Saturday, 1 November 2014


In the western Christian soft target countries, there is an age of consent for children in having sex with an older person. A person who has sex with a child under the age of consent is liable to a criminal charge.

In some countries there are what are called Romeo and Juliet laws that prevent criminal charges against a young person three years older than the underage child. Kids having sex.

The age of consent has varied from century to century and culture to culture. But the key in the western world is that young girls have the right to education and employment before marriage. 

This does not apply in the Moslem world where girls are being forced into sex by having to marry men at the age of 8 years. We read of young Moslem girls dying of blood loss on their wedding night. Girls in Africa are being kidnapped from schools as they are not to go to school.

Chances were that young girls on their wedding night  had no idea of what was going on. A man was thrusting himself into her tiny vagina and she had no idea of why. There is in the western world the concept of Informed Consent. A young person has to have informed consent to sex. This is linked to the age of consent.

So the paedophile activists are working on that. Already they have given children the right of association in the UN Charter of Children's rights. Children by the definition are under the age of consent. They can associate with any person according to the UN.

But lowering the age of consent can be fixed by lowering the informed consent. Teach about gay and lesbian sex at school. When the majority of children are informed, the age of consent can be lowered in law.

So the paedophile world wants to lower the age of consent by introducing a gay and lesbian curriculum at school. Any objection from parents can be dismissed by accusation of homophobia. Creeps.

The Russian Duma was on the right track in legislating to criminalize gay and lesbian propaganda to minors. Paedophiles of the world are still complaining. 

They see this as denial of the rights of gays, lesbians and paedophiles to pervert children and turn straight children into bi-sexuals. The rights of children to be perverted are being denied.

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