Friday, 26 September 2014


A recent report in PNG Attitude expressed concern that there will be interference of the State in church affairs with the policy of Government in church social welfare. That may be so in some countries but not necessarily PNG.

The PNG Government is more concerned with social welfare programs of the churches including health and education.

The main interference in the churches in recent times has been with the gay and lesbian agenda being forced on churches in the National HIV/AIDS campaign from the United Nations and AusAID. The churches were bullied into accepting condoms, contraception, focus on rights without responsibilities.

Same sex marriage and adoption of children was next on the agenda. Same sex marriage required control of the Department for Community Development and the Marriage Committee of clergy.

Failure of churches to toe the line would bring black banning and loss of funding. Now that is interference. Two main churches to suffer was the Catholic church and Salvation Army.

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