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This book is an interesting read giving the latest of the AIDS response in Australia, Papua New Guinea and nations of the region.

The message was sadly spoiled by the ongoing propaganda throughout the book with grossly false information on the AIDS situation. It is centred on the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community.

It was suggested that the AIDS fight is over in Australia though not in the developing world. Reference is made to the polarization of rights across the planet.

The writers glibly gloss over the reality that the AIDS infection is dropping across the community of families but rising in the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community. There is no criticism of this community whatever as the blame has been sheeted to the community at large.

They do not point out that the HIV infection of gay and transgender is their failure not the failure of the community.

It means that these people are not using condoms, but rimming (licking anuses), fisting (shoving an arm up a partner’s anus) and ejaculating into mouth and anus.

One report in the book points out that a high percentage of these men do not reveal their status to a partner. Blame them.

There was recently a report on this blog commenting on an AIDS brochure. The point was made in the brochure that if a couple wants to have a baby, the HIV partner has the responsibility to advise the partner of HIV status.

One would hope that such revelation would be made at the start of the relationship before any sex.

We are told that the so-called homophobic laws mean that men are afraid to be tested and come back for treatment.

The activists spread that the medical profession will advise the police and have the person arrested. They do not mention that a high percentage of medical officers in Australia are gay and lesbian. It is all a trick.

Activists of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations want such laws removed. This came from a paper by O’Keefe and Malar.

Dennis Altman, an old adversary of AIDS Holistics exaggerates his case and argues on a very superficial level about the rights of gays and lesbians in Africa and Moslem countries.

He finds only fault in the Russian laws prohibiting gay and lesbian propaganda to minors. It is OK for children to learn about homosexual sex at an early age. Altman would want the message to be included in school curriculum that gay and lesbian is right and beautiful.

What is a bisexual? It may be that many are young straight people have been seduced into sex by paedophile gays and lesbians. But they come to like the opposite sex as they would have done if not molested. But they like homosexual sex too. So they are bisexual.

Altman is not interested in the fact that the homosexual advance in the weak Christian soft target nations has caused the Moslem nations to turn their wagons in a circle.

Take the threat of Prime Minister Cameron to African nations at the last CHOGM conference. That sparked an immediate hostile response in such African nations as Uganda, Nigeria and Algeria.

One report advised that churches discriminate against gays and lesbians. This was recorded a decade ago in the South African book The Pink Agenda that the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community want churches to be blocked to allow these people to be clergy and preach sexual liberty.

In the book, activists of I Gat Hop (There is hope) in Papua New Guinea talk of violence to gays who are HIV. The implication is that they are attacked by the men in the community.

In my experience, the most violence I have seen in the AIDS campaign came from members of I Gat Hop seeking to hijack and steal 3 Angels Care Centre. They were Momo, Elaripe and Marabe. They wanted to stop the work of 3 Angels Care and use the rooms as their own.

Marabe used to control 3 Angels Care with a long knife. We had booked a young man into the centre. He was from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

I met him in town the following week to be told he did not stay at the centre. On the first night, the food was being served, paid for by AusAID.

When he went with his plate, Marabe told him that if he touched the food, he would get a knife in the stomach. He left next morning. I was the caretaker for 5 months and stabbed twice by Marabe who said she was the boss.

She was the one who told the media a few years ago that she saw HIV positive people being buried alive in a highlands village. The news went viral. But she could not remember the village when interviewed by police.

I gat Hop ignores that the domestic violence between gay and lesbian couples against their partners is equal to all other domestic violence. Gays and lesbians bash their partners and blame the community.

The gay and lesbian activists have a massive stock of well worn lies and tricks. They want to expand their community through recruitment in education and welfare. They say that kids have rights of association. Check the UN Charter of Children’s rights.

They believe that children do not belong to parents but to the State, particularly the pretty ones. As teachers, welfare officers and legal officers they represent the State and can take children into care.

HIV Australia  AIDS 2014 Special edition
HIV and the enabling environment. Australia and the region
Volume 12 No 2
ISSN 1446 0139

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