Wednesday, 20 August 2014


There are strong parallels between house stealing in Port Moresby and sorcery killing in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. In both, the victims are old and alone with property that can be stolen.

In the highlands, the killers are seeking to remove old men and women from their land, They have to be accused of some terrible crime and killed. Then the killers can say that the land is due payment for a killing.

In the towns, the old person is implicated in a crime against the house stealers. The old man where I lived was implicated in a claim that his son stole K19,000 from the house stealers. The fathers rental accommodation was the price to be paid.

An old lady nearby was told her son had stolen K150,000 from the neighbour. You guessed it. The neighbour wanted the old lady's house as payment. She said no. But they will be back. A little bribery to an NHEL officer and the house will be stolen.

The UN lesbians try to tell us that sorcery killing is a gender issue. That is how it seems to them from the coffee shop on the 33rd floor of the UN building in New York. Wrong. It is often a matter of blatant theft of land.

Post Script: A source in the Royal Papua New Guinea Police advises that house stealing is used against all ages of people. It is not only against the old, widowers and widows. But they are still a prime target.

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