Friday, 22 August 2014


In recent times, we have been advised by police that there has been a steep rise in house stealing in Port Moresby. The problem begins with the large numbers of villagers descending on the city and staying with family. 

The house becomes so crowded that the rogue family decides to steal the house of a neighbour. We are aware of one family ordered out of their rental accommodation at gun point. The incoming tenants have never left. Such is the corruption in the National Housing Commission.

But the problem has become worse with at least one house hijacked each week, so we are advised by police. The tenants end up on the street. Only a few will seek Court Orders to move back in. Others will be intimidated by the violence of the National Housing officers.

The issue has come to the notice of the Divisional Commander who now orders all police to obtain his authorization before taking part in an eviction. In the past, the thug neighbour would have sought the help of rogue police to come and terrorize tenants into leaving.

A Court Order will be required followed by authorization by the Commander. Up to now it was acceptable for thug neighbours to go to the police station and offer a group of constables K100 to come and evict. The Police Station Commander would have no idea.

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