Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Dr Musawe Sinebare    The National 28 August 2014 P.34.

Schools are a mirror in which a society sees itself reflected in the ways students behave. School is where society’s value system is supposed to be captured. 

When we condone illegal practices in schools, we are only demonstrating that we don’t care about what will arise.

In schools, there can be no respect for the rule of law and lawful authority. This is the result of cult groups which promote a value or belief that the only lawful authority that demands respect is the cult leader.

Students are recruited into cult groups and they swear allegiance to their cult leader during initiation rites. There are indications that some teachers were former members of a cult group. Cult groups almost always ensure that no student is left out during the recruitment process.

Failure to reform the current students’anti-social behaviour will have destructive consequences on a future generation of leaders and workers.

Illegal practices actually destroy the young people long before they realize their full potential to make a positive contribution towards creating a smart, wise, fair, healthy and happy society.

Comment: Yet there is little support for family coming from the United Nations. Every child is told they have rights. They have the right to join a cult and swear allegiance. The United Nations Charter of Child Rights gives every child the right of association. They can associate with cult members and join in all activities.

Being part of a school cult will tear children away from family. It will give them the first chance to be part of a gay, lesbian group with paedophile interests.

How does the community, school and parents oppose the cult groups? Should the leaders remain anonymous? Or should the leaders be publicized? Do parents, families, neighbours and others know that these young people are sabotaging the school?

Do they know that when the cult leaders say jump, the cult members jump. Those who do not want to join the cult are rejected and harrassed. Leaders and other members who take part in damage and violence should be gaoled.

At Gerehu High, there was a drinking party at Wild life reserve. One grade 9 girl was made drunk, raped and murdered. Is that what school is coming down to? Have arrests been made? No !!

In schools, there are the Personal Development studies from grade 6 to 12. Focus is on personal growth and living within families with rights and responsibilities. The cults must be reducing all this to nonsense. Cult leaders take the place of parents and teachers in the loyalty of young people.

Foreign gays and lesbians must be delighted that their ANTI-FAMILY work has been made so easy for them.

In some schools, the cult leaders hand over their leadership at the end of grade 10 and become elders of the cult. They then pursue their studies at grades 11 and 12. No one outside the cult knows who are members and leaders.

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