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Midweek Chronicle 31 August 2014

Efforts ,must be made to avoid throwing school leavers into the employment market en masse. A buffer could be built through the organization of youth training camps or centres where they are given instruction on living skills, provided a taste of rigours of discipline and taught how to be responsible citizens.

It makes sense for any such programme to be rural based. This is where the greatest need exists to make the young employable.  Such an emphasis would stem the urban drift that results in towns clogged up with unemployed.

Church organizations could be given funding to undertake such projects. But for the future, there must be long term plans that are part and parcel of the education system.

Comment: There is so much that could be achieved in schools. Already there is the Personal Development studies that may have been sabotaged by cults in many schools with a satanic allegiance of cult members. Not to forget the foreign gay and lesbian message of Rights without Responsibilities. 

Schools have vocational studies including agriculture. Perhaps there could be compulsory military training with an expansion of civil projects for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force. Young people would benefit from 2 years in military discipline and training.

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