Monday, 15 May 2017


Cathleen Baragu will drag the Kokopo Open electorate through the mud by stealing DSIP funds. No more house stealing needed. Millions in DSIP will be creamed instead.

Cathleen and Alan Baragu are the nation's most stupid house stealers. They steal houses and property of people who can identify and chase them.

Their big mistake was to try to steal a house at 5 Mile in Port Moresby but the white man caretaker would not leave.

They stayed in the house for over 3 months which gave time for previous victims to identify and locate them helped by the caretaker.

They were forced to run away when found, threatened and attacked by Peter the Engan who was owed K35,000 on a stolen house at Hohola but returned by the Courts to the tenants. The Baragus did not refund the money to the Engan but disappeared. They stole a car as protection against the Engans. Walking was dangerous.

When they failed to steal the 5 Mile house, they ran away to the East New Britain village of Raluana having sold the stolen car to pay air fares. It was taken for a test drive and never returned. Perhaps they gave the owner a false name and he could never find them.

They wanted to kick the caretaker out and put deadlocks on the 5 Mile house about to be stolen. They claimed they were the new caretakers cleaning out a brothel from an NHC house. Any trick to remove the caretaker and steal the house.

They were hiding the reality that a young woman had come to the house seeking her mother's killers. The Baragu house stealers kicked her family out of their house 3 years before causing her mother to die on the street. The family had found our address on this blog and identified the house stealers from Hohola. They were angry at the death of the mother.

But the housestealers claimed the young woman was a prostitute come for sex with the caretaker. The Baragus ran away a week before the men of the Hohola family arrived with bush knives. They were lucky but still in danger after 5 years.

Baragus had wanted to hand over a locked house to the new buyers before the tenant came back from overseas. They wanted to block the caretaker and family from entering the house to open the door to angry Engans and Hoholas armed with bush knives.

Did the dishonourable candidate for Kokopo run off with two lots of unrefunded money from two stolen NHC houses? Then there was the money stolen from the sale of land in Kokopo that amounted to over K150,000 and the K15,000 from the sale of a stolen car owned by Mark Sapias. They stole whatever they needed.

A dishonourable member for Kokopo Open could have problems from angry armed Engans at the gates of parliament house demanding refund of money owed for over 5 years. Scumbag Cathleen will repay her debts with stolen DSIP money. She is a liar, house stealer, killer of women and bully. She may be the first criminal sitting member.

The caretaker blocked Alan Baragu who had sent his wife and children away from the 5 Mile house ready to sell and move out to Kokopo. 

He arrived with two buyers but was locked out by the caretaker. Baragu tried to smash the front door down with a sledge hammer. The buyers lost interest. Had money been handed over?

Now Cathleen Baragu wants to stand for election in Kokopo Open. She plans to pay back stolen money by stealing DSIP funds. Alan Baragu thinks he is a big man by stealing big money.

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