Saturday, 28 December 2013


In recent days, I have been harrassed and intimidated by a Port Moresby house stealer and wife to the extent that I have put reports on internet. Please click:

They now appear to be quite frightened by the publicity. This morning, I came out of my room to be confronted by the woman who demanded to know if I understood the damage I had done to her family.
She said there are laws to protect PNG citizens from f......g arseholes like me. It is a pity there are no laws to protect citizens from house stealers. Her main objection to me so she tells neighbours is that I swear.
I went down stairs to be confronted by her husband the house stealer Baragu. He told me to leave the house as he would personally bring police today to have me arrested. As I walked through the door, he hit me on the back and tried to push me down the stairs.
Yesterday I listened in horror as the young woman told how her family was driven out of their house at Hohola 2 by a truck load of Engans who arrived with a fake lease and threw their belongings out of the house and destroyed the gardens. The Engans were assisted by police. The wife died soon after.
The young woman says her father knows where the man lives now and is in contact with other families similarly driven out of their rental accommodation.

The trick in the National Housing Commission is for corrupt officials to target a Commission house in which the tenants are or are not up to date with the rent. A title is prepared in the name of a client for the house and sold for K45,000.

The new owner is told they can remove the tenants by whatever means. They may enlist the support of the police to remove terrified tenants and have the new "owners" move in.

The K45,000 then goes into the pockets of the corrupt officials. A second fake title may be sold to new clients who have the job of removing the new "owners". That may have been the case with the Engans bashing Baragu down the street recently.

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