Wednesday, 31 May 2017


The National 1 June 2017

There is stupid uneducated advice in the media today from the NAC Regional Manager Valentine Tangoh blaming the community for the high rates of HIV infection among gay men and sex workers.

He is saying these people suffer from stigma and discrimination from the community and have risky sex in hiding places.

What kind of fool advice is this? The fact is that sex workers and MSM have unprotected sex with a thousand times more partners than family men and women.

Gay men often have serial sex like rutting dogs. This fool regional manager wants to trick the community by shifting the blame to family men and women.

He wants to pressure and blackmail the government into legalizing gay and lesbian sex by promoting a fake message. So communities stop gay men from using condoms. Haha.

Tangoh is obviously an active gay boy who seeks to trick the community.

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