Thursday, 18 April 2013


She may be successful next time. Her father may not be there

The situation in our house is reaching crisis point with the bullying of my daughter by Jeffrey "Spider" Nape, ex-speaker of the PNG parliament. He never backs off. He has decided in error that my 15 year old daughter belongs to him.
He took possession of my mixed race daughter when she was 14 years old after promising to her father that he would respect and care for the family. He promised to promote her education and seek to marry her when she was 18 years old. But at the age of 15, Nape has decided she is his property and subject to sexual intercourse.
He has taken her out of school and put her in a trade store within two hundred metres from his apartment. It would be more correct to say that the promised private school for 2013 never happened. He has placed her with an uncle who has worked for Nape and lives next the palace at Morata.
It is reaching a crisis point at which my daughter does not want to marry him. But he does not accept what she wants. He dictates her life to her. So far in 18 months, she has attempted suicide twice.
At the last attempt, she locked herself in the bathroom and took an overdose of amoxyline. Her father kicked the door down and the family dragged her off to POMGH where her stomach was pumped out.
She now says that if Nape forces her to marry him, bans her mobile phone, stops her from leaving the house, bans her family and friends and will not allow her to go out into town, she will kill herself. She has a history of doing this since "Spider" took control of her.
In the last two days, her father says he wants her home. But Nape rejects this. Her father told her to leave the trade store and come home. She gathered her sisters and close friends and they danced at the house.
''Spider" sent a worker to get her back but she refused to go, supported by her father. Finally he told her she would be picked up by a worker and taken to meet him at Vision City. Her father went with her but Nape refused to meet them both.
The worker took them back to the house and tricked the father into leaving the vehicle and he took the daughter and sister back to Vision City to meet Nape. But the father sprinted down the road and followed them in a taxi.
Nape, daughter and father ended up in Nape's vehicle and he was so sweet. Butter would not melt in his mouth. In the end, the daughter said she wanted to go to the trade store but returned to the house an hour later. She just wanted to be with her family.
He is trying to convince the father that the step daughter in his family is a second wife. He seems to want to say in Court that the father is involved in polygamy just like Spider.

The step daughter has filled a space left by my elder daughter and is adored by my younger daughter. Both daughters love her which does not please Spider who wants to weaken our family.
Workers came three times to take her back at the orders of Nape. The last arrived at the door at 1.00am wanting to take my daughter. It is obvious that her family is not good enough for her according to Spider'.
So the community now knows that if my daughter commits suicide, it is at the hand of Spider Nape. He has blocked her teenage life. She is now afraid and suicidal. All her dreams of education have died. As the father, I must share the blame in allowing myself to be tricked by Spider Nape.
People tell me I cannot win as he has massive influence in the police force and the Courts. He can turn any case around with his contacts. As my daughter's father I can only do my best. Her life is more important than mine. Nape could not turn the voters around in the last election.
If Spider thinks he can tell lies, play tricks on a father and then lawfully take his daughter, then he has another think coming. He has a paedophile sense of delusion and fantasy.


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