Ponsonby who is put into boarding school in England at the age of 6 years.

He sleeps in a dormitory with other boys until he leaves at the age of 17 years having had sex with a succession of chums in their beds for 11 years. There was a dance once a year with the local girls’ school.

He knows only sex with boys and joins them in reading Literature at Oxford University to graduate and find a career in the Foreign Office. Wilfred was the odd chum out who became an Anglican Minister. 

If the parents had sent young Tom to the local school near the estate, he would have married a woman and had a family. Now he is a gay man in the Foreign office. He was nurtured into a gay lifestyle.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile community is undoubtedly jubilant at the words expressed in the Vatican recently. The priests, many of whom are paedophile want gay and lesbian rights within the church.

Their combined view is both naive and vicious if they are seeking to overturn the family. We have seen the work of United Nations lesbians in setting up a non-family agenda.

They want all people to have rights independent of family. In the Charter of Children’s rights, minors have the right of association. Think of what that can mean. Parents have no rights over their children.

The image painted by the gay and lesbian community is that they are loving, caring and compassionate but vilified by homophobic people. That is what the priests in the Vatican are telling Pope Francis. For many that will be true.

But they do not mention that domestic violence is just as bad among gay and lesbian couples as among couples in the community at large. They claim that children of gays and lesbians are balanced and happy. 

What of the single gays who seek shelter from violent abusive partners with their children? Check Google – gay lesbian domestic violence children shelters.

But that should not stop their being given rights. We have to see that gay and lesbian equality means that school curriculum will be changed to include the gay and lesbian marriage as a loving and valid lifestyle.

Surely the paedophile priests have done enough damage. Paedophiles hide as gay and lesbian activists. Will the Vatican clergy condemn the police action in identifying paedophile gangs and searching computer hard drives for child pornography?

Will gays and lesbians be allowed in law to become clergy and preach sexual freedom from the pulpit and in church youth camps. Will paedophiles be allowed to become youth leaders? Will a priest end up in Court on the basis of his Sunday sermon?

The Catholic church has a new pontiff as a breath of fresh air but he needs to take care that he does not destroy the church until the end of time. He does not accept condoms and family planning but will he accept single sex marriage?

The Catholic church is drawing a massive dividing line with the Moslem faith. There is reaching a point of no common ground. The Moslems are having their own problems.

Girls are banned from education which is the reason for the school girls being kidnapped in Africa. But they are being raped by so-called Moslem faithful, so we read.

The faith world is facing massive double-standards. God is watching .... at a distance.

But the vote among the Bishops did not get the two thirds majority. They should never forget that gay and lesbian activists will never just leave it at that. They will set up a new hurdle to build upon success......the next.........the next........and the next.

They want to control faith, education, welfare, legal and health. They will do this by secret infiltration of all decision making in Government. The community has no right to know as the community is homophobic.

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