Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The National 25 March 2015 Editorial P.42

People do not have to die because of TB. It is up to each and every one of us to work together to overcome TB.  It is preventable and this comes down to cleanliness and hygiene for everyone.

This involves covering your mouth when you cough and always wash your hands. TB can be easily spread by people who spit betel nut. Prime Minister O’Neill urged people to help their relatives to make sure that they take their full dose of TB medicine.

There is concern about people opting for alternative remedies. The scientific mind encourages the use of that which has been scientifically proven and tested to work on ailments with the least side effects.

People have been told to be wary of untested alternative remedies, however effective these may be. There is a rise in illegal pharmaceutical activities carried on by both illegal and legal registered companies.

These criminal activities include wrong labelling and counterfeit and sub-standard medicines. The easy access to drugs openly sold in shops or streets is easier than spending hours in long queues at public health facilities.

This calls for Government to strictly regulate the pharmaceutical industry and allow only reputable companies to supply the public health system and have these supplies regularly inspected.

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