Wednesday, 17 April 2013


The new Government now focuses on the healthy lifestyle as the key to living.

We read in the media of the importance of diet including fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts with lean white meat , clean water, less salt and sugar, exercise and reduced stress to protect us from hypertension, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

But AIDS Holistics has made healthy lifestyle as the cornerstone of Positive Living necessary for all, particularly those suffering from HIV infection.

In the era of free distribution of ARV drugs, the virus is killed in the bloodstream which stops the ongoing attack on the small intestine. Please click:

Gut warfare - Tulane National Primate Research Center
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NEWS FEATURE indicates that HIV's initial attack is swift and deadly,
destroying CD4 cells in the gut where, in fact, most of the body's CD4
cells reside. In a ...

This enables nutrients, salts and water to be absorbed again to bring the metabolism of the body back almost to normal.

The important task of the sufferer is to follow a healthy lifestyle not only as protection from the lifestyle diseases above but also to rebuild the body after the HIV attack on the gut lining.

This is a factor that is not yet commonly promoted in the Papua New Guinea media. The reason may lie with the foreign gays and lesbians who think that condoms are the key to positive living.

It is still the job of AIDS Holistics to promote healthy living for those suffering from HIV infection and who may or may not be treated with ARV drugs.

There would be thousands of citizens in rural Papua New Guinea who suffer from HIV infection but do not have access to ARV drugs. Positive Living is their only hope for an extended but reduced life style.

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