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The National 31 October 2014

Gay rights activist Rodney Croome has been named Tasmanian Australian of the Year for 2015. He has been a vocal activist for gay rights campaigning for anti-discrimination and recognition of same sex relationships and families including marriage.

He has challenged homophobia in schools and the police force and worked to normalize same sex relationships.

What has been said here is the tip of the iceberg in relation to gay and lesbian rights. The focus on schools is a dead give away. This is the paedophile side to gay rights. They want gay and lesbian relationships to be presented in schools as a normal and beautiful option to sexual relationships. 

Such an approach is all about recruiting straight children to be bi-sexual. They are being indoctrinated into an interest in same sex as well as their normal heterosexual interest.

Gay and lesbian rights involves rewriting curriculum for schools. Any parent who objects is immediately classified as homophobic.

The horror side of gay and lesbian curriculum is in the schools of Massachusetts where gay and lesbian curriculum was pushed on all children. Parents had no right to object. 

The Russian Duma has raised anger in the gay and lesbian world by legislating against gay and lesbian propaganda to minors.

Some Massachusetts schools even had Gay and Lesbian appreciation days. Kids were being forced to come out. There was no privacy in personal sexuality. Then the claim was that homophobia was forcing gay and lesbian kids into suicide. Liars.

Mr Croome does not mention the rest of paedophile gay and lesbian rights. Children are to be adopted by gay and single couples. Objection to homosexuality is to be abandoned in churches.

I have been involved in schools for many years and can not say that I have seen more than 5 children who are gay or lesbian. My daughters in PNG say the same about their schools. But the numbers will increase once the straight kids become bi-sexual after a gay and lesbian curriculum.

The danger in gay and lesbian rights is that many of the adult activists are paedophile. The target in PNG for gay and lesbian activists is the Department for Community Development. 

That is where the legislation begins with any woman minister. That is where the Marriage Committee is taken over to put forward support for same sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian activists are not planning to educate our children. They plan to recruit and steal as many as they can and call the parents homophobic. Children have rights, you know. They have the right to gay, lesbian and paedophile sex. Their parents have no right to stop them.

Children have been given the right of association. Check the UN Charter of Children's Rights. That means they can meet paedophiles outside of internet chat rooms and the police can do nothing. By the very definition, the term 'children' means young people under the age of consent.

This is the work of UN paedophiles. They are trying to destroy the age of consent.

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