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The National 3 March 2015

There is a report in the media today in which a young gay man expressed the view that gay rights should be recognised and same sex marriage legalised.

He said that gay marriages and gay rights should be legalized in this country because this is a Christian country. He said that we gays are Christian too and raised in Christian homes. It is just that our hormones and feelings are different.

He said that Christianity was about forgiving and accepting. Many of his gay friends were being threatened and abused by people.

Comment: This is a difficult issue that has been deeply spoiled by gay, lesbian and paedophile activists who have not just sought acceptance. They have worked to produce a restructuring of society. Gays, lesbians and paedophiles are to work to infiltrate Government and business.

They want family to be restructured with parents having no rights and all responsibilities. They are to be stripped of authority over their children.

Children are not to be disciplined as they have rights to do what they want with no mention made of responsibilities. Any work in the family is denounced as child labour.

The latest that we read is that children must not be made by parents to do what they do not want to do. Let loving parents have the freedom to develop their children to become caring and responsible adults.

The community does not understand the implications of legalization of gay and lesbian sex and marriage. We are all equal. That means that school curriculum will be changed to include gay and lesbian lifestyle as worthy and right.

We are being fooled by the false propaganda that gays and lesbians are born that way. That is not true but partly true. There is the nature-nurture syndrome. Some children are born gay and lesbian. Others are patterned into a homosexual lifestyle by continuing exposure to gay and lesbian sex.

Gay and lesbian marriage will mean that orphan children can be adopted by a gay, lesbian or paedophile couples. This was banned about 2 years ago by the Russian Duma. Teachers were not allowed in law to promote homosexual propaganda to minors.

So much about gay and lesbian sex agenda is hidden away. We find out once the legislation is passed. Hidden among the gays and lesbians are paedophiles who want sex with boys or girls. They want the age of consent to be lowered.

Education will give children knowledge of sex. That means that younger children can have sex with adults as they now have the capacity to give informed consent. Physiological maturity does not seem to be an issue.

So the young man in the report above may have given a sincere testimony that should be respected. But we must never forget that the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists have a hidden agenda and we will not understand until it is too late. 

It is good that the young man has faith and living in a loving family. But he is part of a movement that plans to dismantle family. 

Gay, lesbian and paedophile activists have a secret agenda and are ANTI-FAMILY and ANTI-FAITH. Both are called authoritarian and have to be weakened to give freedom to women and children. There is no God and all morality is man-made.

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