Monday, 22 April 2013


The terrorist bombs that killed spectators at the Boston marathon brough a horrifying end to the Boston marathon. In the day that followed, one suspected terrorist was shot by the police while the second terrorist was captured.
But that should not hide another group of terrorists in Massachusetts. These are the homosexual terrorists who have hyjacked the education over recent years. They have set up a faked scenario of homosexual, African and Latino  boys and girls committing suicide in schools. Please click:
 They neglect to mention that the gay and lesbian teachers were those who raised the issue of suicide in schools by assignments and questionnaires. Then they claimed that the students all thought of suicide first as the result of bullying and discrimination by other students.
This ushered in an era of the gay and lesbian curriculum in which all students were given lessons in homosexual sex. It was all in the name of promoting caring of all students and destroying the unity of families.
The Obama man Kevan Jennings took charge as terrorist in chief and introduced students to rimming (licking anuses), fisting (forearms into anuses) and golden showers (urinating on a partner). Please click:

Parents complained about their children being involved in homosexual lessons but complaints were ignored. Children at school were told their parents were homophobic. 
Parents took schools to the US High Court only to have their petitions rejected by judges with the finding that homosexual education was legalized by the US Constitution. Case dismissed.
There is much rejoicing in the world at gay and lesbian marriage legalized.  But little thought is given as to what comes next. Legalized marriage is proof of equality of all.
This means that homosexual sex will be inserted into school curricula across the world. Objections of parents to be ignored.
There will be increased pressure for gays, lesbians and paedophiles to be leaders in the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Please click:

Recently gay and lesbian children have been allowed to join the movement. That is fair. But it opens the door for gay and lesbian scout and guide troops.
Already the major problem in the movement is paedophile leaders that place paedophilia on a level higher than in the Catholic church.
There will be boys wearing badges on their Scout uniforms that state GAY AND PROUD. The end of the traditional Boy Scouts is nigh.
The key plank in the gay and lesbian platform is to eliminate discrimination. But we are not to know that gay and lesbian activists are the greatest discriminators in the world.
Children in Massachusetts schools will be discriminated if their parents are deemed homophobic.
Applicants for jobs will be discriminated against by homosexual and paedophile interviewers. 
Gay priests will come out of the closet. The Catholic church is ending with the faithful losing faith.
Three people were killed by terrorists at the Boston marathon and hundreds injured. This is a terrible crime, the likes of which are routine occurrences in Moslem countries found in the back pages of western newspapers.
But the question arises as to how many families have been destroyed by homosexual terrorists in Massachusetts schools with a chasm opened between parents and indoctrinated children.

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