Monday, 1 May 2017


Post Courier 1 May 2017

Dame Carol Kidu was reported in the media as being proud of becoming Patron of Men of Honour. She said that the majority of men of this country are really wonderful people.

In earlier times, men were protectors of women but that had decreased with alcoholism and violence. 

She suggested we all deal with the underlying causes and stop banging the men many of whom are good people.

So much for men groping and abusing women on public transport and harrassing them in the main market and on the street. That explains empty Meri Seif buses in Port Moresby.

Dame Carol is a loving widow with children and respected in the Pari village and nation. She knows that we have to support men, women and children in families. Men and women will succeed by supporting one another.

Foreign lesbians want war between men and women and for women to win. 

We love you Dame Carol.

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