Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Post Courier 21 June 2017

A pork barrelling promise has hit the media that National Capital District Commission will provide another 10 Meri Seif buses to add to the lone 2 buses already driven around the streets of Port Moresby to pick up women and girls.

Chairman of Ginigoada Business Development Foundation David Conn claims that 220,000 women and girls have travelled on the two lone buses though no media photos have ever shown this. The count changes up and down with every news report.

This is all fake news to show that women are attacked on public transport by men. As a past principal of Laloki High School, Conn should know the men of this country better. Abuse of women and girls on buses is just not happening.

Conn is being conned. The pastor of Ginigoada told the same fake stories to the media about 2 months ago.

Conn says now that " the separate service would not have existed if men were respectful to woman and girls who are the main victims of crime and violence on public transport". 

Conn has undoubtedly never travelled on public transport and would not know. There would need to be about 150 meri seif buses to help the women and girls travelling the streets of Port Moresby each day.

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