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The issue of lamb flaps has been raised in the Pacific. Some years ago Fiji banned lamb flaps. It is not known if the ban remains in force. The PNG Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham raised the issue again in 2011. Please click:


There has been a debate on Jackson's blog PNG Attitude on the Government plan to restrict importation of lamb flaps from Ausrtralia and New Zealand. Please click:

Restriction on lamb flap imports mooted - Keith Jackson & Friends ...

also Joe Wasia's story Lamb flaps should be banned in PNG. Source: Radio ...
The writers are not thinking on this matter. It is not a matter of banning lamb flaps but of legislating that the unacceptable levels of fat be removed by the overseas exporters.
They would not dare sell such rubbish fatty meat to Australian or New Zealand citizens of European stock. Lamb flaps are blackfella food. The meat on display in Australian supermarkets has little or no fat.
The lamb flaps in Papua New Guinea markets will often consist of 95% fat and small streaks of meat. This is racism at its worst. This is not lamb meat but aging sheep. Their meat must not be wasted. Send it up to the blackfellas.
Is this meat sent to the Aboriginal and Maori settlements?

So many PNG men are dying in their 40s from strokes and heart attacks.

At last check, lamb flaps were banned in Fiji.

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