Saturday, 20 April 2013


Today a series of abusive texts were sent by the strongarm minder of Jeffrey Nape, the fat 39 year old Nape family friend who calls himself JJ and has been leading the false promises and tricks to me the father of my underage 15 year old daughter . Text today:

Y r u demandin nape 2 pay da rent u shud pay bkos yr wife and yr childrn are livin der y shud nape pay yur rent bkos hes not livin der.

His texts were to advise that Nape was to cut rent on the small flat given to the family on moving out of our accommodation at 5 mile. He called me abusive names and demanded to know why I should expect Jeffrey Nape to pay for accommodation for the family.

The answer is simple. Nape had approached the angry father in late 2011 on his finding out that 42 year old Nape was having a relationship with his 14 year old daughter and given her K2000 that she spent mainly on cartons of beer for her friends.

He pleaded with the father not to stop the relationship. He said he would care for the girls and wanted to marry the elder girl at 18 but only if she consented.

He said that he knew that the father had just come out of the ICU at the Port Moresby hospital with a minor heart attack. He said that chances were that the father may die and offered to take care of the girls.

He said that he was a neighbour of the Tirokave clan at Morata and had known my youngest daughter from early childhood. He knew that the father was not able to work and offered to help with accommodation and school fees.

Reluctantly the father accepted but warned that if he breaks the promises, the father would cut the relationship. He urged Jeffrey Nape to follow what he had promised.

We were placed in a 5 bedroom apartment at Malaoro which was a bad move. The lease had to be signed by the father who was blamed by the landlord when the rent was 3 months behind. He was threatened with arrest and the cells.

Within 2 months, Nape changed his tune. No longer was he prepared to wait until my daughter was 18 years for marriage. He wanted sex NOW at 15 years of age.

The father said no. We were promptly evicted. Fatman minder claimed that two expatriates were to be put into the apartment. We refused to move. We were told to move to a house half way up Lawes Road that overlooked Ela Beach and had 4 bedrooms.

But we were to find that this rubbish bush house had one bedroom and smashed windows. We refused. Finally we were put into a flat at Waigani near the green shop on the way to Morata.

But Nape still had tricks. He decided that the flat was not suitable for his little girl. He proposed to move her to a flat over the other side of town. The father refused and for the first time took the matter to Welfare.

Nape changed his mind and put her into a little trade store at Morata about two hundred meters from his bedroom. He encouraged her mother to come and help with her daughter. She had left when my daughter was 13 months old.

Now the tricks are coming thick and fast. In April 2013, he decided to change the support to my daughter and her mother in the trade store. He has forbidden my daughter to come down to the family house.  His workers will come and get her if she does.

For the third time in the six months, the landlord has come with a lock-out order. He has sympathy for us as he has read the website reports.

Today, we are told by JJ the fatman minder that there will be no more rent. The last of the original agreements has been broken.

There is now pressure from Nape. From now, there can be two possible effects. The father can say to him that he can have sex with his underaged daughter. Please pay our rent.

Or the daughter will go to Nape and plead for rent for the family. She will offer to give him sex if he pays the rent.

Neither will happen.

Nape has shown himself to be totally dishonest and a bully. Our family has to be broken up now. Nape has destroyed our family to get hold of his underage mixed race  mistress. He has lowered our lives for sex.

Once the father is moved away, Nape will have free access to the underage daughter.  We are being kicked out to stop my 15 year old daughter from coming home to her family. Rachael  came home lastr Friday and stayed the night. For that we are being evicted.

I accuse Jeffrey Nape of the following offences in paedophilia:

a.  unlawful imprisonment of a minor,

b.  abuse of and violence to her family,

c.  violence and sexual touching of a minor,

d.  claims to own a minor girl,

e.  workers to intimidate family with violence and threats,

f. false accusations to the child on sexual behaviour,

g.  violence and abuse with 23 forced AIDS tests,

h. threats of violence against father in going public, and

i. child abuse that ended in attempted suicides.

Australian High Commission, Welfare and Police please take note.
Friends warn me that I could be killed for this.

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