Saturday, 13 April 2013


I have not struggled as an expatriate single parent in this country to have one of my daughters taken by a middle aged man through tricks and false promises. My only way to express a family view is through internet.

A report has been put on blog to report on the conduct of ex-parliamentary speaker Jeffrey Nape in his plan to take my 15 year old daughter out of my family. He has done this by an endless series of unkept promises and tricks. Please click:

He met her in 2011 at the age of 14 years through a professional pimp and started a relationship with her without the knowledge of her father. He was interested in a mixed race girl.

He presented himself as a kind and caring man concerned to ensure all the best for my family while he waits for my daughter to reach the age of 18 years. But this was not the truth. He started pressure for sex with her at the age of 15 years.

His strategy over the last 1 1/2 years has been to isolate my daughter from her family and friends. He bans her from most areas of Port Moresby. There is no consultation with the father. My daughter is afraid to go to a banned area even accompanied by her father.

He bans her from her old school friends and will not allow her to use facebook. Yet he is only the boyfriend. He never came to the house but arranges to meet her some distance away. Now he has put her into a trade store at Morata without consent of her father.

If the father wanted to take his 15 year old daughter for a trip, Nape would put a stop to the plan. He would forbid her to go.

This is the man who pleaded to be allowed to have a relationship with my daughter with a promise to respect her and family. He regards her now as his property. There are two years to her 18th birthday yet. He must not count his chickens too soon.

He had made promises to look after her family but these are not kept. He promised to put us into a flat but is always overdue with the rent money.

The father is constantly confronted with threats from the landlord on legal action and eviction. Nape convinced the father that he would care for the family but that has been a trick to gain control of my daughter.

She missed out on grade 8 due to his influence in giving her large sums of money. She lost interest in school.  She was placed in a state school despite Nape's promise to put her and her sister into a private school.

We have a 20 year old girl who lives with us as a step-daughter and step-sister. She is adored by the girls and will live with us for as long as she wants.

Nape does not recognise her as a member of family. Cheeky bastard.  We are subject to his polygamous family policy.

One law for the black man and a different law for the white man. But she is a daughter not a wife who has settled and lifted my children. That means that Nape has to kick her out. This young girl was attacked by a Nape workman recently when she went to visit my daughter.

Stephanie was dux of her grade 10 year in 2009. We want her to continue her study. Nape will not recognize her as a family member nor help with funding to International Training Institute.

Yet he has several wives and has told lies about his marital status. He once mentioned to the father that he wanted to marry in a church.  He wants our family to remain stupid and weak.

Last year, Nape decided my daughter should live in her own flat away from her family. Her father opposed this very strongly as he could see the tactic was to remove his daughter from family and give her to Nape with total access.

Nape has now cut off all communication with her father. After the strong words on her moving into a flat, Nape blocked the father's mobile phone. There is now no contact and he thinks he can do what he likes.

Nape responds to the father's opposition to immediate marriage by cutting off support to family. He used to give the daughter money for family expenses. The father is aware now that  his daughter will become No. 4 or 5 wife. He has other wives

Money comes once a month and is a small amount usually about K300. That still does not serve to intimidate the father into allowing sex between Nape and daughter.

My daughters are afraid of what is happening at present. They warn that Nape will have their father bashed or killed for making this information public.

They also expect that Nape will now refuse to pay any rent on the flat. That means he is cutting off all support to family which will cause the agreement to be broken.  Statutory Declarations will be given to the police and welfare and a restraining order obtained through the Court.

Nape has been involved in harrassment by mobile phone to the girls step mother trying to lure her with money into sex. 

Contact has been made through her mobile phone by someone pretending to be an admirer. When I responded he pretended to be an ex-husband. But the phone number used had a history that pointed back to Nape. What kind of supposed son in law is this creep?

We have not opposed support from Nape. But it was expected that he would keep his promises  to care for my daughter and support the family. So far he has merely worked to block my daughter from contact with family and to weaken the family by blocking support.

Nape has many bridges to mend in his treatment of my daughter's family. It is probably too late. He is supported by workers who are wantoks who tell whatever lies and play whatever tricks necessary to achieve Nape goals.

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