Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Baragu told the media today her family has been encouraging her to stand for parliament for 5 years. Liar. Five years ago she was a scumbag house stealer in Port Moresby with her husband. They had stolen the Hohola house two years before that.

We read in the media that Cathleen Baragu plans to be elected as the dishonourable member for Kokopo.

In the media, she says that she has her own real estate company in Kokopo. She has much experience in stealing NHC houses in Port Moresby with her criminal husband Alan.

They tried to steal an NHC house at 5 mile in 2013 when I was caretaker and the old man was overseas for medical treatment. They tried every trick to force me out and sell the house.

A young woman came during the time of Baragu forced occupation, having found our address on this blog. With tears, she told how thugs Cathleen and Alan forced her family out of the house at Hohola with police and a truckload of Engans. She still cried for her mother who was sick and died on the street.

When Baragu thugs found who she was, they claimed to neighbours that she was a prostitute come for sex. They were not willing to reveal her reason for coming. She was looking for her mother's killers.

The white man had to be removed according to Cathleen the dishonourable scumbag member for Kokopo. He ran a brothel. The fact was that he knew too much.

The young woman lost her mother but had found the house stealers at last. Between Peter the Engan and the Hohola family, the net was closing on the Baragus. 

Soon they would run to Kokopo for safety after selling the stolen car belonging to Mark Sapias of Em TV. 

The Engans led by Peter had already bashed Alan Baragu with hammers in Kanage Street and demanded the return of money from the stolen Hohola house that had been returned to the tenants through the Court. 

The sum of K45,000 was still owed to devout Catholic Peter who went to mass at St Peters Erima. He knew he was buying a stolen house. Bless you Pete. That is why he did not take the matter to the police.

There was a young woman in our house for over 12 months being cared for with what seemed like chronic immune TB. I took Grace to PIH every fortnight for treatment  to see Dr Sapuri.

Grace had come into our family as she had nowhere to go. She was cared for with her chronic TB. She looked after us and we cared for her. 

But when the Baragu creep woman arrived she wanted to destroy the relationship and remove the caretaker from the house she wanted to steal. She worked to sabotage the caring for a sick woman. They needed money in a hurry from stealing and selling this house to pay Pete the violent Engan Catholic for the first stolen house.

She told Grace she had the right to smoke and the white man had no right to stop her. Dr Sapuri had been advising Grace not to smoke with TB.  I could see her dying before my eyes. 

The Baragu house stealer was killing her by encouraging her to smoke secretly in the room her family had taken. She gave her cigarettes to smoke. Grace was not very clever.

Google tells us that smoking causes a risk of recurrent tuberculosis. Even Grace said she was dying but I could not help her with uninvited and unwelcome interference and sabotage by the repulsive intruder Cathleen Baragu. 

She wanted Grace to die and to blame her carer in the plan to steal the house. Grace was being murdered. 

They desperately needed the money in a hurry to repay Peter the Engan basher who knew where they were staying at 5 Mile and was coming back for his money with violence. Baragus knew that Grace should not smoke but encouraged her to do so. Please click:

New Study Shows Smoking Tobacco Doubles Risk of Recurrent ...
Mar 24, 2014 - The study is the most robust ever conducted into how smoking tobacco
increases the risk of recurrent TB. It appears in the April issue of the International Journal

of e.

She said Grace did not have to do any work and she was not getting enough pay. She said that the white man wanted to kick her out. She totally confused Grace and deliberately led her to death. 

The Baragus were intruders in this house but worked to destroy us. The Baragu woman wanted to empower only herself. 

Now she wants to be a member of parliament and empower young people of East New Britain. Haha. She must not be allowed to join any party  as she will steal party funds. She will steal funds in parliamentary committees.

The Baragu house stealing thugs made Grace so upset and confused that she was being abused. They rang her father to come and get her. Any trick to remove the white man from the house. Buyers were waiting and Peter the Catholic was demanding his K45,000.

Her father Chief Inspector Gulu arrived drunk with his wantok Supt Laimo Asi bashed the caretaker and took Grace away. She died a month later having missed her TB medication. Gulu was quite a stupid father. He let himself be tricked by the criminal house stealers.

Now the house stealer Baragu wants to be dishonourable member for Kokopo. She is a criminal. There must be corruption in Real Estate if she has a license to operate. She is probably running a house stealing company with her husband.

Look at her photo in The National today. She seems so sad and hopeless at the realization that her criminal activities show that she and husband Alan are unfit to serve the community. She is grossly overweight from doing no work..... and filling her face with food.

She says she has a real estate company. I would not put a house under her care as she may well sell it and keep the money. That is her way of operating.

She says she wants to be member of parliament to empower young people. She did not empower Grace but killed her by interfering with the support given by AIDS Holistics. Grace died as a murderous trick to remove the caretaker from the NHC house.

She and husband killed the old lady kicked out of the house into the street at Hohola then accused her daughter of being a prostitute. 

Baragu does not empower women. She is not a team player but involved only in self empowerment. She will cause endless problems in East New Britain if elected to parliament. She is a repulsive criminal.

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