Monday, 1 May 2017


Catherine Baragu and her criminal husband killed two sick women who died on the street after being forced from two stolen houses. Catherine Baragu should be in Bomana prison not parliament.

It is difficult to imagine Catherine Baragu as the member for Kokopo. She would spend all day in the parliamentary restaurant on her fat arse eating all the food. She would never visit her electorate and steal as much money as she could. She would never speak in parliament on any matter.

In the months the Baragus tried to steal the house at 5 mile, they drove a small red vehicle. It was taken for a test drive from a well known EM TV sports announcer and then stolen. 

They probably sold it when they ran off to Kokopo. They are thieves and too lazy to earn an honest living but prepared  to destroy families by stealing their houses and having them thrown on to the street.

A photo of Catherine Baragu appeared in the media yesterday as a candidate for Kokopo. This women is a criminal con-woman with her husband Alan Baragu who make a living stealing NHC houses and selling with fake titles. 

He was sacked years ago from NHC for stealing houses. They once tried to steal the house that I was living in at 5 Mile Port Moresby. They already had the house lined up for a buyer. Please click:

assault by house stealers - family positive living - blogger

Dec 28, 2013 - In recent days, I have been harrassed and intimidated by a Port Moresby 
house stealer and wife to the extent that I have put reports on internet.

They were already in trouble for stealing a house at Hohola and selling to one Peter the Engan who lived in the street above the Gordons International School. 

But the tenant family went to Court and got the house back but Peter the Engan has been chasing Alan and Catherine Baragu ever since for his money. The mother died on the street. They sold stolen houses to Engans.

If Catherine Baragu becomes the local member, she and her husband will do their best to steal as much DSIP money as they can. They are parasites on society.

Last year Alan Baragu was charged in Kokopo with selling a block of land as an agent but stole the money. Please click:

con-man house stealer arrested in kokopo - family positive living

Jun 3, 2016 - The plan of the housestealers was to get me out to sell the house. So your drunken family police thugs walked into a criminal hideout, bashed ...

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