Monday, 15 April 2013


Over the last year, I have watched with horrified fascination as my daughter was stolen from my family by ex-parliamentary speaker Jeffrey Nape. Please click:

He has slowly taken her over though she is still a young girl of 15 years old. He now totally controls her and has taken her away from her home by a series of steps designed to abduct a young girl.

It comes as a shock to  find that Nape claims to own my daughter. But the fact remains that if it come to Court action and involvement of Welfare, Jeffrey Nape will lose badly. He can be restrained from ever approaching her until she reaches the age of consent.

Nape has total arrogance. He ignores her father and claims to have the right to all decisions relating to my daughter. He has told her he owns her. He says her father no longer has authority over her.

He has abandoned his early plan to put her in her own apartment and has put her into a trade store at Morata about two hundred meters from his palace under construction. She now has total access to his living area. She has now to go to him if she wants money.

He tells lies to her father. Last year, he had a plan to send my daughters to boarding school in Cairns with his children. He met with her father and arranged for both to approach Foreign Affairs for passports.  We were all to move to Cairns.

But the following day came the news that he planned for her to go to Port Moresby Grammar. She ended up in Boreboa primary school and was then moved out of school to run a trade store. He has breached his promise to arrange for her to study through FODE.

This is what is called bulshitting a dad. His plan is for her not to have an education as originally promised to her father.

He plans for her to be married to him as a child and barefoot, pregnant and under guard by his workers.

What happened to the other mixed race, pregnant teenage girl who claimed at Vision City to be his wife? Or Vanessa the Vanuatu singer living in Cairns? Or his wife living in the Philippines?

Last week, my daughter wanted to attend football. But Nape said she could not. He then relented and said that she could go with his body guards. They would guard against her talking to 15 year old boys. He seems to be paranoid about 15 year old boys.

In the last few days, the word has come from Nape through my daughter that he plans to make me manager of his palace under construction at Morata. This is further evidence of bulshitting a dad.

He makes promises to achieve what he wants then but once achieved, he forgets any promises. Nape thinks this makes him a cool dude. To me, it makes him a liar.

In early stages I was to be advisor to the parliamentary AIDS Committee. I was to receive a donation to AIDS Holistics of K100,000 and a car to drive the province promoting AIDS awareness. Lies. As the Australian gays and lesbians have found, I have a long memory.

Last night I put two questions to my daughter. If we are evicted by Nape, will she come with us? If any family is injured or killed, will she marry Nape? Her responses are a family secret.

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