Sunday, 25 June 2017


People of Papua New Guinea may be unaware that the nation faced a take-over bid from Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles over the last 15 years disguised as HIV/AIDS supporters.

Australian based groups arrived to destroy the family culture of the nation and remove the faith message. PNG people especially men were seen as savages. 

The Head of UNAIDS made a public statement five years ago declaring that family and faith were no longer relevant in modern society.

Groups included AusAID, National AIDS Council, Burnet, UNAIDS, Save the Children and Poro Sapot all with a hidden gay and lesbian agenda. 

All were set up by Australians who saw themselves as the power group in the Pacific. Most moved on to the UN to spread the gay, lesbian and paedophile message.

They gave rights to children and none to parents. Fathers were blamed for all abuse. Churches were bullied into accepting the gay and lesbian agenda.

The key organization to set up the family Positive Living message was AIDS Holistics. But Australian activists declared that the founder was mentally ill, hated by PNG people, violent and a child molesting womaniser. 

His children are now adult and would strongly disagree with the gay and lesbian lies about their father. Both are older now, live with their father and care for him.

But over the last 17 years, the wheel has turned to a focus on strong loving families. Family messages were given to the media by churches, politicians, care groups, governors-general and Dame Carol Kidu who is patron to a group that honours good men.

The last dying effort was to accuse men of attacking women and girls on public transport. They even had Governor Powes Parkop and David Conn tell lies to the media on their behalf.

But groups have now realized that Family has the upper hand in the media. The only way to retrieve credibility was to support family but at the same time to covertly sabotage. Malnutrition can be blamed on husbands. Poverty is not seen to be a general factor.

AusAID is becoming family focused. Burnet now focuses on women and babies. Save the Children has put child sexuality on hold to focus on malnutrition in the nation. 

But be not deceived. Legalization of gay and lesbian sex is still a hot issue. It is supported by the nondescript Green Party.

Blame is pushed on to family men for abusing children. But as soon as a family man does that he becomes paedophile.

And the paedophiles are protected by gays and lesbians as many of them are paedophile too. So the foreign activists are playing mind games with the community.

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