Wednesday, 7 June 2017


I trekked Kokoda 14 times in 10 years. But I was diagnosed HIV positive 3 years ago and have never trekked since. My thighs burn just walking up a long flight of stairs. Imita Ridge and Brigade Hill would give hideous pain.

I am loved by my daughters. Friends who know remain friends. I have never known stigma and discrimination except from the anti-family foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

It is all false propaganda of the foreign activists seeking to raise legalization of gay and lesbian sex as an issue before the election in support of the samting nating gay and lesbian Green Party. They think that trekking Kokoda will do the trick. Hahaha. The Greens polled last in the British election.

The National AIDS Council regional manager Valentine Tangoh is off the track again with his plan to support a Kokoda PLWHA trek to disprove stigma and discrimination.

He seems to know nothing about HIV/AIDS. Only last week he blamed families for the high infection of LGBT family members. He ignored the promiscuous lifestyle of many such young people away from family.

This is the old gay, lesbian and paedophile anti-family strategy to blame other people. He does not accept that many PLWHA family members have settled down with love and caring in their families.

He thinks he will disprove stigma and discrimination by organizing a walk with PLWHA people led by an unnamed Australian organization with an HIV olympic team leader.

Tangoh is unaware that HIV people lose muscle tone as the HIV causes the body to strip protein of muscles of legs, arms and back. It can weaken the person's capacity to trek the steep gradients of the Kokoda Track. 

HIV sufferers will build strength with ARV and strong nutrition but may never regain full muscle tone. What happens to PLWHA trekkers who collapse on the track? 

Are arrangements made for helicopter evacuation? Has the aviation company been advised that PLWHA trekkers are involved? Has medical advice been sought and a medical clearance given to these trekkers?

HIV sufferers can find difficulty with lipodystrophy that can open the way to diabetes two and heart problems. Gastric reflux can be a problem with stress and over-exertion on the track. PLWHA smokers suffer debilitating health that can lead to death.

There needs to be professional advice sought on PLWHA trekkers and problems they may face. If a helicopter does not come, stricken PLWHA trekkers may have to be carried out by stretcher.

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