Sunday, 18 June 2017


About a month ago, the Regional Manager of the PNG National AIDS Council Valentine Tangoh made a number of fake and silly claims to the media. He had no way of knowing what he was talking about.

He declared that stigma and discrimination by families was the cause of LGBT HIV infection. He further claimed that care groups were refusing to help LGBT people and sex workers.

We called Tangoh a liar and challenged to produce evidence including the names of care groups and care workers involved. 

There has been total silence from Tangoh but he announced a Kokoda walk for PLWHA to show they are not weak. 

He ignored the side effects of ARV including acquired lipodystrophy that leads on to heart problems and diabetes two. 

He ignored the loss of tone in muscles of PLWHA that were stripped of protein prior to commencement of ARV medication. 

PLWHA trekkers need to be sure that their muscles can carry them up the endless steep Kokoda gradients.

We call upon Tangoh to explain the stigma and discrimination of care groups. Is there stigma and discrimination if a care worker tells a young gay boy of the dangers of anal sex? 

What if a young sex worker is advised that she should not take risks of HIV/AIDS by selling her body? What if a young girl of 7 years old  is refused a request for condoms?

The reality is that families can reject HIV infected family members if they damage the family stability with violence and drug abuse including alcohol, marijuana and home brew.

The Tangoh propaganda is all part of the foreign gay, lesbian and paedophile message to damage families and take the kids for sex. 

Is this rubbish official advice from the National AIDS Council? Tangoh is losing credibility in his national responsibility.

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