Sunday, 10 May 2015


This Sunday was Mothers' Day. My two daughters 18 yrs and 17 yrs gave their dad a rose on Mothers' Day.

They said that their dad had been their mother and father all their lives after their mother ran off. So over recent years, they have given their dad a gift on Mothers' Day.

My daughters have given me all kinds of trouble over their childhood. But now they are young women and see that their dad as important in their lives. Please click:

my beautiful png daughters - family positive living - aids ...
Mar 29, 2015 - I have two beautiful daughters, as they say Australian and Eastern Highlands mix. Rachael is nearly 18 years old while Lisa is 17 years old this 

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But parents do not always have a peaceful time with their daughters. There is a time when there is stress and problems. But we parents hope that this will soon pass and it will. Please click: 

  1. the princess bitchface syndrome - family positive living - aids ...
    May 6, 2011 - THE PRINCESS BITCHFACE SYNDROME. Surviving adolescent girls: Michael Carr-Gregg. Penguin 2006 ISBN -13: 978 0 14 300466 0

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