Tuesday, 20 June 2017


At what age should care groups give condoms to children - 18? 16? 14? 12? 10? 8? 6? Save the Children want children to be given condoms whenever they have the need for sex. 

There was a recent media report that the Australian Government had stopped support to care group Poro Sapot set up by Save the Children (STC) and two UN lesbians.

I have never trusted STC after reports a number of years ago that they had conducted a gay and lesbian survey among primary school children in the Eastern Highlands.

How dare they confuse young children on their sexuality !! Tell young boys or girls they are homosexual and they may remember that all their lives. All children go through a same sex phase in early adolescence that must not be exploited by foreign gays and lesbians. 

Then came the report from STC criticizing care groups for refusing to give condoms to children.

This was obvious discrimination. Children had the right to sex and parents and care groups had no right to deny them condoms so the foreign lesbians say. Does STC and Poro Sapot give condoms to children? That may be the reason for blame to care groups.

Save the Children has been kicked out of several Moslem countries for loose foreign lesbian morality. 

There was a report this week of a young woman who had spent her younger years in discos and having sex with men. Now she is HIV positive. 

She has suffered stigma and discrimination from community and family. It was not her fault so the foreign lesbians say. It was the fault of others. 

She was just a poor loving sex worker who horrified her parents and was a disgraceful role model to younger girls and boys in the family.

Now she is on ARV with a 7 year old daughter. She says that she is normal like everyone else. This is not true. 

She can still die from defaulting on medication, heart problems and diabetes two from lipodistrophy. She can infect other people despite haveing ARV medication.

Best wishes to this young woman and may she live long. But she must not push the blame on to family. She alone was responsible for her sexual conduct.

Families and community have moral standards. It is not for foreign lesbians to say they are wrong.

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